I found the attached to be very helpful during these confusing times.  It came to me from a very trusted source, who I have been following for a few years now.  That level of trust keeps growing, as I learn more, and the attached helped me to connect a few more dots.

I send it to you, in case it might be helpful to you too.  

In brief summary, it helps explain how we have allowed ourselves to become so brainwashed by the Cabal/Luciferians et al, and gives some insights as to how we can further awaken, and Free ourselves from the psychological self-enslavement.  In doing so, it must touch upon True science and nature, which some of you may not yet have studied.  I have, so if any part is unclear, I would be glad to try and help to clarify.  Just reply with your question(s).

This attached work, then, while being far from ‘religious’, does, in a couple of places, make reference to a couple old Biblical parables while reconciling them to True science & nature.  Again, if you haven’t yet studied that True science, it may sound odd.  As just one example, there is a reference to the ‘Garden’, which humanity has not really been booted out of, but which rather still exists all around us.  This ‘Garden’ is a metaphorical reference to the Zero Point Field, or what True, up to date physicists often abbreviate as just – the Field.  Like so much other Truth, so many humans don’t tune into, nor even realize that the Field is there.  Why they remain unaware/unconscious, is explained.

Also explained is a bit of what has been termed as – ‘The Event’.  Very relevant for today.

Here’s a nice quote – 

  • “Has it occurred to you that the mathematical probability of your being here is infinitesimal? Were you not here, living proof of the impossible, an excellent case could be made for your non-existence.”

The bottom line take away, at least for me, is that we are all one entity, or being.  We are all, therefore, ‘God’, in addition to also being an aspect of each other.  Each one of us, as a co-creator.  Once we remember that, we will be Free, and rise back to the ‘Heaven’ from which we descended, or ‘fell’.  We, it turns out, are the ‘fallen angels’. Not any Devil or Satan.  Those are metaphorical references to our egoic mind, which works very hard to lead us astray from our natural, spiritual path, and towards materialism and fear instead.

To get back on track, we must leave fear behind, and optimistically embrace the coming change.  I think that everyone can clearly feel that there is, indeed, an imminent change?  In fact, it is currently playing out in slow motion.  Have ‘faith’, and take the leap.  Give way to your instincts, and leave the so-called ‘rational’ thoughts of your egoic mind in the dust.  It will be wondrous, if you can bring yourself to allow it.

This was written back in the late 70’s, and here is a very prescient quote: 

  • “You must decide whether you are going to accept the inevitable in a state of love and prepare yourself accordingly, or hold on in fear to the bitter end. Ultimately, these are the only two avenues of response. By the linear time this event takes place, humanity will be polarized according to these two adaptive patterns. All will be decidedly in one camp or the other.”

As of 2021, I think we can all give that one a big CHECK right? 

Here is some sound advice for today:

  • “Do not focus on the world that is polarizing toward selfishness and fear. Do not pay attention to the old that is crumbling around you. What has been shall soon be no more. Let the dead bury their dead and concentrate solely on the building of the new.”


  • “Withdraw your energies from informational exchange systems that serve only to draw attention to the destruction of the old. Withdraw the energy of your attention from any form of media that keeps you ever conscious of the death cries of exploitive and manipulative systems.”

Along these lines I have currently been very clearly guided to drop my review of any ‘news’ sources, and instead to focus on conceptualizing both timelessness, and oneness.  It is a rewarding, and mind expanding exercise, and I recommend it for those who understand what I’m referring to.

Nothing I have read for a long time has made me feel so blissful, and certain that we are on the verge of something greater than we can fathom.

Although the PDF document counts 114 pages, it really only covers about 40-50, due to the formatting of the text at about 9 words per line.  A relatively quick read, especially if you find it as interesting and uplifting as I did.

Enjoy the quest for Truth & Wisdom, regardless, even if it turns out that this particular information doesn’t blow any wind up your skirt.

In Service to All, In Service of the One

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. – Martin Luther King

Do you still have an account with the bankster baby-rapers? That means Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, UBS, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Barclays, Sun, Santander etc. etc. Any of them.


We are in a world war against evil. The banksters are at the tip of the spear of that evil. Aiding & abetting the enemy is TREASON.