First of all, let me issue a legal disclaimer right up front.  This piece is by far the longest one I’ve ever sent you.  I think it’s worth the time to slog through it, of course, but I’m very biased, as you know.  I awoke around 3:30 this morning actually laughing, as I was receiving a message on how to start writing this piece, and was simultaneously recalling my days as a corporate slave, and living in the ‘Land of the Free’. 

I can laugh now, as those days are all but forgotten, but as I imagined myself wanting to disseminate such Truth to people, while employed by some multinational corporation, I started to imagine fears of legal liability.  I thought about how the nervous corporate attorney would want me to issue a legal disclaimer up front of this one.  At least for the American audience.  The rest of you are considered big enough boyz & girls to have the common sense to figure this out for yourself.  We should take pity on the poor bastards in the US, though.  They have been subjected to some of the most intense programming of all.

Here goes –

Warning! this piece might be so gripping, and lengthy, so as to potentially cause you to read too long, thereby allowing your legs to lose adequate circulation to the point that standing might be difficult, and even dangerous.  We therefore recommend that you consider carrying it to the crapper two, or even three times in order to read it in its entirety.  DO NOT TRY TO GET THROUGH THE WHOLE THING IN ONE SITTING.

After all, those who have done at least five minutes of research can attest to the fact that falling in the bathroom kills more people than does COVID.  Strangely, though, bathrooms are still legal.

Sorry, but I cracked myself up with that one, and couldn’t resist.  In all seriousness, though, I am a little bit nervous about making some of the disclosures which you’ll find below.  The most controversial to date, by far.  I predict that I will see a record number of unsubscribes, and receive some searing emails in response, but when the inner guidance (The Boyz) speak, I have learned to always listen.

I am here to play a very particular role in the ascension processes of both Pachamama and humanity, and not following through with that is unconscionable for me, regardless of personal discomfort caused.  I intend to fully enjoy the huge victory celebration when this is all over, and to do that, I have to know that I’ve left it all on the field.  Accordingly, it is apparently time for me to put this stuff out there. I’ve been cautiously ramping up the cosmic talk for a while now, and we’re about to reach a crescendo here.

So with the American attorney satisfied that I’ve appropriately protected public safety, as the rest of the world shakes its collective head, let me give you an introduction to what follows.  Since this one is more of a short story than an essay, I might as well go ahead and take the time to really explain in full.

Venus Talking to Me

Back in March, I had this nagging, rather faint voice coming from deep within suggesting that I turn my bed to place the head at the north facing wall, rather than the west.  As this particular piece of guidance wasn’t too strong, and since I was feeling a bit lazy, I continuously ignored it.  After a week or so of this stand off, a slow moving cool front made its way down from the US, and started to dump some heavy rain.  The rustic beach house I live in has a roof top terrace with the floor coated in fiberglass.  Around the bottom of the railing posts, where the workmanship is a bit suspect, the potential for seepage exists.  So, after three or four days of constant heavy rains, a slow drip developed right over the pillow of the bed.  

That did it.  Now I was suddenly motivated enough to dedicate 45 seconds of this incarnation to turn the bed so that the head was up against the north wall, which is the only other place it fits.

Later, in the pre-dawn as the sun was approaching the horizon, I was awakened with the internal message to look out the east window across the room.  This one was not vague, but seemed urgent, instead.  The small house has a studio type floor plan, so this entailed looking across a very small living room, to give you an idea of the angle.  Across the dirt road are some fairly thick bushes and trees, too. 

So when I look out the window from the pillow, and through the branches of the tress, there is a very small patch of visible sky.  ‘Coincidentally’, though, in this tiny patch of visible sky which I could see from the pillow of my bed as it was turned to the north window, and at this time of year, the morning ‘star’, which as you know is actually the planet Venus, was tracking right through that tiny visible area for about ten minutes before it rose up behind the top of the window, and out of sight.

So this first morning, somewhere around 4:30 or 4:45 am, I think, I got this uncontrollable urge to look across the room, and out the east window to see a very bright morning ‘star’ staring at me.  Cool.  Also no big deal, if it only happened once.  It didn’t only happen once, though.  I would be awakened every single morning with the same uncontrollable desire to roll over, and look across the room and out the east window right in the middle of that same ten minute period, for at least a week, or maybe even ten days.  One morning, as I suddenly awakened and rolled over to satiate this inexplicable desire, it was raining.  So as was I rolling over, I saw the clouds parting in that tiny patch of visible sky, so as to reveal Venus.  I laughed out loud this time. Holy Shit!  What the hell is going on?

I have had similar situations in which I felt an overwhelming desire to look at something in particular, but before I always knew why.  I would either receive a simultaneous internal message at the same time I looked at whatever it was, or it would be obvious.  This time, though, nothing.  It was like Venus was just saying “Hey, look at me.  Ain’t I astoundingly bright for a planet? and ain’t it weird that you feel so impelled to wake up, and look at me every single morning before the sunrise?”

“Yeah”, I thought.  “It is, but would you please tell me if there’s a point to it?”  So after this one week, or ten day period, I decided to write it out to a friend in an email.  As soon as I did that, I stopped being awakened in the mornings to take a look at the morning ‘star’, but I hadn’t received any answers as to why I had been taking a look at her.  Very soon afterwards, though, I was somehow directed to an article written by a fellow starseed type unit about Venus.   It wasn’t something I would normally have found, either. 

Although I have followed his work sporadically over the past few years, and generally enjoy his point of view, I had not been routinely reading his stuff for quite a while.  As you know, I’ve been tuning out external information in general, and looking within, instead.  I still recommend that, by the way, even though I continue sending out my own external information in an apparent self-contradiction.

Anyways, I think the same friend who I had told about my telepathic callings from Venus may have sent it to me.  He has been involved in quite a few synchronistic events over the years which have helped me along my path.  I met him as a reader of these rants, by the way, and we both have a deep feeling of knowing each other in the past.  Many years ago he started replying positively to my posts, and we have struck up a nice little kindredship by now.  He in Canada, and me now in Area 504 of New Atlantis for the past 30 months.  How that all came about is quite a story as well.

I Get Acquainted with a Fellow Starseed

Here is the post that I came across.  

When I saw the title “Venusians answering questions“, I knew I had to read it.  Maybe it would explain why Venus was talking to me.  Me and my friend, who I’m calling Dave in this piece, enjoy reading such stuff together, and then we will make our own assessments of it, and share with each other in order to learn what we can in our quest for Truth & Wisdom.  So, this is where the meat of this story begins.

What will follow is a series of emails which were exchanged over a few weeks with the author of The Venusians Answer more of my Questions.  The first email is from me to my friend in Canada.  I was a bit brutally judgmental of the post by our fellow starseed, but keep in mind, it was just originally intended as a personal email between me and a friend, so I could be even more frank than usual.  What I didn’t know is that The Boyz (my nick name for my guiding angels) would impel me to forward it to the author the following week. 

Well, you’ll see it all play out below.  It started in one direction, and then took some surprising twists & turns.  As you know, I’m more than just a little bit sick and tired of watching the vast majority of earthlings continue to support the bankster scum.  Especially when there is a viable alternative available.  So, although the original topic may have been on ascension, and higher dimensional beings here to help, etc., it ended up turning to the financial system, and his strong support of Kim Goguen. 

I had never heard of her before, but wanted to see why he was so fascinated, and the conversation just kept diving deeper, and deeper.  I even agreed to his request to do an interview podcast, which was a potential ambush, but what the hell.  As it turned out he is a fair guy, and the interview went fairly well, although it is apparent that I’m out of my element in such a verbal communication scenario.

I’ll just let the email thread speak for itself

On 4/9/2022 at 1:02 PM, “Paul Seymour” wrote:

Hi Dave

I haven’t read this yet, but I see that it is written by Rob Potter, who I resonate with on most things outside of his apparent ignorance of BTC

Is Venus talking to a lot of us?

BTW, after sending you that disclosure about my pings from Venus, it all came to a sudden stop.


Have fun with it all.

———–end of email

Forwarded message from “Paul Seymour”
Date: 4/13/2022 at 12:09 PM
Subject: Re: Venus


Here is some more judgmentalism, in case the last one wasn’t enough for you. 

(Note:  I had also just sent him an assessment of a piece by someone else, which was even more judgmental.  A trait which I’m leaving behind as I simply stop giving energy to external info.)

Well, after reading the whole Potter interview, I firstly want to state how in line all of this is with what Corey Goode was saying a few years back, and secondly, I retract my statement that Rob & I resonate quite so closely. We certainly share a lot of similarities, but the more I know about Rob, the more I see his lack of knowledge. Maybe that is why he still supports the Bankster baby rapers, rather than BTC, as he clings to the hope of a ‘future’ savior (QFS), without understanding that we live in a very vast present moment. There is no ‘future’, and BTC is the savior, as Thor Han stated in his 3rd person interview with Mike Salla. Like with the Teacher known as Jesus, and ‘Christ consciousness’, it is already here. One just has to awaken, realize it, and embrace it.

I imagine that this response by the Commander caused Rob to pucker where the sun don’t shine:

“Answer- Commander Rhanes – The barter system works well in smaller communal groups. For bigger transactions and larger groups, a type of bloc-chain system based on commodities works very well, getting around the use of traditional, national currencies.”

The higher dimensional mentors keep trying to point out that we already have the financial system that we need, although I don’t know why it needs to be based on any commodities, in order to serve as a facilitator of trade. Common confidence in the system is all that is required. Anyone can take their BTC and buy any commodity they want, like gold, if they feel insecure. A currency is not a store of value. It is a currency. It is only designed to facilitate the exchange of goods & services.

I also disagree with his socialistic desire to use more laws & regulations to make changes to society. The changes will come about as awareness of Truth increases, and humanity simply manifests a superior culture. Then we will have almost no rules, laws nor regulations, aside from the Golden Rule, essentially. Rob alludes to this understanding, I just disagree that taking steps with regard to enacting rules & regs is the way to get there. The Commander seems to be talking about transitional steps too, as led there by Rob’s questions.   The Commander, is limited by the Law of Free Will in her responses, and can’t really interject personal opinions.  I’m sure she knows that we will not require such baby steps, as the incoming energies transform humanity into a more ‘intelligent’, higher vibratory state. 

Maybe he/she couldn’t come out and say that due to possible infringement upon Free Will? I feel certain that humanity will collectively awaken one day, pop their forehead with the heel of their hand, and wonder – “Why didn’t I see that before?” Just as you and I have. Then the myriad maze of laws, which illegally infringe upon Free Will, will all fall away, as humanity rejects them. Starting with the wearing of masks, which isn’t even a law. The sheeple just love so much to follow whatever rules are presented to them, that they assume their must be a law.

I do resonate closely with Commander Rhanes. Maybe Rob should start asking me questions? At least about current topics. I’m still in my obligatory amnesiac state regarding much of earth history, but I keep piercing that veil more and more, and getting to know more of my past incarnations, even though I have to look up what has been written about me to understand anything about those lives. Thankfully, my discernment is very good regarding what I read about my own past lives…as you might imagine.

Calling Orda – “your majesty” is clearly a screw up. We are equals, and need to act like it.

Here are some very wise words by Rob –  “Preamble by Rob-In my attempt to gain more clarity on some specific events, I am giving the Lady Orda my human view, from a Starseeds perspective, of the situation on earth, in order to help my home-world Venusians to better understand (from a boot’s on the ground perspective) our struggle.” Though not all questions are answered you can read between the lines, and see that the answers are designed to not polarize or inflame the emotions of various lightworkers.”

“I see a great division in many lightworkers, who follow in a devout way the information they are gleaning from their chosen messenger. Sadly, I see a cult-like division of light-workers slamming other contactees and their messages based on the variations of the contactee’s revelations. People want to promote their chosen source of information based on who they resonate with.”

“I will say here again we are all on the same team with the same mission to bring love and truth and peace to the earth. We must unite under the banner of harmony and understanding and not deride other messengers who may disagree with the person you are following!!”

I would like to say that I agree fully, and wish that Rob would follow his own advice, especially regarding his derision of BTC, and his other misguided advice on the financial system. I’d like to also point out that censored me, by not printing articles which I presented to them. One time they even admitted that they wouldn’t print the article because they disagreed with my position. I was helping to spread the Q word. They said they weren’t ready to jump on the Q bandwagon at that time. I see they have since changed that opinion. I’m certain they will also see the light one day regarding BTC.

I am one of those starseeds (via the Aldebaran system) whose mission it is to unwind the Luciferian/Babylonian debt slavery system, and he obviously is not. Like some others, he will make ignorant statements such as – “BTC is obviously a pyramid scheme.” Really? Would you care to expand on that, and explain exactly how it is a pyramid scheme? Let’s start with the definition of “pyramid scheme”, and one can easily shoot that ridiculous statement out of the sky. Maybe the Commander’s response will help him to see the light. I’m not sure if Thor Han’s statement helped Michael at all, though.

On his final impassioned plea, and the Queens’ polite rebuff, I would say this – Rob does not yet seem to understand that the good guys are in complete control. To understand that would require ‘faith’ in his ‘God’.  As I think you know, I hate to use the term ‘God’ as it is so misused, and has so many different potential definitions, as to be a very confusing, or even be a useless term.

I would think it would be obvious to Rob by now that if the ‘bad guys’ currently had any power at all, that we would be much, much worse off than we are. I’m sure you have noticed that Fulford (who I think has been completely replaced now by the White Hat faction of MI5/6) has started to report that the White Hats are staging this whole show as an awakening tactic.

I experienced a recent epiphany, via telepathic message in the night, which occurred the day after a very meaningful equinox on March 20. I was shown/felt the complete understanding that so called ‘evil’ only exists in our own minds. Exactly the same way that COVID only exists in the minds of those who are influenced by the fake news. Other such ‘evil’ has been similarly programmed in to our minds over many millennia, and only exists within us. Like everything else. We can choose to realize that, and live in the knowledge that there is only love and joy, if we want to. It is Truly just a matter of choice.

I am continually choosing now to realize that evil does not exist, unless I manifest it.

By the way, I recommend that you get a cintamani stone from Cobra’s website. They emit tachyons, and really do work, in our opinion. We did not expect to actually feel anything. I was just hoping for some imperceivable benefits when I ordered them, but one day we suddenly realized that we were feeling quite consistently good. When we thought about why, we realized that it coincided with the receipt of the stones.

Thanks for giving me this outlet for some of my higher quality thoughts, at least as judged by me…

Seymour out

———–end of email

Then, a few days later I felt impelled to do so, and forwarded the above email to Rob with a short note.

On Mon, Apr 18, 2022 at 7:06 AM Paul Seymour wrote:

FYI Rob. I don’t wanna talk behind your back

———–end of email

I was actually a bit surprised that he even read it, and more so that he replied.  Although I should have realized that by the way I was guided to write him, that there was a very good reason for it.  It wasn’t random.

On Mon, Apr 18, 2022 at 8:04 AM Robert Potter wrote:

Well Seymour,

I will be polite here because your apperceptions of my beliefs and your skewing of information is completely working I need the way you have regurgitated my information.

I am far too busy to give you a written reply! So I will offer you a zoom call to counter your claims of what you think about my information.

If you want me to answer your questions and educate you to the truth of the varying agendas you will need to keep a very open mind.

Perhaps we could record this and I could answer your concerns. I would record it as you. Are not alone in your misunderstandings. With your permission I could release the conversation publically ?

You could remain annonomious if you like!? I am working very closely with a group in the aldebran system called the blues. This is through Dave Wallace who is conceptualizing and developing beyond light speed navigation systems for interstellar travel.

So the offer to not speak behind my back is accepted will you you a edit my offer for you to question me on a face to face zoom call ?

This can be anonymously or face to face.

It can be private for you alone or if you are open I will answer your questions to the public.

 Let ne know what you want yo do ! Choose a copule possible day and times aand let’s see if I can bring your concerns into harmony if not we can simply disagree.

 I offer this because your views are very far off of what intended for you to understand .

What do you think?



——-end of email

On Tue, Apr 19, 2022 at 9:20 AM Paul Seymour wrote:

Thanks for writing back, Rob. I am on the road, and a Zoom call might be difficult, but give me a couple of days to see what we can work out. I realize that writing is more time consuming, but I would prefer that, and yes, you can use my name and publish whatever we exchange.

I’ll reply fully in writing within a couple of days. I don’t see any need to rush this, do you?

Back soon, and thanks again for the reply

——end of email

On 4/19/2022 at 11:33 AM, “Robert Potter” wrote:

Paul certainly no rush !

I prefer to not write this should be a dialogue I think as you will certainly have more questions.

I prefer zoom but I do want to record it to answer your concerns.  I think many will benefit from my answers for clarity!

Just call when ever your free we can schedule the call


—–end of email

May 2 2022

Mornin’ Rob,

First, I’d like to schedule a call at 10am your time on Wednesday.  So please be sure that I have a link waiting for me at that time.

I am new to Zoom, other than one other usage of it back in 2018, so I hope it’s idiot proof.  In other words, I will click the link with my phone, and I will need to do nothing else?

Secondly, attached is an essay I’m working to release soon.  It is in draft form, but is substantially and materially complete, and won’t change much.  I just want you to be aware of it, even though I don’t mention either you, nor our planned conversation, I do talk about some of the topics which I’m assuming you will spring on me in our video call.  You should have my latest observations, is all.

I hope we can finally pull this call off soon.



———-end of email

here is our zoom meeting I will be ready at 10 am exactly. you have my number if you have problems i have one hour so hopefully you have watched a youtube about zoom. you have my number. we will have differing views but lets agree to be cordial you certainly can share your views I will start by responding to some of your emails statements directly. then we can talk. in an exchange. i will have about five minutes of introduction and update about my conference then start so we can chat fr a moment then i will do my intro introduce you then i will address your email. I intent to be fair and have a salient point you made that i could have chosen different wording/
god bless paul

Thank You
Warm Regards
Victory To The Light
Rob Potter
Mt Shasta Ca.

—–end of email

So as you can see, we got over the contentious wording I had used in my initial email, as I hadn’t really intended it for his consumption, and we both agree that transparency is very important right now.  The interview is on youtube here

Then after the interview I asked my friend to watch it, as I didn’t want to, and to give me his assessment, which he did.  I included that assessment in a long email to Rob

May 14 2022

Hi Dave and Rob,

Dave, I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with Rob.  This is the exercise which will help us all to connect some dots, as we work to reconcile our differing views, and think through both our own positions, and those of others who have opposing positions.

Rob, this time I am aware at writing that I will be sharing it with you, and am trying to use much less contentious wording, but to some extent, I simply am a contentious SOB.  Years (thousands) of swimming upstream has something to do with that, but I’m sure that I’ve done a better job this time.

First, I’ll copy/paste Dave’s views in front of mine, as that is how it occurred in linear time.  He watched the video, and gave me a quick assessment to which I’m replying below.  I hope you have a few minutes to read it.

Dave’s email –

Paul, I listened to the video last night. Duration was 1:40:43 (Note from Paul – Rob, I haven’t yet watched this myself, but I assume that you made no edits, and simply posted the entire meeting in its entirety.  Thanks for that)

Somehow, I never thought of you as having a beard. However you held your part well. For me Rob had several surprises.

Let’s start with the World Trust (Collateral Accounts ) and Kim Goguen. I never heard of the World Trust until Kim showed up on the Internet a few years ago.

She gave a history of the current and past trustees, and when the last trustee left for unknown reasons, she was asked to take the position.

Rob confirmed she fell into this position that she does not want. But who is the World trust, who’s money does it represent?

She maintained she was not going to distribute funds as long as the cabals were still in control. She was in communications with Trump, and did bail out the UST a couple of times as a favor to Trump. She also tested the banks by sending small amounts for a specific humanitarian purpose and the funds were always stolen. The Internet had a dark side of Kim which could be the Cabals forces who were unable to get Kim to release funds, spreading uncalled for rumors. I know people that loved her and many that hated her.

She always wanted the money to go to the people but could not find a safe way of doing it. Trump used to boast about money coming and it was from her. She has been on Kerry Cassidy at least twice explaining how the money system works. For me the world Trust and Kim is a mystery.

Rob thinks she is the QFS.

Rob said the Health System is a drain on the economy, of course it is, and he had a solution with Kim’s money. In my opinion, there won’t be a Health system problem when we can put Med Beds in empty hospitals with doctors and nurses available to manage the Med Beds. Similarly, we won’t have a food problem when we have the Replicators. I agree with both of you that we don’t need Governments and Banks.

Rob said he agrees with the Blockchain but not Bitcoin because it behaves like a stock. Both of you agreed Corporations will be out. I agree but I can’t see that happening now as the people would freak out unless the Event is soon enough that the majority will awaken during the Event.

Rob said people ascending to 4D and 5D being like 1,000 years in the future. I disagree with that.

I think it was good that this discussion was on a public platform and perhaps it will trigger positive vibes in a few people.

Have a good weekend.
Thanks very much, Dave.

The beard is fairly recent.  When I was told by Honduran Immigration, back in March 2020 that I couldn’t leave due to some fake flu, I was guided at that moment quite strongly to stop cutting my hair and shaving.  It isn’t a ‘rebellious’ thing (more Cabal programming there), it is more about the fact that the hair is an important additional ‘antennae’, as far as connecting the inner senses to ‘Infinite Intelligence’.  That is why so many ancient spiritual cultures never cut their hair nor shaved.  I’m sure it is why the ‘modern Western culture’ has programmed most men, at least, to cut theirs, and not have any beards.  I can tell you that after it grew out, I feel like my authentic self.  In other incarnations I also had long hair and a beard.  I was also a ‘magician’, or better said, spiritual adept.

I think I have vaguely heard of Kim Goguen, but have never been guided to research her work.  A couple of things that Rob said didn’t make logical sense to me.  Like – “The White Hats have done nothing”, yet the Fed seems to be gone now.  So I guess this Kim woman walked in to the Fed one day, and told everyone to pack up their shit and get out?  All by herself?  I find that dubious.  The Fed didn’t get merged into the UST back during the Trump admin, and recently have a wall built around it, without some very serious fighting, and victories having been carried out by the White Hats/Earth Alliance.

I am very willing to accept the idea that there is new money on the sidelines awaiting the awakening of the human collective consciousness for distribution.  In fact, in the Cobra financial reset outline from 2012, here they specifically mention military white hat funds, Templar funds, Resistance Movement funds, Dragon Society etc. in the $ hundreds of trillions.  Possibly it’s one, or all of those?  Again, more evidence that the White Hats are in control over the physical/material world, but until the collective consciousness becomes aware of it (mental plane), the negative mind projections are wreaking havoc.  Rob seems to be unaware of the effects which the collective mind has on creating/manifesting The Illusion?  It isn’t ‘real’ until the collective consciousness thinks it’s real.  We have already won in space/time, but here in linear time, we have to realize it before it will manifest.

Bailing out the UST was important as the Earth Alliance/White Hat psy ops were just getting underway to awaken the populace, and Trump needed to be in office at that time.  As Rob seems to be unaware, the world’s militaries are now in control.  In fact, I don’t know how anyone could watch the farce (show) play out on the idiot box, and really believe that there is a Biden administration which is so obviously inept.  If the Biden regime were real, the US would have long ago been over run by its numerous ‘enemies’.

I put enemies in ‘ ‘ because it is so clear that the world’s militaries (Earth Alliance/White Hats) are working together.  If not, there would be war everywhere.  The police action in Ukraine, is a mop up of the remnants of the Cabal in which the US/NATO is helping behind the scenes.  I hope it’s obvious that NATO/US isn’t really opposed to what’s going on?  The mainstream media show is assuring that when the mass arrests finally get reported, that those arrests will be supported by the majority of people.  Can you imagine reporting the arrests of Obama and the Clintons even one year ago?  There would have been civil war.  Now, I don’t think too many would be willing to lift a finger.

So the cabal is being shown, in a very clever manner, so as not to tip the hand of the White Hats who are producing the Show, to be guilty of the crimes they were executed for committing.  Yes, there is still some injustice going on.  That is necessary for the Awakening.  But you will be hard pressed to prove many atrocities are still going on, outside of the mop up in Ukraine, which is now substantially complete.  The DUMBS have been cleared.  So have the governments.  Only the ‘Show’/psy op continues, so that people will support the upcoming report of the already carried out mass arrests.

QFS vs Current Financial System

I would agree that those hundreds of trillions reported by Cobra/Resistance Movement, and probably by now $ quadrillions due to confiscations from the Cabal, will need a system in place to see to the redistribution to ‘the people’.  That sum of money means there are $ millions for every man, woman, and child on the earth.  In other words, the concept of scarcity will also go away when everyone is a millionaire. 

I’ll leave it to the higher dimensional beings, who can see beyond linear time, to decide when humanity has reached a sufficient vibratory rate to make that type of distribution.  Although I am myself a higher dimensional being (and wouldn’t be surprised if you are too) as I have volunteered to drop into attachment with a 3D body, and have the veil in place.  That is an important role on an energetic level, as the higher dimensional beings who remain in their higher form can’t do certain things on this material/illusory plane.  Some might call us “fallen angels”. More Vatican terminology.

There can be no doubt that managing those sums of money, and planning on how to redistribute it, is a monumental task.  That does not change the fact that higher dimensional beings, like Thor Han and Commander Rhanes, have come out and flatly told Rob and Michael Salla (so that they would share with the world) that BTC, running on the Blockchain, is the best system that currently exists.

Do I need to repeat that ‘currently’ is all that matters?

I would propose that the choice to continue supporting banksters, who are clearly part of the evil cabal, or to withdraw your assets from their accounts, is a choice we have all been given as a type of test.  I am sure that the choice we make on that topic affects our vibratory rates, and therefore our ascension.

So let’s not conflate the current financial system with some new system being developed in order to redistribute some very ‘old money’.  I think that is a big part of the confusion here.  I agree with Rob that there is no such thing as scarcity.  That is yet another hangover from the past programming which humanity has to clear from its collective consciousness.  Until it is cleared from the collective human mind, the belief in scarcity will also persist.  I think you both understand that we create our own illusion.  Just as the negative thoughts about the existence of the ‘Cabal’, etc, are currently persisting, although great beings who Rob also admires, such as Valiant Thor, have stated that they are now all gone, including all apparatus’ for mind manipulation.

Regarding the health system, I did a poor job of explaining my position on air.  I tried to get across that once humanity understands what the material universe really is, and therefore the etheric layers of the holographic human body, etc. that we will no longer need any health systems at all.  By maintaining these old paradigm health systems, we are perpetuating the ignorance of the Truth.  As the old Vedas, and so many others have taught, if we bring the entire body/mind/spirit complex into proper balance, there simply are no more health problems.  Poor health is yet another negatively programmed illusion.  If I could find my way to this knowledge, so can everyone else.  I’m here to help in that cause, in fact.

Bitcoin is a currency, not a stock, which I know you both realize.  It only fluctuates so much because it is being valued in bankster currencies, and the banksters are buying and selling huge tranches of BTC because, pathetically, that is about all they can do as they scream – Volatility!  They’ve tried everything else they can think of, and it keeps going up.  As BTC is a True Free market, with a fixed supply, it goes up and down with the demand that is represented by buying and selling, or better said – exchanged for other currencies.  It isn’t ‘bought’ nor ‘sold’. 

Also don’t forget that although transactions in BTC are practically Free, the banksters make a killing on exchanges between their own currencies, and also when people need to exchange their BTC for baby raper scrip to go to the grocery store. 

That fluctuation will all go away when humanity finally realizes that they are supporting vile evil with their bank accounts, and stop exchanging for bankster scrip.  Unfortunately, while humanity remains in a slave mentality, they seem to need some authority figure to give them permission to switch.  That, like I said, may cost a bit of vibratory rate, but it isn’t a crucial amount.

As far as the corporations going away, I feel quite confident that the current psy ops, in combination with the incoming gamma rays, and their activation of latent DNA, will work to increase vibratory rate, and also help people to connect with infinite intelligence in such a way as they will be very happy to be rid of K Mart and McDonald’s.  Sooner rather than later.

In the future there will only be one currency, I believe.  If it is something other than BTC, it similarly needs to be in line with the primal universal law of Free Will, which means there is zero interference in transactions, which may require similar anonymity.  I think we can all see that the earth surface humanity is right on the verge of announcing that the Earth is now a full fledged member of the Galactic Confederation, and obviously will have to be in compliance with Free Will.  What I’ve read about the QFS would not be in compliance with the primal universal law of Free Will. 

That doesn’t mean that what I’ve read about it is accurate.  It is so super secret, which is yet another reason to distrust it.  BTC has been successfully running on the blockchain since 2008, in a completely transparent manner, with open source code, and additionally has been attacked by the most powerful criminals on the planet, and has become much more valuable (as termed in USD) as a result.

Go figure.

4D and 5D

Surface earth humanity is currently ascending to 4D, as Mother Earth is currently and simultaneously ascending to 6D.  Millions of us currently on Earth, are previously ascended beings who are here to help.  I think that we will be going back home after we complete that mission.  That means we will ascend up to 4D along with humanity, and then again back on up to 5D, or even 6D for some, where we will reunite with our family and friends.  I was told back in 2017 that I am from the Aldebaran system. 

According to a book I was recently guided to read, by Elena Danaan, it looks like that would make me part of the Jeddaiahil race of Nordics.  Either that, or as I read somewhere else, and to which Thor Han has also alluded, there is an interdimensional race from Aldebaran which the Galactic Confederation knows very little about.  I have received weak, vague messages that possibly I am from that race, but it isn’t really relevant, I don’t think.  It is just that humans like to get caught up in who they are talking to, so I mention it.

After ascending to 4D, humanity will have much, much more than 1,000 years, most likely, to ascend again to 5D.  At least, it is my understanding that ascensions take millions of years, not thousands, but I sit here behind the veil too, although my connection to my higher self is probably more fluid than that for most others.

That’s all I’ve got on the podcast, and Dave’s assessment of it.

Rob, in a form of ‘equal time’, would you be willing to post these links below your message on the youtube video?

Something like – For more info on Paul, see here:

If you’re interested, Rob, I’ll write out for you the series of synchronicities which guided me to spontaneously forward you that email a few weeks ago.  I was very clearly guided to get into contact with you, and it related to Venus, yet I’m not sure exactly how, nor why Venus was talking to me.  That is also how Dave ended up in this exchange.


——end of email

On 5/14/2022 at 2:16 PM, “Robert Potter” wrote:

Hey paul

Thanks for the interview until you research Kim you will continue to make erroneous assumptions. She did not walk into the fed she. Controls the QFS she is not the QFS BUT ITS GUARDIAN DAVE CAN GUIDE TO THE INFORMATION WHERE SHR REVEALS WHATS REALLY BEEN GOING ON!

Oops caps lock she has stop pother fixing and the black magic money system of the fed

Peace into you both

——end of email

On Wed, May 18, 2022 at 9:18 AM Paul Seymour wrote:

OK, Rob, I’m going to invest some rather considerable energies into researching whatever I can find about Kim. I’ll get back to you when I feel like I’m ready to discuss that topic.

Meanwhile, whatever she may do in some possible ‘future’ is essentially irrelevant regarding humanity, their evolutionary progress, and their ascension.

Humanity has a very big decision to make in the more ‘real’ present moment. They only have two options available to them 1) continue using the ancient Babylonian money/debt/slavery system of the bankster baby rapers, or 2) withdraw their financial assets (energy) from that system, and use something else.

To make it an even more important decision, they have been provided with a viable alternative, which even has a time tested track record.

Their decision on this crucial topic will certainly affect their individual vibratory rates. I’m assuming that you understand the ramifications of individual vibratory rates.

Or is Kim offering us some other current/’real’ alternative that I’m unaware of?

By the way, from what I’ve gathered, Marduk was ‘King’, or ‘Emperor’ of Babylon. According to Sitchin (whose intentions are suspect based on my research) Marduk was the oldest son of either Enlil or Enki. Again, according to Sitchin, Enlil & Enki were the two sons of Anu, the Annunaki king. Marduk was apparently a demi-god, or half Annunaki, half human.

I personally left that whole narrative behind, as it didn’t resonate as complete Truth to me. There were a lot more civilizations than just the Annunaki involved in the surface earth humanity DNA experiments. Now we are wrapping up those embryonic stages of human development, which involves the reversal of previous brain washing, or psychological programming, as you prefer, and more importantly seems rather irrelevant in light of the more pressing matters at hand.

Actually, all outside sources of information should be left behind. As the Teacher known as Jesus stated – everything you need is found within you. The Luciferians are toying with humanity by distracting them with all of this conflicting externally generated information. It is a distraction intended to keep people from looking in the only place where the Truth can be found. Within.

In an apparent self contradiction, I’ll research all of this externally generated information on Kim, and get back to you when I’m an expert on everything she is purportedly doing. Then I hope you will continue to enlighten me on the financial system.

By the way, on the pre dawn of May 18, I got a message to ask you why you thought Kim was the ‘chosen one’? I was even guided to ask you why you wouldn’t realize it was me?

Back in a couple of weeks, or so,


——-end of email

On 5/19/2022 at 3:07 AM, “Robert Potter” wrote:


You will need to sign up to united networknews and pay for it it is the only way

For 4.99 a month

thank you

——end of email

On Sat, May 21, 2022 at 10:56 AM Paul Seymour wrote:

I don’t understand the message, Rob. It’s the only way to do what?

—–end of email

On 5/21/2022 at 1:18 PM, “Robert Potter” wrote:

The only way to research Kim is to listen to her updates . Unfortunately it is a paid service!
———-end of email

On Mon, May 23, 2022 at 10:47 AM Paul Seymour wrote:

Hmmm. She’s made a business out of it?

Not exactly a service to others type of person, for one who says she is in control of $ 100’s of Trillions for the benefit of Mother Earth & humanity. Seems like she would already have what she needed to somehow scrape by.

Almost laughable, I’m afraid.

I’m afraid that my current inner guidance is confirming my previous lack of interest to research whatever it is she’s up to. Any supposedly ‘chosen one’ would not be trying to keep secrets, nor charging to keep humanity updated in a completely transparent manner. She is obviously not chosen by any benevolent higher dimensional beings to do anything which they are involved with. That should already be apparent to everyone.

Thanks for the info, Rob

——-end of email

On 5/23/2022 at 12:00 PM, “Robert Potter” wrote:

You are simply ignorant of the facts and only applying your judgement . She controls the back end only. The cabal and messes criiminals control the front ….. for now wait for it

—-end of email

On Mon, May 23, 2022 at 11:09 AM Paul Seymour wrote:

So you’re saying that she really is a service to others person? I would say that the back end control over several $ 100 Trillion represents a significant fiduciary duty.

That is my only judgment at the moment. That if she is in control of any part of such a system, that she needs to be completely transparent, and it smells very bad when all information must be paid for.

You don’t agree with that simple assessment?

I agree that I’m completely ignorant as to whatever it is that she purports to be doing. I would have to be, as I have never subscribed to her pay-for-information service.

That isn’t a red flag at all for you, Rob?

———-end of email

On 5/23/2022 at 1:19 PM, “Robert Potter” wrote:

until the white hats get their shit together and stop the cabal from blocking her ability to access the front system she nor anyone else can access money. It is a stalemate it’s way more than 100 trillion dollars by the way.

She controls the back system only! So when some white hats figure it out they will take down the corrupt people she and the world can begin the restoration process, the current govts. of the world will get nothing most govt related systems will be completely restructured.

Everything else I agree with completely so until you watch here reports live or pay the fee you will remain unaware.

That simple you will be coming in late to the information so you will need to go back to archives to learn the true story. Talk to Dave. I know you are well intended its like you just have not seen how the galactic are doing this. its one moral ethical person until we can create a new govt.

Thank You
Warm Regards
Victory To The Light
Rob Potter

—–end of email

On Mon, May 30, 2022 at 5:03 PM Paul Seymour wrote:

We seem to be at an impasse here, Rob, as I’m manifesting a completely different illusion, apparently. I’d like to briefly try to explain, once again, my viewpoint, as I’m not sure whether or not you understand it, or maybe you do completely understand it, but are just not in alignment with it.

Let me define a couple of terms to start. When I say ‘White Hats’, I’m talking about the world’s military leaders, and obviously the service-to-others faction. They are in complete control of the situation at the moment, despite all appearances. Those appearances, by the way, are military grade psy ops.

The White Hats only comprise a small fraction of the Earth Alliance, but are the human/hybrid spear head for what is occurring on the surface of Earth right now. They work in conjunction with the higher dimensional beings of the Galactic Confederation, which takes care of matters on planes, and in realms other than the ‘material’/holographic illusion. There are other surface human groups which also comprise significant parts of the Earth Alliance, such as the Templars, Great White Brotherhood, Dragon groups, Resistance Movement etc.

I guess the Resistance Movement is actually an inner Earth group, but you understand my point here. The Earth Alliance is comprised of billions of beings from all over the galaxy, and even beyond, but they work in Free Will conjunction with humanity, and under the auspices of the Galactic Codex, and universal law, which gives them the right to intervene in extreme cases like what we have on earth.

So the White Hats are the leaders of the Russian, US, French, Chinese etc militaries. They are running their respective national governments at the moment from behind the scenes. Obviously, the whole Creepy Joe regime is staged. It couldn’t even possibly be real, from any logical standpoint. That is equally True for most other governments around the world at the moment.

What is happening around the planet right now is primarily related to the ascensions of Mother Earth and humanity. It’s not about how people can continue to get their grubby hands on, and then pass along, pieces of rectangular colored paper in order to acquire more holographic shit. Those days are over.

We are at the end of the great cycle, and worrying too much about the financial system is a bit ridiculous, aside from how it affects the ascension of humanity. In that regard, humanity has been provided with two options, and must elect one of them. It is a spiritual test. This is in complete accordance with what we’ve been told forever would happen during these ‘End Times’, in order to prepare for the ‘Harvest’. We must choose between service to others, and service to self. At this point the polarity is so opposed as to only leave these two options available. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. The luke warm get spit out, as they ride the fence in their gutlessness, and therefore side with service-to-self by default.

You have indicated some knowledge of the illusion, and are very aware of higher dimensional beings who are here to aid in these processes, but don’t seem to have quite yet clued in to the end game. We will not move forward in some slightly altered state. We will, instead, ascend to become a much more advanced, and completely different race. One which understands that it manifests its own illusion, and one which sees beyond this illusory linear time. We live in a vast, perpetual present moment, which is difficult to grasp while sitting here behind the veil.

See more on manifesting your own illusion here.

Therefore, waiting for the White Hats to get their shit together (in some nonexistent ‘future’) indicates a lack of understanding of space/time vs time/space. It’s a bit analogous to dropping to your knees, and praying for God to come save you. You already have the financial system which you need, in the same way that we already have the government that we need. Or, better said, we have the proper leadership standing by, and awaiting the Awakening of the people, which will then spur them to demand the establishment of an appropriate government. At that time it will be done, but not before an actual awakening has occurred, and demanded such overt intervention of their own Free Will. However, a covert intervention has already occurred.

When that awakening finally happens, which is also what some call “compression breakthrough”, we will have a populace which is at a sufficient vibratory rate so as to handle the redistribution of the infinite wealth which is sitting on the sidelines at the moment. As you pointed out, scarcity is part of the illusion. That is especially True with ‘money’, which consists of digits on computer servers, 3-5% of which are manifested as pieces of paper. Nothing could be more infinite than ‘money’.

This psychological energy, known as money, is wisely being carefully doled out at the moment in order to assure that everyone has what is necessary, yet being restricted enough so as to also provide sufficient catalyst to cause enough discomfort to get peoples’ fat asses off the couch, and demand Free Will. That is the Great Awakening. It has to occur of Free Will brought on by catalyst, not via coercion which is how the Cabal operated, and are still being displayed as operating in the fake news.

Therefore the current blockage of this redistribution of wealth isn’t being dictated by the White Hats, but rather by the higher dimensional Guardians who can see the big picture, and have extensive experience in other harvests of other civilizations. This is not our first rodeo, Rob. The White Hats are wisely following that guidance. There is no more Cabal. They are long gone.  Even Valiant Thor has explicitly stated exactly that, as he pleaded for humanity to get their heads out of their asses. Albeit in a much nicer way.

Right now there are only a series of psychological operations being carried out in order to gradually deprogram humanity from millennia of being told that white is black, darkness is light, and up is down, and actually coming to believe it deep within their beings. Humanity is gradually being released from its own mental prison, but that requires some rather harsh catalyst. Otherwise we stay in a relatively more comfortable status quo until we destroy ourselves via our own fears. Believing that some Cabal still exists, is a manifestation of fear. Fear is always borne of ignorance. Always. The ego hates change, and usually must be slapped into action which cause changes.

I am on record as stating that the funds sitting on the sidelines are in the $ quadrillions. I never said anything about a mere $ hundred trillion. It’s very obvious that you either try to speed read what I write, or don’t read it at all. I was sent to you at your own request for guidance. You just haven’t realized it yet, and haven’t paid sufficient attention to what I’m trying to teach you, in your unjustified arrogance as to your own importance.

Whatever it is that Kim Goguen is selling, is worthless. That is obvious without even looking at it, based upon the Truth you refuse to take the time to look at. I’ll try to explain again, although I fear it’s energy wasted in your case. It is so readily apparent that she is service-to-self, that once I see that, I must also immediately conclude, with 100% confidence, that she has not been elected to do anything by the Guardians.

She is working on behalf of those who would like to retain some power and control. She may well be doing that out of ignorance, and unintentionally, but that is what she’s doing. I don’t make that statement out of ignorance, Rob. As I’ve stated, it is 100% readily apparent, just as are her service-to-self actions. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO NOW ABOUT HER.

Learning anything else is a waste of energy, and another distraction from Truth. She is doing nothing for the Guardians, other than possibly providing yet another spiritual test. She offers the service-to-self option in contrast to the service-to-others option which is Bitcoin, running on the open source, fully transparent Blockchain. Just as Commander Rhanes tried to explain to you. You must choose one or the other. You apparently have chosen service-to-self. At least in this one instance. It reduces your vibratory rate to do so.

As further evidence of what I’m saying above, I’ll offer this to you. I first learned of the Galactic Codex from you, in fact. What is happening right now is clearly being carried out in accordance with the
Galactic Codex, Section II: The Law of Dividing the Conflicting Parties, which states:

“Each sentient being has an unalienable, and unconditional right to be divided and protected from the negative actions of other sentient beings.”

“This section regulates the conditions in those sections of the universe that have just been liberated from the influence of the Dark Forces but that have not yet been accepted in the Confederation. It requires that the Forces of Light always divide the parties in conflict to protect them from producing mutual harm to each other. Then the Light Forces mediate the conflict until it is resolved. This section is often used to end wars and other armed conflicts.”

We have “just been liberated from the influence of the Dark Forces”, and are now under protective custody of sorts (“mediation”), until we collectively awaken, or reverse the long standing brain washing enough to collectively demand a True Free Will government. Meanwhile, we are being provided a very intelligently crafted ‘Show’ to help us unwind it all, while being protected from the more dangerously programmed at the same time.

Sincere good luck to you, Rob. I am always here if you want to keep batting this around, but I know too clearly what I’ve stated above to be swayed by those with less knowledge. I’m trying to be humble, yet at the same time help you to understand, which is a fine line. As I said, the ego needs to get slapped once in a while.

Is it time for me to tell you that I’m one of the many ascended masters who are here to help? Well, it looks like I just did. It was your request for Truth that led me to contact you. I was sent to you by your Venusian friends. They have problems with the law of Free Will in their teachings to you, which I, as I was born here on the surface of Earth, do not. I can legally say whatever I like, and it’s up to you to resonate with it, or not.


PS – I would like your permission to print our written exchanges to my mailing list. I only have about 350 readers, so it’s not a big deal, but I’d like to get this information out there, and as we’ve already presented it in a nice little linear argument, I’d appreciate your permission to use it. Otherwise, I’ll send it out without using your name. However, it would be more useful to others with your name attached.

———end of email

Although I did not receive this permission, I felt that what I’ve presented here is in accordance with his ardently stated wishes for transparency, and I’ve also not revealed his email address etc.  I thought about changing his name, but as he interviewed me, and put it on youtube, and I felt that that interview was a key part of this full disclosure exercise, there was no secret on the video as to who he is.

On 6/2/2022 at 12:56 PM, “Robert Potter” wrote:

Paul, I respectfully disagree with many of your key points. Much of what you say in my opinion is correct. Your white hat theory is a story you are far to invested in. Again this is my veiw. No need to send me any more messages. I am far to busy. The white hats so far are impotent . These military leaders gradual psy ops ” to prepare people gradually” is a waste of time. Only absolute truth and honesty and transparency will heal this planet. The dragons and all your other secular groups do not have the truth most are aligned against it for their own gain. Lie cheat steAl murder lie deny repeat is their form of liberation.

This transformation is a spiritual wakening period.

I strongly suggest you get busy offering solutions and ideas rather than try lying to convince me or anyone of anything.

 Faith in the creator the truth of God and the divine plan is being implemented in due course. In a very short time the Galactic multi dimensional inter dimensional angel force will present themselves.

My mission is to prepare people for this coming event. I respect your intention 100 percent. I am not aligned with your ideas of how this will occur. EVERYONE WILL DROP TO THEIR KNEES AT THE COMING REVELATION. Pray and forgive is what we must all practice.
God have mercy onus all
With love Rob

——-end of email

Ok Rob, I will respect your wish, and not write again, but I wanted to take a few final seconds to point out that I am the ‘lamb’ (Son of Man) mentioned in the prophecies of the Revelation, so I have a clue as to that which you speak.

“That moment of direct intervention is called the Revelation, and is quite accurately described in a famous, almost 2000 year old vision” – Cobra on Thursday, May 26, 2022

According to some, that makes me the son of Semjasa (called ‘God’ by some), who is an aide to El, and who you mentioned having had contact with in our interview? I believe he is also the leader of the Ashtar Command. There is also a female Aldebaranian out there named Semjase who is Maria Orsic of the Vril Society (1930’s Germany), as well as the secretary of William Tompkins who telepathically passed along designs for intergalactic ships to him in the 50’s and 60’s. She used the name Semjase with Billy Meier in the 70’s. Maybe you were talking about her?

It was also prophesied that no one would believe me.  I don’t blame them, either. You yourself called me a liar. I forgive you. It shouldn’t be too difficult to guess why I have kept this to myself, except in a book I was told to write which no one read, but I am now strongly guided to share it. Apparently the next phase of my mission here, is on deck, and coming shortly.

At the time of the Revelation, only the less gnostic (more fearful), will drop to their knees. Most of them because they don’t understand what is happening, and the rest because they fear that they may not be forgiven for their service to self activities. But dropping to your knees isn’t necessary, nor even much appreciated. It would be much better to know in your own heart that you are 100% pure, and look me straight in the eyes with pride of accomplishment at your service to others, along with mutual respect, and love. That is what this ‘Show’ is all about. Trying to get humanity to realize who they are. They don’t need to bow to anyone.

I am offering the solution, which is to realize that there is no more evil, other than that which is embodied within the fears which continue to thrive in the collective mind of humanity, and therefore manifest. People are programmed to think that actions happen at random, or are dictated by the actions of ‘Them’, and then humans react to those actions of others. That, like almost everything else, is ass backwards. What happens (projection of the illusion) is what you are thinking. You think there is a CABAL…

With the realization that the CABAL is now just as imaginary as is COVID, humanity will thereby manifest a ‘reality’/timeline without those fears, and the Christ consciousness, which is already here, will be recognized, and manifest in the place of all those unwarranted fears. A wise/gnostic move at the moment would be to stop soaking up/generating so much external disinformation, and to start looking within instead.

All of those who are “too invested” in your fears, and fears are always borne of ignorance, will eventually come to this realization, and wisdom. I am just hoping that it will be sooner, rather than later, as I am here living along with you, and would like to bring a quick end to the mutual, and completely unnecessary suffering.

Therefore, I am in full agreement with you on the need for Truth and transparency, however, I have come to recognize the wisdom of not trying to dump that on a deeply brainwashed humanity too quickly. It is not the White Hats who are dictating the pace of this Truth leak/deprogramming. It is the higher density Guardians and Watchers who are doing that. The White Hats are simply, and wisely following their advice. However, I have also gotten to the point of wondering when the mainstream news will start broadcasting Truth.

The awakening is a spiraling energy, and we have hit critical mass. The speed of the Awakening will increase exponentially, and hit a point where the collective mind will flip/flop from the old paradigm to the new, i. e. Compression Breakthrough or Event. This is being sped along by the ingress of high frequency energies which are activating latent DNA.

Forgiveness is definitely a large part of the formula, but this is a time for action, not prayer. That ‘action’ could be mostly mental/psychological. Humans have been programmed to think that all action must be physical/material/holographic. Better to meditate, and be in close contact with your inner guidance/Holy Spirit, and follow that guidance in service to others.

You are the first person I have been guided to share my identity with, and at this particular time. I have a feeling that is because we are approaching the moment of The Event.

Love back atcha, and we’ll see each other before too long, I suspect.


I won’t bother you again, and sincere thanks for this exchange.

—–end of email


So, back to the title of this piece.  I still don’t know who Kim Goguen is.  I have seen some information stating that her version of the QFS won’t work without her DNA.  I find that utterly moronic, and can’t believe that it’s True.  So the financial system for planet earth is dependent upon a single person?  Wouldn’t there be a couple of basic internal control issues if that were the case?  What if she gets sick or dies?  Gets kidnapped?  Hmmm.  I can only hope that is disinfo put out there by her detractors, but I can’t get her to tell me without paying her money.

That brings up the whole UNN thing, and her charging $4.99/month to get information about what she’s purportedly doing.  Are you shitting me?  On the one hand she is telling people that she’s in personal control over what must by now be $ Quatrillions with confiscations from the dead Cabal, but on the other hand she wants the ‘people’ to cough up 5 bucks a month in order to receive information about what she says is their money?

Damn, Kim.  Couldn’t you at least post a free FAQ page?  Dig into the coffers of our money and pull out a few thou so we can be informed?

Q #1 – What is your logic for charging for this information?  Especially in light of your ardently stated support of transparency. 

Q #2 – Is this system really somehow connected to your DNA, and only you can make it function? 

Q #3 – If so, what happens if you get COVID, or the Cabal kidnaps you?  Does the system shut down, and we all starve to death without access to our money?  Or does the Cabal regain control if they have you locked in a cage?

Q #4 – What exactly is meant by “back end of the system?”.  What exactly is this “front end” which has you stymied? 

Q #5 – Do you currently have bank accounts with the central banking system, i. e. Cabal?  If so, how do you reconcile that with your stated positions against the ‘Cabal’ in light of the fact that there is a viable alternative?

That would be a good start.  I’m afraid that my basic adherence to principles won’t allow me to pay for your information.  Yeah, I’ve got 5 bucks, just like I’ve got a pair of ears and a snout, but I’m not gonna strap a piece of cloth over my face either.

Maybe also, you could issue a White Paper, like was done for Bitcoin, which explains your system and how it works?  Wouldn’t that be a normal, and prudent first step for the complete control over the earth’s single financial system?  Transparency?  How much would you charge us for that?  Why not go ahead and post that on your free FAQ page?  Just a few thoughts here, Kim.  I know you’ve only had ten years to figure out such basics, though, and with so few resources available to you.

Rob kept passing along the complaint from her, apparently, that the White Hats are blocking her ability to give the money back to the people.  All in all, it seems pretty obvious that this QFS has some pretty basic defects.  We’re not even sure if it’ll work.  Are we just supposed to cross over to an untested system from one day to the next? 

I know!  Let’s just teach the world how to use the time-tested Bitcoin system on the uncontrolled Blockchain, and give everyone a million bucks in BTC. 

End of problem.

I do know who Paul Seymour is, and he will pass along an old piece of advice – “Know Thy Self”.

Foy Pour Devoir

For anyone who is still interested in financial matters, my viewpoint has remained consistent over the past six years.  I followed my own advice, and am doing quite well.  Simply stated, it calls for your Free Will withdrawal from the evil Babylonian money/debt/slavery system, and instead joining in with a system Free of control and manipulation.

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. – Martin Luther King

Do you still have an account with the bankster baby-rapers? That means Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, UBS, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Barclays, Sun, Santander etc. etc. Any of them.

We are in a world war against evil. The banksters are at the tip of the spear of that evil. Aiding & abetting the enemy is TREASON. 

For more details, you can read here – in addition to some follow up articles.  You can request those from me directly by replying to this mail-out, if you didn’t already receive them, and are interested.