The following is my English interpretation of Keidy’s verbal rendition of her experiences leading up to, and including the mass meditation on December 21, 2021. We worked very hard together on this to make sure that all of the details got spelled out completely and correctly, and exactly as Keidy remembered them. I added some comments, which are indented.

Keidy’s story starts here: I found myself having significant dreams, or maybe more correctly stated, visions for three nights straight in December 2021. These three nights happened to fall just prior to the mass meditation which had been organized for the purpose of invoking Intervention by the Galactic Confederation. It was planned for the winter solstice from 10:00am – 10:20, local time, on December 21st, 2021.

The first two visions were quite brief, and occurred on the nights of December 18th & 19th, while I was asleep, maybe around midnight or a bit after. On both occasions, I started ‘dreaming’ and found myself on the ‘other side’. In these extremely life-like ‘dreams’, or visions, I was looking at myself from some other perspective. I was seeing my 3D self from the perspective of my Higher Self, it seemed. At least that’s what it felt like to me.

Those first two nights, the only thing I saw was my 3D material body, which was levitating horizontally from my 6D perspective. It was the only thing I could see. As though I were in a pitch black room, and there was a bright spot light shining only on my body. Then I saw myself rise upwards in three very distinct movements. After rising upwards in these three distinct movements, then, as though I blinked my eyes, my 3D body returned to the same initial position, and the upward movements repeated three times once again. This happened 3 times, on each night of the 18th and 19th. Nothing else happened on those two nights. Only this brief vision of my body rising upwards in three stages, pausing momentarily between each upward motion, then repeating this little ceremony two more times.

It is only a guess, but these three rising motions, occurring three times on each night, may represent 3D Keidy rising upwards back through three densities to her 6D Higher Self. After two nights of this apparent symbolism, and on the third night, she had a much more significant experience.

The most significant vision, by far, occurred on the night of the 20th. On that night I was feeling restless, and wasn’t at all sleepy, until suddenly I felt as though I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I then fell immediately back into those previous visions from the 18th & 19th. I was again looking at my 3D self from the perspective of my Higher Self. Again, my 3D self seems to be levitating, yet there is no other ‘matter’ in sight. I can’t see anything other than my lower, 3D self, which appears as the only light in an otherwise dark nothingness.

On the 20th, though, just after my material body passed through these three distinct upward movements, three times yet again, it then rotated to a vertical position. The body seemed to be quite relaxed, as it appeared to be ‘asleep’. Then I suddenly ‘heard’ voices. It was as though my Higher Self was having a conference, while my 3D self was there as a witness, and listening subconsciously.

It is a confusing state to be in. Looking at yourself from a different realm. My 6D self viewing my 3D self, and me remembering the vision from the perspective of my 6D self. It also seemed to me that my Higher Self acts like a shield so that my lower vibratory body can withstand the intensely high vibration of these other visiting beings, and the Higher Self also seems to act as a translator, as my 3D self doesn’t understand the language being spoken.

Apparently, then, these visiting beings are vibrating at an even higher rate than the 6D Higher Self.

However, after awakening, I consciously recall with complete understanding everything which was said, here on this side of the veil. Again, confusing, and difficult to articulate. I feel as though I have merged with my Higher Self, and have always felt that way throughout this incarnation. The difference being that before my recent spiritual awakening in this incarnation as Keidy, I had always felt that these voices were coming to me through my great grandmother, and grandmother. I was very close to them in my childhood, but they are no longer physically here with us on this side of the veil at the moment. At some point within the past few months, these voices have suddenly become who I’ll call The Nine, as I have no other name for them. Paul has now explained that these beings also appear in visions of others, and they have become known as The Council of Nine, or just The Nine by many of them.

To try and make it even more clear, I believe that these conversations have always been with The Nine. For example, I have always had the sensation of a very intense energy coming from the direction of these ‘voices’, be they perceived as coming from my great grandmother & grandmother, or The Nine. However, as I had no concept of higher density beings previously, they appeared to me as my great grandmother and grandmother, in order to make me feel more comfortable, I sense. Since meeting Paul, they have now started to appear to me as The Nine, as I have remembered about higher density beings, and our multidimensional reality, and I no longer receive messages from my great grandmother nor grandmother anymore.

With that background now stated, I feel strongly that these were the same voices I heard on the nights of the 18th & 19th, of the nine beings which I have met with ‘visually’ in other night visits over the past few months. I started to ‘see’ The Nine after the very psychic night of June 12th explained previously, and it was also after the visions of the battle on the Moon, or other desolate looking place, which took place within the last few months, and also explained previously. Recall that during this ‘vision’ of a battle, I actually suffered physical damage to my 3D body during this ‘other side’ experience, which may indicate that I am getting closer to the moment when this 3D body will merge into 5D, on the other side of the veil.

Getting back to the dream of the 20th, I suddenly rotated horizontally once again. The Nine said – “The time has come for you to become a shield”, at which time I suddenly felt their hands and long fingers taking a ball of light out of my left rib cage, as they told me that it had been stored there to increase both my level of energy, and my vibratory rate. They went on to tell me that when they healed my hip & knee after being wounded in the battle, that they inserted this little ‘light pearl’.

They told me – “We have chosen you, and the time has come to spread this energy throughout your entire being”. I then felt them remove the ball (‘pearl’) of light from my ribs, and place it above my body, about 2-3 inches up from the navel, and below the solar plexus, at the center of my being. The light was then activated, and it enveloped my entire body as the pearl was popped by the palm of a hand at that point between the navel and solar plexus. When that happened, I felt an electromagnetic surge of energy, and unimaginable emotion, in addition to incredible warmth and love overcome my heart.

I couldn’t sense how many light beings there were, but my Higher Self told me there were nine of them. They told me as they were wrapping up, that I would act as a shield for those participating in the upcoming mass meditation, so that the dark forces couldn’t intervene in, nor disrupt the positive energy of the meditation. They told me that I’d have my own shield, which, at the time, I didn’t understand. I now understand that Paul was my shield during the meditation.

As a side note, during the meditation, it seemed like everyone in the neighborhood suddenly decided to cut their grass, including along the road, right underneath our 2nd floor window, and run their chainsaws nearby as well. It was laughable, the ‘coincidence’ of that timing. I was at Keydi’s side on the bed, we were holding hands, and I couldn’t really concentrate well, but I saw at around 10:15 that Keydi was in a deep trance with tears running down her face.

I also liked the ‘coincidence’ of the Cobra post, which we read the following day. It was posted on Dec 21st at 10:26am, I guess that was the time in his time zone, which just so happened to coincide exactly with the time which Keydi was in her trance, in our time zone. That would have been after the mass meditation ended at 10:20, but while she was still in the trance. The report stated that “GR+ and DREAMLAND v0.0 had both activated.”

“GR”, I feel, is the newly transformed, high vibratory Keydi, and the “+” is the special seed she now carries since June 12th. On DREAMLAND, since the meditation I have felt as though some of my dreams are actually geared towards educational purposes of others, rather than being my ‘normal’ dreams. It is like a telepathic communication. You can tell it is different from your normal thoughts, and coming from some place else. I can similarly tell that these dreams are different, too.

A similar Cobra posting ‘coincidence’ occurred on December 7th, the day which I sent out my essay related to the mass meditation, and many other matters. On that day Cobra posted that “PGR+ minimum requirements were met”. Also that day, a flower bush which Keydi had recently transplanted, and which had all white flowers, suddenly sprouted a single pink flower, which we both noted internally as being related to the happiness of the angels with the release of that essay. We both also felt euphoric that day, but didn’t have any particular reason for feeling that way.

I feel that PGR+ represents Keydi (GR+) and me (PBS) merged into a single operational unit.

On Jan 2, the December report mentioned that all three were operational, GR+, PGR+ and DREAMLAND v 0.1, into which MASTERPIECE had been merged.

After they had finished everything, they told me that all of this would take place mentally. At the time I didn’t understand this message either. Now I do. Prior to the meditation, Paul had given me a sheet of paper, in Spanish, of the meditation instructions. Part of the instructions called for us to say certain things out loud.

I indeed did say those things out loud, and was in fact, wondering why she wasn’t, but obviously said nothing at the time.

Paul had put on a meditation induction CD at 9:50 with it set to turn off at 10:00 am. I remember the CD turning off, and I almost immediately went into the trance. I don’t remember Paul saying anything out loud, and I was unable to do so. Therefore, I now understand the previous message – “All will occur mentally”. When they told me that all would occur mentally, the entire message was this – “All will occur mentally, you have the strength, you have the faith, and we will be with you. You can now return.”

I immediately then woke up in bed. It seemed like it was around 3am on the 21st.

Mass Meditation Day

On the morning of December 21 I was feeling quite nervous. That morning we were also guided to look at the white flower bush, and noted that it had now sprouted two pink flowers. Paul also related a story in which he felt similarly nervous 4 years earlier while visiting the Philippines, also for the winter solstice meditation. I knew I had a big responsibility, but wasn’t sure how to carry it out. I was ready for anything, and hoped I would cut the mustard.

As I noted above, at 9:50 the meditation induction CD was turned on, and it turned off at 10am. When the CD went off, so did I. I felt completely outside of either time or space, but I can’t find the words. I also didn’t care, as I was in a completely other state of mind. Once again I was watching my 3D self through the eyes of my Higher Self. At first I saw a spot of violet light in the distance. My body was emitting a soft vibration. The violet light was drawing nearer. When it got close, and was quite large, it was overhead, and enveloped the entire ‘sky’.

As I was watching myself, my point of view suddenly switched from the Higher Self, to my 3D self, and I was shown myself as a fully formed embryo, with umbilical cord etc. The embryo (me) was laughing really hard, which I felt completely throughout my being. This laughing tiny me just kept laughing harder and harder, which kept increasing my vibration. While this was happening, the violet light was now rapidly changing colors, and became extremely bright, and intense.

I was then shown myself during all of the cycles of my life. I saw myself in five different stages – as a baby, as a little girl, in puberty, in adolescence, and in my old age. The bright, ever changing light, then became more concentrated, and formed into a smaller ball which became extremely bright, and dropped down in front of my current 3D self. These girls and women, representing the various other cycles of my life, then held each other by the hand, and formed a circle. The bright, rapidly changing ball of multi-colored light, with me in front of it, were then both encircled by the girls & women representing these 5 cycles of my life. The ball of light was approximately the same size as me.

Then the 5 girls and women; baby, small girl, pubescent girl, adolescent girl, and old woman, all started to twist left and right while still holding hands. I was then telepathically requesting intervention on Earth by the light beings, which was the whole point of the mass meditation. I was forming a bigger and bigger shield of light for each person who was participating in the meditation. For each person who entered the meditation, I was protecting them from any interference from any outside forces. Strangely I could see everything that was happening everywhere around the universe.

I heard people requesting Freedom, love, and many other things. This collective request was deafening, and I couldn’t make it all out individually, but rather as a group of like minded beings all wanting major improvements. My heart became overwhelmed with emotion. I could see the sun, and all of the galaxies, all of the planets in the universe, everything, as though they were all right there with me. I can’t explain how all of the rays of light were spreading to all of the beings in the universe who were all requesting different things.

The ball of light was receiving these requests from around the universe. This ball of light then sent out its energies back to each participant, with that light first passing through my body. These participants, remember, were all inside the circle formed by the five other me-s, as they held hands around all of us creating a protective barrier. This isn’t easy for me to describe. I’ve never experienced anything like this before, or at least I can’t recall such an experience, and our language isn’t quite equipped to describe such events.

The rays emitted by the ball of ever-changing light, were extremely bright. From point to point, each point seemingly representing a different planet in the universe which was meditating for the liberation of Earth, the rays of light were bouncing around to each of them, seemingly uniting them as One. After this energy/light bounced around from point to point for a while, increasing in energetic force all the while, it finally reached an energetic peak, forming multiple diamonds of light of a sort, then suddenly and finally concentrated into a single beam of light which exited the circle, and headed for Earth.

I actually saw the liberation of the hearts, and felt the force of the spirits of every living being on the planet, combined with the energetic forces of Mother Earth, the rays of the sun, and all of its strength, both giving love, and healing to the suffering souls, which had occurred during so many millennia of ignorance and darkness, as I then saw this light reach the surface of the Earth, and disappear below, as it penetrated.

It was somehow spreading spiritual liberation, filling everyone with love, and brotherhood, and offering hope. I could see many beings below the surface, but only their silhouettes. They were laughing, crying, dancing, and I could hear all of the great happiness of all the worlds around the universe which were within my field of vision, or I should say, those who were participating in the mass meditation, and under my protection, and who had just received this wonderful energy.

I have both written, and then read, and re-written, and again re-read this document innumerable times. When Keydi first told me about all of this, and then every time I have read, and re-read about the beings of Inner Earth “laughing, crying and dancing” I never cease to feel a strong surge of emotion in my heart. I somehow feel very close to them down there. I reckon that one day soon, I’ll remember exactly why, but I already have a vague notion that they have suffered even more than humanity has on the surface, and are ever more aware of that suffering, too.

This liberation will be greatly celebrated down there, and Keydi has had visions of me doing some sort of crazy “celebration dance”, which always makes her smile widely when she envisions it. When I asked her to describe it, she would only say – “it’s beautiful, my love, and very contagious.” That also gives me a surge of emotion, and I can’t wait to actually do it, and be joined by billions in the unbridled joy I can sense coming from it.

Then, with a single thunder clap, all of this energy arrived all at once at the center of Mother Earth. At that moment all of the girls & women representing the cycles of my life entered into the brilliant ball of light in front of me. I remained standing in front of it. That was the moment in which the mass meditation ended, but I still remained there, on the ‘other side’, and I could feel the intense energies of The Nine then getting close to me. I could feel that many other beings were also getting closer.

I heard the voices of The Nine telling me – “The objective was accomplished. Now the moment of your healing has arrived. Look into the ball of light in front of you. See your life.” I could see all of the stages of my life within the light. I could feel all of the pain I have ever felt during my entire life. I saw my father punishing me. I could also clearly feel the pain of the separation from him when he abandoned the family when I was around age twelve, even though he wasn’t that great of a father.

I further recalled each moment where I had punished myself for a lack of perfection, which was frequently. I recalled other painful events in my life, but which I don’t want to relive right now by sharing. Although The Nine liberated me from those scars, I can choose to relive them again, or leave it all in the ‘past,’ and live in the present moment. I choose to live in the present moment.

I went through this reliving process for what seemed like a good while (at least in space/time), then I recall that an immense ‘crowd’ of lights suddenly arrived, which then converted into silhouettes, but highly resplendent ones. They were mostly behind me, with a few in front. I couldn’t really see how many, but it felt as though it was a huge crowd. I could sense the crowd’s energies building, and then with the sensation of something like a strong gust of wind, I suddenly felt all of those prior pains blow away into oblivion.

Then I felt completely like my authentic self, the way I should have always felt, with all of those painful psychological scars wiped away. I was completely unburdened, and Free. It was WONDERFUL. I was radiating a huge amount of energy, and felt so completely full of love. I touched my face with my hands, and closed my eyes, as I walked over and grabbed the sphere of light with both hands. When I felt the sphere in my hands, I opened my eyes.

I then saw myself like never before. So absolutely euphoric, and emitting an unbelievable radiance, like a goddess. I was so completely surprised to see myself so beautiful. Not like I really am at the moment, here on Earth. I saw a body that was perfectly proportioned, and voluptuous, my hair was a silky jet black, with a perfect fullness reaching all the way to the small of my back, with a slight waviness. My skin was perfectly moist and smooth, with a radiant cinnamon color. My hands were so delicate and smooth, and I had the feeling that they were designed to pass along love and affection to anything they touched. Lips of perfect color. I felt as though I needed zero cosmetic assistance nor make up etc. The most important aspect was the radiating energy and light coming from within. You get the picture…It felt great to see myself that way, and I can’t wait to be her again later.

As I stood there feeling so absolutely perfect, The Nine then came over to me and gave me a group hug, as one of them said to me – “Now you are Free. You can go now, he is waiting for you.”

Side note: I have noticed that in Keydi’s visions they often talk about me, and always refer to me as “el” (“he” in Spanish), and never by any name. Knowing how they like to use word games, it reminds me that the ancient, or ‘elder race’ are often referred to as the Els, which further reminds me of the names of the archang-els – Micha-el, Razi-el, Gabri-el, Rapha-el, Phanu-el etc. Back to Keidy –

I also want to point out here, that I saw myself in that very special, and beautiful light green dress that I received in the package we received in late September. The dress which we received by surprise, without ever ordering it, and which fit me so perfectly, as though it had been tailor made just for me.

It is a sensual and luxurious dress, and very soft. Like silk. The more we remember about the Isis energies, the more we realize that this dress fits the lifestyle of a representative of the Goddess energies here on Earth.

I thought it would be a good idea to include a photo.

I think that any reasonable person can see that this was not bought by mail order. Yet it arrived in a large package with many other items we had bought via Amazon, and had accumulated in a warehouse before being delivered to Area 504. I even went back and carefully reviewed the invoices on my Amazon account, and confirmed that we never bought it. It is still a huge mystery as to how we received it in that package, though. She’s 4’10-1/2″, weighs between 85 and 90 pounds, and wears something like size negative one, so finding clothes is very difficult, even when attempting to buy in person. Receiving a dress which fits her so perfectly by random chance, is, well, stupid to even contemplate.

Whoever slipped this into that package knows her size perfectly, and also wanted to send a nice gift. Who had the capability and desire to intercept this package, and insert a high quality, tailor made dress? The Resistance Movement? Ancient ascended Mayans? Pleiadians? Templars? The Nine? We haven’t the foggiest, but have enjoyed contemplating the mystery of it all. Does the color perfectly enhance her aura? Thanks to whoever you are, for EVERYTHING. We are constantly feeling a great deal of gratitude. Back to the meditation –

Then they grabbed the sphere of light, tossed it into the air, and it formed a rainbow. Below the rainbow, I could see Paul waiting for me. He was also the most beautiful I had ever seen him, with his eyes the color of a radiant sky. He was wearing a white tunic, and smiling widely. His chakras were extremely bright and pulsating as was the golden halo over his head. They were all spinning extremely rapidly in a clockwise direction. I especially noticed that the crown chakra was spinning so fast that I couldn’t make out any one particular color. I can only recall the extreme brightness, and a seeming blur of multiple colors.

His hair was long, very full, and also very white. It seemed as soft as dry powdery snow, as it was billowing in a warm breeze. His beard was similarly thick, long and white, and seemed like an extension of his hair, all the way down to his navel. This overall combination of the length and extreme fullness instantly reminded me of the mane of a lion. His body also had a muscularity that was something other than exactly human. His entire musculoskeletal structure was a bit too thick to be exactly human. A bit too imposing, maybe, and difficult to describe other than to say; lion-like.

Another side note. It had been a very uneventful meditation for me, as compared to others I’ve participated in. The only message I had received was – “Nothing matters anymore.” This message came associated with a strong feeling of serenity. It wasn’t at all a give up, and roll over type of message. Just the opposite. It felt much more like – “Mission accomplished. The desired timeline has been achieved, and there’s nothing more to be done right now. Just relax, and enjoy the show until further notice.” If I was acting as a shield for Keydi, I was doing so subconsciously at the Higher Self level. Consciously, I only received the one message, as I performed the requested visualizations, and made the scripted requests for intervention NOW, as I did my best to ignore the weed-eaters and chain saws, which are rarely used in this neighborhood.

As I couldn’t concentrate well, and it was after 10:20, the designated time for the meditation to end, I had gotten out of the bed, and had left Keydi to come out of the trance when she was ready. I was, indeed, watching her from a few feet away, and smiling widely, with the complete knowing that something wonderful was happening with her. When she opened her eyes, I went over to the bed, and hugged her very warmly, as we both felt strong, and wonderful emotions, and both had tears in our eyes. I just laughed out loud with that inner knowing that something really special had just happened, and we were both a bit overcome for a couple of minutes.

We both then suddenly realized that her hair had been burned during this experience. It had been a lustrous, jet black going into the meditation. Now the ends, at least the last two inches on the back, were clearly dried out, frayed, and had changed to a maroon color. It wasn’t the first time that had happened, it was also thus after the battle, but this time, it has not repaired itself as it did previously, six weeks later as I write this. Back to Keydi-

I remember now that we were each wearing a mer-ka-ba around our necks, and Paul’s hands were also radiating brilliant, and multicolored energy wheels, similar to chakras. I couldn’t make out his feet.

I felt myself sliding down the rainbow, but without any friction. More of a glide through the medium, whatever it was (electromagnetic energy, I presume). As I approached the bottom, where Paul was, I suddenly saw a small spark of light ignite to my right side, and it took the form of a large male lion. I heard it roar from deep within, over and over again. This lion then glided down the rainbow alongside me. I noticed that it was wearing some sort of special, energetic whistle. Not easy to describe.

The lion reminds me also of the elder race, as well as of the Sphinx in Egypt, and the special package which has been hidden beneath it by Thoth/Hermes, I think, and which has been “hermetically sealed.”

Personally, I think the whistle represents the mission of Keydi and me, which is to awaken humanity.

At the midpoint of the rainbow, I saw The Nine rising upwards. As they were rising they said to the both of us – “We have chosen you. You’re the perfect couple. Together, you’re more than perfect. Now you’ll be the Protectors of the Earth.” Paul came over and took my right hand. I noted that he had a very full head of thick, long white hair, and an even longer and more full white beard. In fact, he reminded me of the lion, and I had the feeling that the lion somehow represented his spirit.

When he came over and took my right hand, the brilliantly multicolored energy wheels spinning rapidly around his hands shot up his arms, and to his head (together, more than perfect?). The lion was standing between us. The lion then seemed to become a part of us, as the three of us looked upwards, and heard the voices saying – “we’ll be with you every moment, every step of the way.”

With a single whoosh, the vibration/energy of The Nine disappeared upwards. At that moment I woke up, and Paul came over to me.

When Keydi told me that she saw all of the brilliantly colored chakras around me, I asked her if she saw the same around her? She said “no, all I saw around me was a brilliant white light radiating outwards.” She said this with the body language of slight disappointment, as though she must be at a lower level without all of the pretty colored lights around her like I had. I informed her that radiating a white light, and not having visible chakras, probably indicates that she is a 6D being, as when we get our chakras perfectly balanced the colors all merge into a white light. She finds this hard to believe, as she views me as her more knowledgeable teacher.

I reminded her that I’m not teaching her anything. I’m simply reminding her of what she already knows, and at the rate she is remembering, she will soon catch up to me, and pass me. I said that when she does, she will start to really teach me new things that I don’t already know. She giggled shyly. I said, so you won’t teach me? She meekly said, “but you’re teaching me.” So I reminded her again, that I am simply reminding her of things she already knows.

It must be why she could wait until the final minute to awaken during late 2021. She is so much more knowledgeable, that she can awaken and remember so much more quickly than I could. I had to awaken earlier, and take on more risk of being spotted by the darkies, and retaliated against.

I was guided to send this out to a few key contacts in early February of 2022. It was quite an unbelievable message in those days, and probably caused a few eyes to roll, but it seemed important to The Boyz. A couple of days later, on February 12, 2022 I received a telepathic message that this story had gotten into the right hands, and had had the hoped for effect. Whatever that was. On that day, the flower bush sprouted its third pink flower, and again, we felt extremely blissful.

By the way, these flowers only last two or three days on the bush. When I refer to one, then a second, and then a third, I mean that the bush for the first time ever on December 7th, had a pink flower. Then on the 21st, for the first time ever had two, and then related to this story, for the first time ever, had three.