In line with my most recent calls to stop paying so much attention to outside sources of information, and to look inwards for Truth instead, I would like to call your attention to a very important planned event designed to support both of the following worthy goals; 1) Aid you in a quest to find Truth inside yourself, and 2) Aid all of humanity at the same time.

Never fear, I’ve also tied in the radically changing financial world below as well.  You can’t separate these topics anymore.  I hope you can see that, now that the incoming electromagnetic energies from the central galactic sun have been kick-starting certain portions of our latent DNA, and transforming humanity as predicted by so many ancient cultures to happen at this time (recall that time isn’t actually linear, the way we perceive it).  These energies are activating that portion of our DNA which the mainstream ‘scientists’ call “junk DNA”…

What is Meditation?

First, I’d like to give you a brief introduction to what meditation actually is, and the ‘scientific’ basis to explain its benefits.  Benefits which accrue not only to yourself, but to all others as well, since we are all an interconnected one.  Let’s start with the well known fact that the material universe is comprised principally of intelligent electromagnetic energy.  That energy is what forms itself into holographic images which we call matter.  The photon is the most basic building block of the material universe.  

‘Scientific’ experiments have proven that the result of an experiment depends upon who is observing it.  That is because the illusion created by our minds is unique to each of us, so the ‘result’ is biased/affected by the thoughts and beliefs of the observer.  At the same time, the thoughts and beliefs of any observer are influenced by the collective awareness/beliefs/consciousness of all humanity.  Hence the ‘Information War’ to control humanities’ collective thoughts, and beliefs.

It is also common knowledge in the scientific community that electrons, and other subatomic building block particles exist as both wave and ‘matter’.  Simultaneously.  Don’t strain a ligament in your skull on that right now.  Just plant that seed for the moment.  Linear time is also a fictitious element of this holographic illusion we create.  There really is no past nor future, just a long present moment, playing out in extremely slow motion, as perceived by our 3/4D outer senses.

The bottom line is this, humanity creates its own illusion as a very high tech little classroom, for learning spiritual lessons.  What happens on this plane, though, also has implications on other planes.  This illusion/classroom is created primarily by the human collective mind, which also emits electromagnetic waves, which then communicate with the electromagnetic soup within which we swim, and which we know as the ‘material universe’.  

Furthermore, it is also common knowledge among the educated, that we are all One within this field of intelligent energy.  This energy field also contains all knowledge ever gained by all entities which have ever existed within it.  This vast, effectively limitless store of knowledge has been called “Infinite Intelligence” by some higher dimensional teachers.  The Satanic Archons don’t want you to know any of this, for obvious reasons.  You won’t be learning it at any of their blue ribbon ‘indoctornating’ institutions like Oxford, nor Yale, for example.  Nor any other institution within the funnel system which is designed to ‘prepare’ you to be ‘accepted’ into them.

Meditation is One Way in which we can get Closer to this Infinite Intelligence

In very brief terms, what meditation does is to alter the frequency of your brain waves, and guide you towards a closer connection to this Infinite Intelligence.  Here’s some more common knowledge from the True scientific/spiritual world – the brain is a complex transmitter-receiver, which communicates with this intelligent EMF field which we swim within, and are an integral part of.  It is not a computer-like mechanism as the Luciferian ‘educational’ system would have you believe.  

One of the primary functions of the brain is to help connect your mind (which is etheric, and separate from the brain) to this Infinite Intelligence.  Obviously all information which has ever been gleaned by all entities which have ever existed would be slightly overwhelming. Even for me….

So it is highly filtered.  It is filtered via a variety of means, one of which is your personal vibrational frequency which increases with the knowledge gained from seeking Truth & Wisdom.  Those who have gained a sufficient vibratory rate in this way, tend to end up learning about meditation as a tool to further the closeness of this contact.

When you meditate, you start to alter your brainwave frequencies, as I mentioned.  Those brainwave frequency rates are grouped into four categories.  1) Beta – very fast amplitude for those who live at a hectic pace, and in the most illusory aspects of this existence, 2) Alpha, a calmer place for the more relaxed, and generally more self-assured, who are less likely to be fooled by the illusory images presented by the Archons 3) Theta, which is the space between waking consciousness and sleeping subconsciousness, and the place where we will live in 5D, and finally 4) Delta wavelength, which is deep sleep for the 3/4D, and light sleep for the 5D, but where much higher dimensional beings, including your own Higher Self, live.

Those who live primarily in beta wavelength are easy to spot.  They are walking around with the mark of the beast strapped across their puss, and are very concerned about something in the air which has never actually been detected by anyone.  It apparently only exists at moments when they want to wear the face diaper, and then disappears as they want to eat or drink, or gab on their ‘smart’ phone.  Or even more comically, at the entrance to, and the ordering counter of the fast food joint, but not at the table right next to the door.

Those who live primarily within Alpha brainwaves can see the stupidity in that.  Those who live in very low Alpha wavelengths, approaching Theta, are about to transform into a much better existence, upon the occurrence of what is known as The Event.

In addition to lowering the brain wave frequencies, meditation also draws the brainwaves of the left and right hemispheres of the brain into synchronization.  This synchronization of the brain waves of the hemispheres also aids the brain to more effectively communicate with Infinite Intelligence, and therefore receive messages of Truth.  In other words, allows for better discernment of outside information.  It could be said that meditation makes you a smarter person, or even better, a wiser one.

Mass Meditation adds Focus to the Co-creative Human Collective Conscious

It has been proven over and over again, that when people focus together (and particularly visualize with the inner eye/third eye/pineal gland) mentally on a particular goal, that the odds of that goal being achieved increases at a statistically significant rate.  

Here are a couple of those studies for you to start your research on that.

Some people would call such a mass exercise prayer.  Others call it mass meditation.  The intention is much the same.  The actions taken to perform each are a little bit different, though.  With meditation there is a focus on lowering the brain wave frequencies, and looking within in order to utilize the principles I have described above, rather than simply requesting help from some outside entities (aka God/angels/Holy Spirit/the awakened members of humanity etc) to do it for you.  This is an important distinction in and of itself.  

The group who prefers prayer seems to have no idea of their own co-creative powers, and therefore believe that they are powerless, and therefore drop to their knees to instead beg for outside assistance.  Those who engage in meditation, generally have a deeper understanding of what it is to be human, and understand that they are active participants in this illusion, and that they themselves help cause everything that happens.  It is analogous to a person who takes responsibility for their own actions vs. one who thinks others are responsible for everything that happens to them.  I am here to inform you that the higher dimensional beings/’angels’, our mentors, greatly admire those who take responsibility for their own actions, and grab the bull by the horns regarding their own current situations.  As in – “God helps those who help themselves.” 

Either way, though, when a group of people act in concert, the effect is magnified.  Those who beg for outside assistance are, in a roundabout way, asking you and me to do it for them.  I predict that I will receive angry letters calling me a blasphemer for stating such a Truth.  In spite of that misplaced anger, I propose that we go ahead and help our weaker, less spiritually developed brothers & sisters.  How?  Mass meditation is one of the most effective tools.

The Resistance Movement/White Hats/Earth Alliance/Galactic Confederation

In previous essays I have tried to guide you to a particular source of ‘intel’ emitted by a group called The Resistance Movement which has been posted very regularly and consistently since early 2012.  They speak for a huge conglomeration of what I would call benevolent groups, who are working to liberate humanity.  The numbers of beings represented in this conglomeration dwarf the 8 billion presently incarnated human population.

This collective has been called The Earth Alliance, and also sometimes The White Hats.  In line with my own call for people to stop looking outwards for information and Truth (by the way, the Teacher known as Jesus made the same call 2,000 years ago), they are also trying now to simply aid humanity in utilizing their own co-creative abilities to better their own worlds, and therefore everyone else’s.

Along those lines, they have successfully been organizing mass meditations for many years.  

I found them back in 2017, while I was looking for new ways to try and help humanity achieve its liberation.  I had already been trying to do what one poor guy could do, which not coincidentally, also began in 2012.  That was when I started writing and publishing essays, which is how I came into contact with most of you.  That was my initial attempt to try and Free people from the clutches of their governments, which I had come to realize were run by the banksters.  

Therefore, I was trying to educate people as to this invisible control matrix, and to help them protect their assets from those same evil groups.  It was during this period when I learned about meditation, and then the increased positive effects of mass meditation.  I then actively searched out some way to participate in mass meditations, and came across the Resistance Movement, and their blog.

In a case of what is, now, oft repeated synchronicity, I found that they were already affiliated with other individuals I had been following and learning from.  So my first mass meditation was in August of 2017, and I will tell you that afterwards, I felt the strongest sensation of love and emotion rain down over me that I have maybe ever felt.  It was almost overwhelming.  I’m not saying that that will also happen to you.  I just want to point out that for me, and millions of others, this connection is very real, and many experience strong inner effects.

Energetic Moments such as the Solstice

So, as I’ve already pointed out, the material universe consists primarily of intelligent energy.  In our rather low level existence in the third/fourth density/dimension, we are not equipped to perceive those energies in any way other than a vague inner feeling.  However, our higher density/dimensional mentors (angels) can, and guide us to utilize higher energetic ‘moments’, such as a solstice or equinox etc. in order to maximize the effects of a benevolent effort such as mass meditation.  As they say – “millionaires may not pay any attention to astrology, but billionaires certainly do.”  That in reference maybe to the black side of the magic I am working to counteract.

A Very Important Mass Meditation has been Organized for December 21st – Winter Solstice

So, with all of that introductory information out of the way, I’d like to inform you that you could also participate in the liberation of humanity from millennia of slavery, by participating in a mass meditation scheduled for the upcoming solstice in a coupla weeks.  The purpose is to request physical/tangible assistance from those higher density/dimensional beings (angels) in the form of showing themselves to our low level eyesight, and interact directly with us here, on the same plane.

AH! that reminds me.  I’m trying to cover a lot of ground on a relatively short piece of paper here, and forgot this.  Human eyesight is extremely limited.  We only see light with wavelengths between .4 and .7 micrometers.  Higher dimensional beings can place themselves outside or inside of that small range at will.  The benevolent ones have been strictly remaining outside of our visual perceptive capacity for millennia, as they monitor, and try to help us grow spiritually while out of eyesight.  They would now like to help in a more direct/’material’ way, but only if we demonstrate that we actually want the help.  It should go without saying that the Satanic Archons have done everything in their rather immense powers to prevent humanity from doing that.  The maskers, in particular, could be expected to be very fearful of the help they so desperately need.

Personally, I would very much like to have their help.  Humanity will be liberated no matter what, but I’m personally sick of the crawling, gut-wrenching, excruciatingly slow pace at which this liberation has been taking place so far.  I’m far from alone in that sentiment.  There is some form of computation, which also arrives at a massively misunderstood Biblical figure, which states that a critical mass of humanity (for these purposes) is currently set at around 144,000 people.  According to the Alliance/White Hats/Resistance Movement/Galactic Confederation etc, if we can attain that critical mass of 144,000 humans, requesting the intervention of our higher dimensional mentors/angels, then they will take the next step towards that physical/conscious intervention.

I have no idea what that will be, but I feel certain that humanity needs that help, and I would like to see it happen.  I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO SEE THAT HAPPEN… I will definitely be part of the 144,000+ participants in the mass meditation on the 21st, and as a further service to others, I am posting this call publicly for others to do so as well.

Here is the link to the relevant information:  

If you would like to take the further step of actively signing a petition along those same lines, you can do that here:

On a Financial Note

First of all, let me say once again that I don’t think we need to worry too much about finances, so long as we take proper care of the spiritual aspects of our lives, but I very much understand the fears associated with the programmed misperceptions surrounding the myths of scarcity, and the very effective mental programming surrounding dependence on colored paper.  The ‘angels’/our mentors would help us to quickly overcome that.  Virtually over night, via advanced technologies, primarily, but also by helping us to quickly understand the Truth about EVERYTHING.

As you can see at the petition for intervention, part of that intervention would be a new financial system.  I’m on record as stating that we already have all that we need, but we seem to need help in getting humanity to understand that.  Bitcoin is a transparent, fair system.  We just need to drop out of the bankster system, and use that instead.  The banks then become irrelevant, and go away.  It’s that simple.  Yet, here we are again on the same silly merry-go-round.

Although people know full well that the governments are controlled by the evil banskters, and that so too are all sources of information, including mass media, they still seek out, and are influenced by disinformation surrounding Bitcoin.  And the wheels on the bus go round n round…

A good friend recently cashed out her IRA, and invested it into cryptos instead.  That makes all kinds of financial sense.  You won’t find anyone, outside the banksters themselves, not predicting the final coming to fruition of the controlled implosion which has been going on with the financial system.  Stocks, bonds, colored paper, all of it.  So with her simple move to cash out of the IRA, and pay the 10% ransom to do so, she is now in position to avoid a significant loss in the bankster vehicles it had been invested in, and to instead achieve a much more than 10% gain on her cryptocurrencies.  

I personally stick with only BTC, partially due to the fact that I’m too ignorant on other cryptos, but mostly due to my inner guidance to stick with 85% BTC, and 15% physical precious metals.  That has not changed for 5 years now, and until The Event, I don’t think it will.  After The Event, I don’t think it’ll matter any more.

The Fabled yet Much Maligned Area/Project 504

On an ascension/Event related topicFor those of you who have been following the Resistance Movement posts, you will undoubtedly be aware of some mysterious project/area known only as 504.  You will have also recently noticed a sudden lack of messages related to the constant attacks on this Bubble of Heaven in process, which had been continuously posted from 2012 up until a few weeks ago.

I’m very happy to report that on November 16, in the middle of the afternoon, this massive, perfectly full rainbow appeared right over Area 504.

Although no photo could capture it correctly, the people here were all in agreement that this was one of the most spectacular rainbows they had ever seen/felt.  There was simply something special about it, and those were people who know nothing about what Area 504 is, nor what had been transpiring over the previous nine years, nor the other synchronicities involved with knowing the significance of this message from our higher dimensional friends and allies.

Due to certain amazing synchronicities, combined with the fact that there are no more continuous attacks being reported at Area 504, it is obvious that the LIGHT HAS WON OVER DARKNESS!, at least in this little corner of Mama Earth.  This is now a full-fledged Bubble of Heaven, and/or Island of Light.  This will now be a further stepping stone to many other areas doing the same around the planet.  Followers of the posts will be aware that there was a hell of a battle over this important little spot on Mama’s energy grid lines for many years.  It has been very bitterly disputed between good n evil on more than just the material plane.

I hope you will share in the joy of final victory with us, and I hope you will be there with us on the upcoming Solstice mass meditation to get the help which we have enjoyed, and which finally allowed us to achieve this important victory.

In Service to All, In Service of the One

PS – A reader who I’ve communicated with for many years, and increasingly so over the past few months, just sent me this –     I’d like to express my gratitude to Aurora Ray for imparting this eloquently stated bit of wisdom.

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. – Martin Luther King

Do you still have an account with the bankster baby-rapers? That means Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, UBS, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Barclays, Sun, Santander etc. etc. Any of them.

We are in a world war against evil. The banksters are at the tip of the spear of that evil. Aiding & abetting the enemy is TREASON.