My pre-dawn message this morning, November 15, was to share a detailed advisory about the very long prophesied liberation of Mother Earth & humanity.  It has been planned for tens of thousands of years to coincide with the current cyclical passing of our solar system through the photon belt.  Therefore, even the approximate dates have long been known. 
This is another long one, I’m afraid.  Explaining such things just can’t be done with a one-pager, as I don’t want to raise more questions than I answer.  It looks like we’re getting really close now, after the blow-out in mid October.  See the report on that dicey moment here.
What’s Coming Down the Pike?
Based on my own inner guidance, which is bolstered a great deal by the latest Cobra interview here.

this is how I perceive that the latest version of the Gamma/Intervention timeline will play out.  As we’re very close to the end of these End ‘Times’ (end of linear/2D time on Earth) now, there are very few potential timelines remaining, and even fewer probable ones.
This will all start to unfurl, again, according to my inner guidance, before the end of 2024, at the very latest.  That message came back in mid 2020, and it would not surprise me at all if everything started before 2024, as a lot has changed in the past two and a half years.  There is another who has more recently said that by 2023 we’d “all be celebrating”.   I find that prediction compelling under the circumstances.  As Cobra also says, due to the fact that it has all been held up for so long, when it does finally start, it will race along very quickly.
Here’s a brief summary of how I/we forecast it to play out:
  1. Solar Flash/Event, immense electromagnetic burst from the sun, aka coronal mass ejection, wipes out most electronics and, most importantly, AI.  This is not a strong enough CME to cause a pole shift, but is strong enough to fry most electronics, and AI

  2. Then almost simultaneously:

    • Martial law is put in place, as already well rehearsed with the COVID sham.

    • Truth Bombs go off as fake news and social media die, and the Internet temporarily goes away.  With quickly restored electricity, via an already newly installed Free energy grid, we go to the Emergency Broadcast System only, and a new Internet, less all AI and malevolent frequencies, also goes online.

    • Revelation/Intervention/First Contact – Maybe after a week or two, so that the White Hats/Earth Alliance can prepare themselves, and the public.  The Galactic Federation/ET’s/angels will bring advanced technologies, much of which has already been shared with world governments, but which has been occulted.  The highest levels of the Earth Alliance military, who are actually running The Show right now, are working in conjunction with the ET’s/’angels’/Galactic Federation.  It has been reported by Aurora Ray that Free energy systems have already been installed around Mama Earth in anticipation of the solar flash, and we’ll have electricity back online very quickly.  If you want to understand how Free energy functions, look up the works of Nikola Tesla over a hundred years ago.  That’s how long the evil slave-masters have been overtly occulting this technology.  In Truth they knew about it long before Tesla made it public.

  3. Without AI/Fake News etc., and Truth being dispensed instead, most people then finally start awakening to the fact that almost everything they thought they knew is a lie.  Over the next year, or so, many will be processed out to planes/planets which suit their evolution much better.  This is a divine, good thing.  Nothing to fear.  Everyone will be extremely relieved, and giddy, even, to get to the appropriate place for them, with kindred spirits, and without the duality/anomaly.  Trust me, wherever you end up, you’ll be celebrating big time. 
Regarding your sleeping relatives, I’ll ask you to not be selfish. They did not come here to make you happy in your incarnation. They came here to evolve spiritually, just like you did. They knew when they came that they had very little chance to ascend to 5D, but by being here on Earth at this very special moment, they learned a great deal which will aid them as they progress onwards in their own evolution. They learned a lot from you, too, who they also chose to be with. So celebrate their liberation from the hell we’ve been going through. By the way, and as you know, I’m sure that no one in that group would be guided to read this, or anything like it.
  1. Polar Shift/Temp Evacuation – As Mama shakes herself clean in a final act of her own ascension, the higher vibrational remainders of humanity are evacuated to mother ships for healing, and further spiritual training.  The 1st Wave ascends along with Mama to prepare themselves, so that they can guide the remainder for the post polar shift era.  None of this should be any surprise to anyone.  It has been forecast for millennia by dozens of different groups.

  2. Heaven on Earth begins, and will extend for the next 1,000 years, as humanity further evolves during a well-earned peaceful, blissful stage.  The second, and third waves of humanity ascend.

I’m focusing below on step 2c, which is the Revelation/Intervention/First Contact, because waking up to this very basic Truth would represent a huge leap forward for the most highly brainwashed.  An understanding that this will happen, would then help to prepare them for the remaining steps of the process, and hopefully also help them to manage their out-of-control fears. 

Maybe you can pass the basics along to them, so that the freak-out factor might be minimized.  This is something which is imminent, and written in stone.  “Nothing can stop what is coming.  Nothing.”  In addition to – “The day will come when all Truth will be known.”  Here we are.

So, I just wanna lay out what I think will be the process for the average Joe & Jane when 10,000 huge mother ships decloak in the skies over Earth.  First of all, let’s discuss the average Joe & Jane.  In this case we’re talking about the allegedly most ‘intelligent’ members of the citizenry/herd.  Remember that the “meek shall inherit the Earth”, as they are the higher vibrating spirits, generally speaking.

‘Dr.’ Chardonnay, Wife, and 2.2 Kids

It should be obvious by now that it’s the doctors, lawyers, engineers etc. who seem to have the most difficulty in assimilating the fact that they’ve been duped to such a massive degree.  Joe & Jane six-pack are a bit less arrogant/more humble, and can more easily accept that they’ve been purposefully manipulated.  It is no coincidence, then, that ‘Dr.’ Chardonnay & Co. are the most highly ‘educated’/indoctrinated, too.  You know who controls the educational/indoctrinational system, as well as the AMA, ADA, BAR, and all other state licensing boards of the ‘professions’.

It should be no surprise that they are the most highly rewarded with colored paper, and other ‘material privileges’, as well.  They are the ones who are unwittingly cooperating the most with the evil slave masters, and therefore doing the most to perpetuate the slavery system.  Just like in any other ‘Communist’ system, the most highly rewarded are those who work for, and otherwise support The Party.  As they are the ones who most cherish the control system, and materialism, they will then fight tooth n nail to maintain the status quo, along with the impeded Free Will.  They actually love this enslaved world just the way it is.

I guess that’s at least partially due to their egoic minds being unwilling to admit that the time, and money they’ve spent during their educations & careers was actually poorly invested?  Due to their over-priced indoctornations, they should know better than anyone what cognitive dissonance is, though. 

In financial terms it’s described as a “sunk cost”.  In a logical financial analysis, in order to analyze a situation, and assess the options, one should not even consider what has been previously spent on a project when making a decision as to what to do in the present moment.  Just like in the ascension game, one needs to ignore the past, and deal with the present moment.  It’s the cognitive dissonance (or pride?) that causes one to make an illogical/emotional decision, rather than do what is really best.

Time for a Cold, Bracing Slap in the Face

So let’s just try to logically predict what ‘Dr.’ Chardonnay, his wife, and 2.2 kids will do when the moment finally arrives for the angels to Intervene in an overt, physical manner.  Remember here, that I fully realize that our existence in this material universe is but a tiny fraction of our total existence on all planes, and dimensions.  I am also fully aware of our eternal nature, and that we never ‘die’.  We just transition to a different plane of existence at a different frequency when the temporal ‘material’/holographic body ceases to function, and can no longer carry my spirit around on this plane.

However, what we do here is important, and shouldn’t be dismissed as anything less, by any means.  It’s just that at the same time, as we do our level best, we also don’t need to treat it like it’s ‘life & death’. We don’t need to take ourselves quite so seriously.  So although the following is a very serious subject, I’m gonna have some fun with it.  If someone doesn’t like it, they can withhold my paycheck, or sue me, or something else surface-human-like.

Here we go – This is how I see the Revelation/Intervention/First Contact playing out over the first three days in very simplified manner, and on an individual, psychological level:

Day 1

Minute one – Someone points to the skies at an immense armada of huge ships.  Maybe they scream.  A large portion of people then run into their homes and offices, and dive under the dining room or conference table.  Maybe some will be old enough to remember their nuclear warfare training of the 50’s.  I saw some actual documentaries that were made back in the 50’s, and laughed my ass off.  They were teaching school kids to get under their desk, tuck into a ball, and cover their heads.  They kept repeating, “tuck & cover, remember kids, tuck & cover”.   Yeah, that’ll deflect the effects of a nuclear bomb, just fine.  Very few of those who recall this old training will still be flexible enough to kiss their ass good bye, though.

Keep in mind that the Galactic Federation has the ability, and the will, to never allow any nuclear warfare to occur.  Any fear porn you see to the contrary is just that.  Designed to instill more unwarranted fear.  It’ll never happen.  Like the much predicted downfall of Bitcoin, if it were possible, it would’ve already happened a long time ago as the Darkies were getting their asses handed to them.  Now you’re just seeing the psy ops which act as catalyst for the ascension.  You have to choose.

As for me & my family, and hundreds of millions of others around the globe, we’ve chosen love over fear, and we’re gonna celebrate, and wave upwards.  Smiling widely.  Keep in mind that with 8 billion souls on the surface, that even if the fully awakened only represent 2% of the population, that would be 160 million people who’ll feel incredible relief at finally seeing this liberation get under way in a physical/material/holographic manner.  In places like India, with a population of around 1 billion, that rate is way over 2%, too.  There could easily be 100 million Indians on this same page, if not many more.

So, although we’re here in the more brainwashed ‘West’, and even though we’ll be in a larger minority, I think I’ll get us all dressed in our ‘Sunday best’ (clean baggies, and maybe even clod feet), and walk down to the main harbor pier to have a better look, and set the example.  Nah, actually, I’ll still be barefoot.

It will be our job to show that there’s nothing to fear.  I don’t expect we’ll have any more impact with that effort than we’ve had to date so far, but it’s our privilege and duty to try.  I’ll be very happy to answer all questions in a very positive light.

Operation Blue Beam?

I’m not sure what those who believe in the Operation Blue Beam (OBB) conspiracy narrative will do.  That will be interesting.  They are a group who say they are awake, because they can see through the geopolitical façade, yet are still full of various fears.  Fears of the dead Cabal, bad guy aliens, and other boogie men.  They have been programmed to think that this arrival of the Galactic Confederation’s Earth liberation Armada, is simply a holographic hoax.  Somehow put on by the Cabal, who are now mostly dead, in jail, banished to another galaxy, or otherwise running for their worthless lives.

I find that to actually be an interesting segue for learning some more Truth & Wisdom, though.  I foresee that this OBB disinformation might help in the short run to avert some fear and panic.  This ‘awakened’ group will smugly (yet nervously) tell everyone that the ships in the sky are just a holographic illusion put on by the Cabal to instill fear.  That might just work for a few days, until at some point the ships actually land, and angelic, beautiful, glowing ‘Nordics’/angels walk out of them, and start talking.  Apparently the Plan is to hold a news conference at the UN in New York to make the introduction.  But in the short term, this OBB narrative may well avert some unnecessary panic.

In the long run, it will segue nicely into teaching the surface Earth humanity that the entire material universe is a holographic illusion, including their own bodies, and what they’ve been taught is ‘reality’.  That will lead to a whole lot of discoveries surrounding both True science and True spirituality, which they will then begin to learn, are the same things.

Further Reduction of Materialism

I’m imagining that some of the first thoughts that might go through the minds of the more fearful, and not at all awakened, nor aware of the OBB disinfo, are things like, “Oh dear ‘God’, we’re all gonna die.”  Not funny at all, but unavoidable under the circumstances, I’m afraid.  Then after an hour without death & destruction reigning down upon them, the fears will lighten just a tad to something like – “No more afternoons spent at the Mall,” or “The Red Sox will never win another World Series.”

Deep shit, like that, but this is a very important first step to leaving materialism further behind.  They have already been forced to take some initial steps in this direction with their unwarranted COVID fears, which has actually done Mama & humanity a great deal of good.

Hours 2 & 3 – Someone gets cramped in the fetal position they’re tucked into, and someone else gets hungry, or has to pee.  ‘Dr.’ Chardonnay bravely steps outside, and sees with his own eyes that, yes, they’re still up there.  Now the thoughts are starting to evolve a bit more already.  Remember, this may be the first time that many have made any original observations and analysis for a long, long time.  They can’t parrot CNN here.  CNN has already told them that such nonsense is a moronic ‘conspiracy theory’.  Now they suddenly realize that they have to start forming their own opinions.  Another very important step, and it has only taken 2-3 hours to get there, after entire (multiple) lifetimes fully absorbed within the Matrix of lies/lies of the Matrix.

One of the first things I imagine they’ll realize is that whoever are in all of those ships, seem to have a much higher technology than ‘we’ do.  ‘We’ being the misinformed public, with no knowledge of the now decades old Secret Space Programs.  Then that will evolve into, “well, even though they seem to have the capability to destroy the entire planet, here we still are under the dining room/conference table. Unharmed.”

I’m hoping that right after the solar flash, and initiation of martial law, that the populace would have been prepped for all this via the Emergency Broadcast System (and equivalents) around the world.  I’m not sure how many will buy into it, and how many will suspect a ‘conspiracy theory’.

In either scenario, I feel reasonably confident that we’re going to be getting a few initial doses of Truth at this critical moment, if not just before.

Hours 4 through 8 – As people grab for their asses again, and find they’re still there, they realize that they will have to fry some burgers, or at least brave a trip to the pantry to drag a bag of chips back under the table.  Some of the people who are living in the streets may take a fatalistic approach, and think – “What the hell, I’ve got nothing to lose”.  Maybe some of those people (the ‘meek’) will also be completely unafraid, take advantage of the fear of the majority, and break into a Wendy’s and get some well deserved chow.

Now I’m gonna remind you again that the White Hats have been in complete control for a few years now.  The psy-ops of the COVID scam, and subsequent lockdown, was a dress rehearsal.  So was the BLM bull shit.  All reasonably well controlled, and made to look like the Black Hats were carrying it out, at least from the perspective of the ‘awakened’.  It was remarkably well planned and executed.  Enough damage to make it believable, but nothing really serious, and with very few casualties.  Some of those casualties were faked, too, like on January 6th.  This period was also used to round up more of the Truly bad apples, so that when this Intervention occurs, it’ll go even smoother than did the lockdowns, and subsequent scenes of ‘The Show’.

Rolling through Night 1 and into Day 2 – The first shock is starting to wear off, as people clean out their drawers, and realize that the ships aren’t actually doing anything.  They’re just hovering.  Not a single person has been harmed by the ‘aliens’, and the prior planning for this Intervention has paid off handsomely with minimal casualties caused by human-on-human violence.

Day 2

‘Dr.’ Chardonnay & family are suddenly thinking much less about their material desires, and much more about what is really important.

The people who had been starving around the world are finally being fed, and that without the humongous daily slaughter of animals.  All remaining violence is coming to a screeching halt under the White Hat/Earth Alliance martial law.  Forever.  Keep in mind, and you know me by now, I’m no supporter of military dictatorship, but anyone can see that this is a moment where temporary martial law is required.  The world’s militaries have also been cleaned out over the past 2-3 years, of the malevolent factions. 

The Earth Alliance leadership are working in close conjunction with the Galactic Federation, and the soldiers have been well briefed.  The religious ones have been informed that the beings in the ships overhead are the angels of the Bible, etc. or the equivalent information required by Jews, Muslims, Buddhists etc.

The non-religious have been shown the movie Starman, and informed that they can think of the Jeff Bridges character, and project that image upon all of the tens of millions of advanced, loving beings hovering over head.  There is a risk that some of them will then fear for the loyalty of their wives, but let’s remember that the female lead in Starman was a widow before falling in love with the angelic, and benevolent ‘alien’ who was forced to clone her dead husband’s body in order to escape this violent planet, after having been shot down, and then being hunted as a potential lab rat.  On the bright side, it may give hope to millions of disillusioned women around the globe.

Day 3

By the time we get to Day 3, and everyone can see that food is being distributed as necessary, and that not a single person has been harmed by the ‘invaders’ (liberators), ‘Dr.’ Chardonnay & family start to realize that they’ve been lied to.  Lied to on a fairly grand scale, too.  Why did the government always insist that there were no extraterrestrials?  It was all a big joke.  A ‘conspiracy theory’, they told us.

Well, shit, if they lied to us about this, what else did they lie to us about?  Maybe the AMA really did lie about COVID?  Did I actually harm people with the mRNA mutation serum?  I knew it wasn’t really a vaccine, but they assured me that I was helping humanity by lying to them, and injecting them with this untested fluid.  “I was just doing my job, as ordered.”  Nuremberg, anyone?  Actually, it’s all forgiven, so don’t worry, but you failed that test, I’m afraid.

By the way, although the mRNA mutation serum may have done a small amount of collateral harm, I feel confident that it has reduced, and will reduce casualties around the world by much, much more.  It may well be something created by the White Hats in order to help people through this moment when the Matrix/AI goes off-line.  When the Matrix shuts down, people who have so far not confronted their fears at all, will suddenly be forced to do so.  They may start to manifest those fears as their illusion, and all at once.

They self-identified as the fearful when they bought into the illogical fears of the COVID scam to begin with.  Only the fearful took the jab, and it may well keep them from ‘going Wuhan’ when the Matrix shuts down.  Remember the reports of millions of people in Wuhan going bat shit nuts all at once, and being locked into buildings with the doors welded shut?  I’m afraid that may have been a human experiment of what shutting down the Matrix would do.  That horrible experiment may have saved a couple of billion lives in the long run, though.

The End Game of This Strategy

Well, you can see where this is all going by now, I hope.  There will be an extremely rapid awakening.  In fact, this is the only way we’ll ever get to The Great Awakening, unfortunately.  They’ve tried everything else they could.  The COVID scam and lockdown, ‘vaccines’, combined with intense incoming gamma rays to activate latent DNA, all in conjunction with The Show.  The combined effect was designed to aid all to hopefully realize that what they had previously been tricked to believe was their ‘reality’, was actually all a very bad joke at their expense.  They didn’t get it, though. 

They sat there in front of the idiot box, nodding their heads as the actor playing Creepy Joe tripped three times boarding an obviously fake Air Force 1.  Then he tipped over on a bicycle when he forgot to put his feet down upon stopping.  Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…for two years now.  They sat there, watched that with serious faces, mouth agape, nodding head, and actually believed that that guy was President of the United States.

I’m speechless.

Gimme a minute here…

Well, I guess, what else could they possibly think, right? Someone was pointing a TV camera at the guy, and saying he was President.  That was on the tee-vee, too.  Every day.  How could it not be True?  Yeah, there were tens or hundreds of millions of ‘conspiracy theorists’ saying it was a hoax, and providing real evidence to the contrary, but those people are whacked.  ‘Everyone’ knows that.  Even the CIA, FBI and many other three letter government agencies said they were, and we know that those people don’t lie.

So now those people still say “yes, I voted for Biden, and I still support my President”. 

Well, I just don’t know what to say…

Surprise!  It wasn’t real.  With the liberation fleet of angels overhead, this will suddenly be much easier to accept.  They now see, with their own eyes, that CNN, Fox, Washington Post, NY Times, etc etc had all been lying to them.  It’s suddenly very clear, and even with a huge dose of cognitive dissonance in the way, they just can’t deny what they see.

So I predict that in less than one single week, that the thoughts of humanity will fairly quickly morph from work, eat, sleep, buy useless shit (i. e. slavery) in to a serious search for Truth & Wisdom.  The slavery & associated materialism will come to a screeching halt along with the violence, and targeted starvation.  The ‘angels’/higher dimensional ETs on the ships will offer real solutions, and Truth along with their loving & peaceful message of spiritual evolution, and brotherhood.

Advanced technologies will replace the need to perform useless labor, and people will instead start doing Truly rewarding work that they find within their own hearts.  I’m talking about the majority, here.  I realize as well as anyone that some of us are already doing what we find in our hearts, but most have not been as fortunate.

What has been going on here, for the vast majority, is the equivalent of breaking rocks all day to be provided a cot, and 3 bowls of unhealthy gruel, all washed down with polluted water.  That is in pointed contrast to where humanity should be, instead.  Humanity is about to get a huge upgrade to their own self esteem when they find out who they really are.  Then they’ll realize just how far they have kept themselves down.

Personally, one of the first things I’ll get after the food replicator, is an anti-gravity belt, and hand held remote.  A few of them, in fact.  We’re gonna fly all over the place.

Galactic Codex – Protecting Humanity from Itself

The main thrust of my message today is that it appears to be painfully obvious that we are not going to achieve the Great Awakening without this cold, bracing slap to the face of the deeply brainwashed masses.

It has been very difficult for the Galactic Federation to uphold the Galactic Codex as it is.  As I’ve pointed out to you all before, we are in a phase of planetary liberation, just after ejection of the invaders, but before First Contact, which is covered under the – Galactic Codex, Section II, entitled: The Law of Dividing the Conflicting Parties, which states:

“Each sentient being has an unalienable, and unconditional right to be divided and protected from the negative actions of other sentient beings.”

“This section regulates the conditions in those sections of the universe that have just been
liberated from the influence of the Dark Forces but that have not yet been accepted into the
Federation. It requires that the Forces of Light always divide the parties in conflict to protect them from producing mutual harm to each other. Then the Light Forces mediate the conflict until it is resolved. This section is often used to end wars and other armed conflicts.”

As I’m wont to do, I’ll now circle back to the beginning.  As the ‘Dr.’ Chardonnay & other similar families out there have been so effectively brainwashed, it has actually been a very tricky operation to “divide the parties in conflict”, e. g. Reds & Blues, Sunni & Shia, Arab & Jews, and other equivalent rivalries around the world, in order “to protect them from producing mutual harm to each other.” 

The brainwashing involved in order to create those false divisions amongst various groups of humanity has to be overcome, and the people just don’t seem to want to give it up.  In fact, we are still dealing with some of the Dark Forces minions in the military, who want to destroy everything.  Along those lines, I keep hearing some nonsense about building another temple?

Someone Wants to Build Yet Another Temple?

My first reaction is – Who could possibly care, at this precarious moment during the End Times, about building yet another temple?  What exactly do they plan to do with this temple just prior to another cyclical pole shift?  I can only presume that this the scheme of some service-to-self priests who want to maintain power and control?  Are they planning to place some ‘Holy Relic’ within it after they risk the destruction of Mother Earth & humanity in order to build it?

Do they have the Ark of the Covenant, or something?  That was why Solomon built the first temple, in case you didn’t know.  It was built solely to house the Ark of the Covenant, or in modern terms, the Chest of the Contract, or even the Contractual Chest.  What the contract is, we don’t know.  It certainly isn’t a tablet with the Ten Commandments written on it.  What it Truly is, is yet another secret, but I’m sure that there is no worthy reason to build another temple at the moment.  The only thing that would make sense, at least in their warped logic, would be an attempt to bring about world-wide destruction in some world war fought over this silly notion.

Well, the days of the priests, and their temples are gone from Mother Earth forever.  We definitely don’t need any more temples.  In fact, I would propose that we are close to abandoning those which already exist.  These fanatics are telling people that this temple must be built in order to bring the second ‘coming of Christ’.  Well, that’s funny, because The Teacher known as Jesus repeated over, and over again –

“The human body is the only temple which you will ever need.  All you need can be found within.”

If some group actually does have the lost Ark of the Covenant, I suggest that they can simply convey it to the rightful owner, at the right time.  We don’t need yet another temple to store it in for a few days prior to that conveyance.  Thank you for that loyal service, though.

Modern Exodus

In fact, to those who think that we need another temple to be built, I would suggest that what we really do need is another Exodus.  This one involving the Zionists voluntarily packing up, and peacefully leaving occupied Palestine.  That would actually do some real good for Mother Earth & humanity, and go a long ways to clear some of the karma they’ve incurred over the past 80 years.  Then we could quickly forgive all of that, too.

I suspect that it’s not really about building another temple, but rather about these Dark Side psychos wanting to bring about some more war and destruction, though.  They just need an excuse.  Unfortunately, those people had been in key positions in the military, which is why Cobra continually said that we must wait for the situation to be safe before this Revelation/Intervention/First Contact can take place.

These fanatical temple-builders were deeply embedded within the Space Force (and the Chinese, Russian etc equivalents).  They had been working closely with the higher dimensional Dark Forces, and were in key positions.  They are quite fanatical, and couldn’t be trusted to not try and turn this benevolent liberation event into a very destructive fire fight. 

Again, don’t worry, any conventional Earth weapons will be easily nullified, and rendered useless.  The Federation has the technology to assure that, but some of the more highly advanced space program weapons needed to be taken out in advance, along with the fanatics who wanted to go out with some more death & destruction, in the false name of building temples.

So, in the event that all bad guys and weapons hadn’t been completely nullified, then the people on the surface might have seen some battle taking place overhead, and not realized that any of the ships above were actually their promised saviors finally arriving/returning.  They would have been forced to conclude that they were under some sort of malevolent invasion. 

In fact, in that case, I too would’ve been pretty damned nervous, even though, (or especially because) I know some of those ships contain my friends & family.  So, yeah, we had to wait till we were sure that all of the bad guys were in custody or otherwise out of action.  I’m here to tell you that the stage has now been set, and all is now in final preparations.  We’re very close to that very big day now, hence this advisory.

As Cobra also states, common sense seems to be an almost extinct commodity on the surface at the moment, so the awakening under any other circumstances is impossible.

Cobra Interview

Here’s a link to the recent interview posted on November 1st, in case you haven’t already seen it.

Related to what I’ve said above, here Cobra is stating his agreement:

“Terry: I see. Great. Thank you very much. And next question, would you agree that we as the surface population are ready for the First Contact now?

Cobra: I would say a very small percentage of the most awakened star people on the planet are ready for the First Contact. Everybody else is not ready and will never be ready. It will just happen and they will be forced to face the reality as it unfolds. They will be presented with the facts as they unfold. It is the only way to go. We cannot wait for everybody to wake up. It’s not possible. So the First Contact will happen as soon as it is physically safe for the operation to start, and then it’ll happen.  Because the critical mass of the Lightworkers have decided and voted for the First Contact, and it’ll happen.

Terry: I see. Great. So does it mean that it could really happen, for example, within this year?

Cobra: I cannot comment on that, but I will say as soon as it is safe, as soon as the dark threats are removed, the First Contact will happen according to the entry protocols or the Contact Dish project. All that will be discussed and the best course of action will be taken regarding the situation at that particular moment, how things will unfold. But yes, First Contact is in plans and it will happen as soon as it’s physically safe to do so.”

——-end of interview extract

Again, I would say that as far as “the dark threats being removed”, that what is being done there is removing residual phantom fears.  A psychological war.   All we need to do is to control our own thoughts, and nuke the fear.  Then we win.  It’s as simple as that.

In Service to All, In Service of the One

I have many things to say to you, but you can not hear them now. When the Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth.”  John 16:12-13