I wanted to share this link with this particular group of spiritually adept people.  At least I’m assuming that if you haven’t unsubscribed after reading my recent posts, then you are resonating with this stuff.  

This message resonates in my particular illusion as Truth, and maybe it will also for you.  Click here. https://5dearthproject.com/operation-freedom-earth-pleiadian-light-forces-planetary-crown-chakra-opens/ Although I don’t typically prefer using all caps, and the exclamation point as the sole form of punctuation, the content is the important part, and it’s very relevant, and important at the moment, so I wanted to share it with people who might not otherwise stumble across it.

By the way, has anyone else out there been feeling an itchiness on the crown of their head as they awaken in the morning?  I intuitively felt that it was prana rushing in.  It’s a new thing for me, and seems to be happening with increasing frequency as I seem to be getting closer to experiencing a reunion between my conscious and subconscious minds.

I also wanted to share my own little story related to this information, which you will understand after you’ve read the info at the link.

My own personal stepping stone to this final ascension hurdle is about to occur, as I am running out of bankster scrip, and no one around here has yet realized that they can bypass the evil, baby-raping parasites, and just accept bitcoin directly for their goods & services.  Next door in El Salvador, they have, but not yet here in Honduras.  

Opening an account with the bankster pile of shit is not an option for me, and I assure you, won’t happen.  Meanwhile, the Universe has been throwing every obstacle at me in order to stop me from gaining access to the filthy paper without working directly with the criminals, and I will run out fairly soon.  That, even though according to my records, I’m reasonably well off as it turns out.  Fortunately I heeded the advice of my guiding angels/higher self/god, as you prefer, back in 2016, in addition to maintaining faith during each subsequent ‘crash’ (hahahaha) of BTC over the past five years.

On this secondary topic, related to the financial system, and although I’ve all but stopped watching almost all sources of ‘intel’ over the past 2-3 months, I was just recently guided to learn that Simon Parkes is still insisting that Bitcoin (BTC) is a CIA/CCP creation.  If he has evidence, there is absolutely no reason at this point to not present it.  Since he won’t, I’m wondering if the unsupported smear is some sort of reverse psychology which he is employing for some good reason, because Simon seems to be way too intelligent to make such an irrational, and illogical statement.   Therefore, I started to wonder if he is part of ‘The Plan’, and is serving in some particular Great Awakening role.

I mean, if the CIA and the CCP created BTC, as he says, in order to maintain, or even increase their control over humanity, they seem to have really screwed up.  I say that, as it’s designed to do just the opposite, and in fact, seems to be on the verge of breaking through to reach the Joe Sixpack critical mass, and make the bankster scum completely irrelevant, despite these types of unsupported smear campaigns.

If the CIA and the CCP really created BTC for some purpose which would be beneficial to them, then just when does Simon propose that they might capitalize on this clever ruse?  After they’ve been completely wiped out, I suppose?  They’ve been getting their asses handed to them, according to Simon and others, for the past two to three years.  I should think that yesterday would’ve be a good time for them to initiate their dastardly plan related to BTC, if they ever think they will be able to capitalize on their nefarious intentions.  I think that is just basic common sense, and logical thinking, isn’t it?

One of the more recent of the numerous propaganda smears made by this QFS/Iraqi Dinar crowd, is that “the miners” were operating underground over in China.  On that subject, Ben Fulford, in his October 4 report, stated that those underground bases were flooded, and apparently there were tens of thousands of Taiwanese soldiers down there running those particular servers.  According to Ben, they were “cryptocurrency servers”, not necessarily BTC servers.  So maybe they took out some Deep State cryptos, which are not BTC.

I speak in the past tense regarding those soldiers because apparently they’re all dead now, but no one has yet reported how tens of thousands of Taiwanese soldiers ended up running such a huge operation under China, nor the political ramifications of that.  Then, of course, after this attack on the cryptocurrency mining servers under China, the BTC conversion rate related to the bankster scrips around the world started to increase rather dramatically.  More of that dratted ‘volatility’, I suppose.  So much for the “Chinese miners”/CCP-control-over-BTC disinfo campaign.  I wonder what they’ll come up with next?

With a minute or two of research, one could find out that the CCP has been working against BTC for many years.  A few years ago they even tried to make BTC illegal, until they discovered that they had no control over it, and couldn’t enforce their tyrannical laws.  Fulford, who recently quoted Simon Parkes as being a source, also now reports that China has again made all cryptocurrencies illegal.  So, yeah, they probably created BTC, for sure.  Makes sense. 

That highlights, though, another reason why BTC is so morally superior to the evil bankster scrip, and the proposed QFS, for that matter.  It isn’t, nor can it ever be, controlled by anyone.  The decentralization of the blockchain system, the inability to ‘print’ in to inflation (create more digital coins), and immediate reconciliation of the ledger on millions of servers worldwide, makes it above anyone’s control.  They can’t even arrest anyone, nor blow up any HQ and shut it down, which really pisses them off, and also highlights its inability to be controlled.

In addition to that piece of news, it only takes another 90 seconds or so of research in order to understand that anyone can be a BTC miner, and that, in fact, ‘miners’ (those who confirm transactions, and are compensated with newly issued BTC) are operating in over a hundred different countries around the world. So why be so concerned about a few miners operating under China?  One can also look at the open source blockchain, and see 100% transparency, including every single transaction that has ever been carried out in BTC.  Of course, without names, to protect our basic human right to personal privacy.

Can we say that the QFS is equally transparent?  I’m afraid that we can’t even learn the basics about what the QFS even is proposed to be, other than that some wondrous new computer, programmed by unknown entities, will decide what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and have control over all transactions.  AI & transhumanism anyone?  Anyone who is smearing BTC with unsupported disinfo, at this point has to be suspect, I think.  It sounds like this proposed ‘Reset’ that the QFS/Iraqi Dinar crowd are so excited about, may actually be a back door sneak attack by the banksters themselves in order to salvage their lost control.

Think about it.  If you were the banksters, and saw your whole world imploding, might you not want to introduce a new system (secret, of course) run by your own miraculous quantum computer, programmed by your own people, and which has the ability to control all transactions around the world?  I’m just speculating here, because that’s all we can do regarding the super-secret QFS.  I suppose it’s a matter of national/international security?  I think we’ve heard that excuse somewhere before, too.

For those who think we must have a financial system that is controlled by a few ‘benevolent’ chaps in order to fight crime, I don’t know if I should laugh at your ignorance, or cry in the face of it.  Let me inform you that we had some infractions occurring prior to 2009 when BTC, and the blockchain it runs on were introduced.  Those crimes were being carried out in US dollars, Euros, Yen, pesos of all colors, and all of the other baby raper scrips too.  

No one cried for the end of those currencies that I recall, but a disgusting percentage of people have readily accepted a financial system in which everyone is considered to be a money launderer (criminal) until proven innocent, as they accept those terms, and pay absurd fees, for shitty service, and in complicit support of heinous criminals.

That is not how you fight crime in a Free society.  When people are, for example, trafficking children, you find evidence of trafficking children.  Like you can see here, for example.  https://benjaminfulford.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Video-for-Mondays-newsetter.mp4?_=2

That’s how you catch criminals.  Not by restricting everyone’s Freedom, and personal privacy.

We will not be accepting any financial system which allows for any control over our transactions in the name of fighting crime, or anything else.  In a Free society, the financial system allows for anonymity, and basic personal privacy, and yes, the criminals can also use it.  There is no such thing as partial Freedom.  There is either complete Freedom for all, or there is no Freedom at all for anyone.

We will just have to replace the current clowns, and get competent, and non-corrupt police to catch criminals, by obtaining evidence of their crimes.  That will not include any financial system which makes everyone a criminal until proven innocent, nor one that prevents anyone from using their own money in any way they want to.

This is all stuff which I covered in great detail in my 9 page essay back in March or April, which you can read again here https://cyclesof7.com/2021/05/10/quantum-financial-system-bitcoin-or-bankster-pedo-scrip/

Regarding Simon, who I otherwise respect and admire quite a bit, I can only speculate as to his game regarding the BTC disinfo, and support for the covert, and very sketchy sounding QFS.  I do believe that he is a service to others guy.  He has also made it very public that he comes from a line of MI5/6 spies.  MI5 & MI6 are bankster formed and run organizations, by the way.  Just like the CIA.  They have some decent people within their ranks, here and there, but are not ‘benevolent’ agencies by any stretch of the imagination.  

I think it should be obvious to the readers of this document, that there is a very well organized ‘Plan’ under way with at least one objective being to help people recognize that there really is a Fake News network, run by people who want to control the world.  Like MI5, MI6 and the CIA, in fact.  Part of the Plan is to make sure that humanity awakens to this fact.  I would take that a step further and say that a service to others guy like Simon, with a spy background, might be happy to take on a role in helping with that Plan, and that the ultimate goal of this Plan is spiritual in nature.

As the Teacher known as Jesus, and many other spiritual adepts have pointed out forever – All you will ever need is found within you.  Maybe the current Plan being acted out, with obvious and increasingly absurd, and therefore unbelievable disinfo being reported by everyone, will finally convince humanity to stop looking outside themselves for Truth.  If you tune out this external info (including what you’re reading right now), and connect with your own Higher Self, you will have instant access to Truth 24/7.  

So, good job Simon on that obvious disinfo related to the financial system, and especially regarding BTC.  Maybe the obvious absurdity of what you’re saying will help people to finally wake up to the fact that it’s all disinfo, and tune out all sources of external information, and take up meditation instead.  

At some point very soon, people will be waking up to their co-creative powers, which is also a Simon Parkes message, and one which I agree with.  However, I don’t know how he can recommend that you keep your bankster scrip, and thereby support the heinous criminals, rather than switch to BTC, which is owned by no one.  That is clearly a service to self action.  Maybe he is helping to separate the wheat from the chaff?

That is a nice segue back to the primary purpose of this communication, which is to link to some very relevant spiritual info, which resonates as Truth in my particular illusion.  Maybe it also will in yours.

I also want to share my own personal experience which is related to this message.  In my particular case, the message is to not worry about the inability to garner bankster scrip, and to again have faith, and to know deep in my heart & soul that I will not starve to death in the street due to any lack of colored paper.  Although I have had this experience already twice during this incarnation, it was nice to be reminded that all will be fine again, this third time.  In fact, things are about to get unbelievably good.

I’m sure that you will have a different threshold to cross.  For my girlfriend it was quitting her job/slavery, and stepping a bit farther away from her family, who seem determined to continue vibrating at a 3D rate, although she still loves them dearly.  She then went through a very rapid transformation, including Kundalini in the past couple of weeks.

I look forward to seeing all of you in a much better place, and very soon.  One where no financial system is required due to the high technology that will be available, in addition to your own newly discovered co-creative powers.  I Truly recommend that you tune out all external info sources, and go inward.  The Truth is all there.

Foy Pour Devoir

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. – Martin Luther King

Do you still have an account with the bankster baby-rapers? That means Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, UBS, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Barclays, Sun, Santander etc. etc. Any of them.

We are in a world war against evil. The banksters are at the tip of the spear of that evil. Aiding & abetting the enemy is TREASON.