I had an epiphany occur to me (or a telepathic message come through) in the middle of the night of Saturday/Sunday February 26th-27th.  I felt impelled to get up, and write it all out, and when I turned on the laptop I noted that it was 2:34am, and the battery had 2:22 remaining.  Not a big deal, I realize, but that kind of thing keeps happening over, and over, and seems to defy the science of statistics.  At that time, a week ago as I write this introductory paragraph, I was guided to send it out to only a couple of trusted awakeners within my smaller circle.

I’ve just recently, though, been guided to share this message, or inner ‘knowing’, after completing my 59th year a few days after I received the message.  This message has been gradually developing for me off and on over that past year or so, and it suddenly congealed quite clearly, and rather suddenly.  Now, with the more urgent warnings of an imminent Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) looming, it is time to share, apparently.  

Here is a good source for information on the incoming high frequency electromagnetic energies which we’ve been experiencing, and which, of course, have not been reported in the mass media. That, even though the frequency levels of these energies are in the gamma range, and way above anything which could be termed as ‘normal’, and even mainstream ‘scientists’ are aware that such high frequencies could have significant effects on both Mother Earth, and humanity.   Therefore, I guess, not newsworthy for sewage outlets like CNN, BBC, DW, TV5, RAI etc.  I wonder if the effects of such abnormally high frequency gamma waves on the human body might coincide with the symptoms of what mainstream ‘scientists’ and ‘doctors’ call COVID?  It might be worth investigating, since the entire world has been radically altered due to this anomaly, don’tcha think?

This gradually congealing, and suddenly clear ‘knowing’ is centered around the odd fact that Earth is supporting, and has been supporting both 3D, and 4D ‘intelligent’ life for a long time.  By some sort of agreement, mandated by the higher dimensional Guardians, such as The Council of Nine, it seems that the 4D beings have mostly stayed out of sight of the 3D beings.  With 3D remaining mostly on the surface, and 4D mostly staying in the honeycomb of Inner Earth.  This has been going on for at least the current 26,000 year cycle, which is now ending.  During that cycle, there has been a raging war over Mama Earth between ‘good’, better described as service to others (STO), and ‘evil’, or service to self (STS).  Good and evil being relative opinions.

Psychological Operations, or Info Wars to Influence Timelines

That has mostly been what I’ll call a timeline war, which is a conversation I can’t have with very many people, yet here is the planting of that seed for your further research.  This timeline war has been won due to the prevailing collective consciousness of the co-creating 3D humanity, even though the majority of individual personalities within this collective has no clue of their co-creative capacity, and therefore, the importance of their thoughts.  Those thoughts having been guided around by many external influences, such as mainstream ‘education’, mainstream ‘news’, mainstream ‘healthcare/nutrition’, mainstream ‘spirituality’ aka religion, and mainstream ‘science’, amongst other heavily financed, and highly organized disinformation campaigns.

We could also call it a battle of ‘conspiracy theorists’ against ‘coincidence theorists’.  Which is analogous to the polarity between those who understand that the universe is highly intelligent and ordered, and that humanity are co-creators of this material universe i. e. Illusion, vs. the camp which believes everything happens at random in a chaotic universe, and therefore tends towards ignorance, fear and superstition.  The majority, however, don’t give a damn one way or the other, as they worship pieces of rectangular, colored paper, and the ‘material’ (holographic) items they can exchange it for.

Ok, so back to my current ‘knowing’.  I may have mentioned this about a year ago, but I don’t remember to who, if I did at all.  It couldn’t possibly have been to very many people, but I did write about psy-ops along these lines, and Robert Steele even contacted me for permission to publish that one on his website, which you can see here. https://phibetaiota.net/2021/03/paul-seymour-psychological-warfare-higher-density-beings-and-god/?utm_content=12330568&utm_medium=Email&utm_name=Id&utm_source=Actionetics&utm_term=Email

At that time I recall that it physically hurt my skull to articulate those concepts.  I had to really reach deep.  Today, though, one year later, they have been fully assimilated.

These multiple psy ops are being carried out by both sides (STO & STS), in order to steer the glob of aimless human collective consciousness away from service to self, and towards service to others, and vice versa.  A key tactic for thousands of years has been to create poverty consciousness, in order to convince humanity that they need to work like animals in order to survive.  That contrived misperception has allowed for the banksters to create the Babylonian money/debt slavery system, and to keep the masses almost fully occupied with the acquisition of colored paper, which they then hand back to the Archontic systems (with illegal interest) in order to maintain physical survival.  That is all an Illusion, and you will come to fully realize it soon.

Those psy-ops which are intended to help you see through this Illusion, have been quite recently implemented, while the others have been ongoing for thousands of years.  Right now we are passing through the scheduled ascensions of both Mother Earth and humanity.  An integral phase of these ascension processes are the passage of the previously mentioned high frequency energies in to Earth as we plunge deeper and deeper into the photon belt, which is emitted by the central galactic sun.  Those high frequency electromagnetic energies have been very predictably activating latent human DNA (the 95% which ‘scientists’ call “junk DNA”), and those energies are bringing about the long foretold ascensions of both Mother Earth, and part of humanity (‘The Harvest’).

All of this is occurring under the auspices of the primal universal law of Free Will, and under the watchful eyes of the higher dimensional Guardians.  Both sides (STO/’good’ and STS/’evil’) are going all out to ‘steer’ human thoughts, but humans are choosing what to think (which side they are on) of their own Free Will.  No one has forced anyone to take an mRNA mutation injection (incorrectly called a ‘vaccine’ by the programmed), for example.  Well, kids may have been forced to by their parents, so we’re just talking about adults on the Free Will point.

I have not heard of a single adult, though, anywhere in the world, who was tied down to a gurney and injected against their will.  Being threatened that you’ll lose your job, or not be able to board a plane if you don’t comply, is more like a test of your character and principles, and desire to maintain Free Will.  It isn’t ‘force’ by any stretch of the imagination.  Psychological pressure, and maybe even coercion, I’ll grant you, but not force.  A huge percentage of the human surface population rejected this attempt to infringe upon their personal sovereignty, at any cost.  They all seem to be thriving, too. 

One either decided that they would do as they were told, or they walked away from it, and suffered some rather minor inconveniences as a result.  I think the obvious logic here is;  if you’ll take an injection of some unknown fluid, and wear a mask just because you’re told to, what else would you do under orders?  Sorry, not 4D material.  Get back in line, and apply again later.

Note: A couple of people in my awakeners’ inner circle had read this in advance, and advised me that I should clarify this point.  The dividing line between 3D and 4D is completely objective.  It is based on vibratory rate.  The voluntary reception of a mutation serum, and wearing a mask are only a couple of actions.  I would say that in my opinion, they are strong indicators of a probable vibratory rate, but they are not concrete dividing lines in and of themselves.  One could have voluntarily accepted this injection, and still be of 4D vibratory rate.

Harvest Time

It now seems that we have completely segregated both the surface 3D humans, and the various inner earth 4D beings into these two polar opposite camps.  Just as had been foretold by numerous higher dimensional teachers, to those who chose to listen.  Or those “with eyes to see, and ears to hear”.  You can read these predictions in many documents available free on the Internet.  I have previously referenced three relatively recent versions right here in my essays.  

Here is a link to The Starseed Transmissions, https://livelovegod.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/1-1-kencareythestarseedtransmissions.pdf 

Here is a link to The Hidden Hand Interview https://www.wanttoknow.info/secret_societies/hidden_hand_081018 

Here is a link to the Law of One (available in many languages), https://assets.llresearch.org/books/the_law_of_one_book_1.pdf 

These have all been provided to humanity within the past forty five years.  There are countless others out there, stretching back over thousands of years, so there is no reason to not be informed, other than apathy or laziness.

This segregation of humanity into their two polar opposite camps was even done mostly peacefully.  At least on the surface.  Inner earth, and sublunar space, as I understand, got quite bloody.  Kudos to the ‘angels’ (or higher dimensional STO non terrestrials, and Inner Earthlings) on their protection of the mostly ignorant surface population during that complex operation.   

This bifurcation of service to self, and service to others collectives has been carried out via a variety of means, but it really got down to the nitty gritty with the whole faked COVID scenario.  Now that we finally have these two camps completely identified, we are at the point where they can be separated from each other.  With this separation, each collective will then be able to move forward in their polar opposite evolutionary directions, on two separate timelines, and on two separate vibratory versions of Mama Earth.

NOTE: I’m not real clear that it will be two different versions of Earth, but it will be two different planets, that’s for sure, so this point isn’t worth getting caught up in.  I’m leaving it as the message flowed in, though.  I don’t want to allow the ego to overthink it, and change it.

Bifurcation, The Event, and/or a Coronal Mass Ejection

So what is coming down the pike now that this segregation of most basic philosophies has been so neatly carried out?

Those who are still vibrating at a 3D rate will carry forward on an Earth (let’s call it 3D Earth) where they can be dominated by service to self, and self styled ‘elite’ leaders.  They will get their wish for total enslavement, and learn whatever lessons it is that they want to learn from that experience.  I doubt that any of them have been guided to read this.

The rest of us, who are vibrating at 4D, or even a little above, will find ourselves on an Earth where Freedom is king.  We will move towards a one-world, decentralized government under a conceptual framework similar to the now undermined US Constitution.  Recall that the US Constitution calls for strong local government, and a quite weak centralized government.  That has been turned on its ear, especially starting with the Civil War, but the Constitution will be reinstituted in its original form, and with the prescribed strong local governments, and a weak central one.

On a global scale, this conceptual framework will allow for a type of localized interpretation which will in turn allow for ancient cultural traditions to remain intact, while bringing Earth into compliance with the Galactic Codex, and Universal Law.  That is the primary difference between the proposed one Earth government of the STO, and the New World Order of the service to selfers.  The NWO wanted hegemony, and an iron-fisted centralized government.  

Under the White Hat/Earth Alliance version, the central government would only exist in order to assure compliance with the Constitution at the local level, and maybe to act as an advisory council in order to help resolve any disputes before they have time to escalate.  Serious disputes, though, on a 4D service to others Earth will be quite rare.

This global conceptual framework will include the long ago forgotten (or never known of) list of Unalienable Rights, which you can see here.  Even I was shocked to see how extensive this list is, and I consider myself to be a staunch Constitutionalist.  I was never taught that we were granted so many rights by the Founding Fathers just by virtue of being born in the now dead (yet steadily resurrecting) America.

In my telepathic message, or inner knowing, or vision, or whatever you would like to call the method which I receive insights as to what to expect to happen in our 3D illusion, which continues playing out slowly in 2.5D linear ‘time’, I saw a bifurcation of timelines for these two polar opposite camps.  This neat little separation will manifest itself to the earth surface population via a huge flash of light coming in from the sun.  What mainstream ‘scientists’ call a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).

As I have discovered during my lengthy, in-depth studies over the past 15 years, after having extricated myself from corporate slavery, everything we were taught by the Archontic system is complete bull shit.  That realization is the starting point of any awakening process.  Effective disinformation dictates that there is a lot of Truth included in the materials presented, but with key omissions, and other key twists of verbiage, so that the overall effect of the material is to present a body of knowledge which is 180 degrees opposed to the Truth.

That includes the ‘science’ which is calling this event a CME.  However, it is the way it will appear/manifest to our external senses, and I myself not very long ago knew of nothing else, either.  So let’s go ahead and call it a CME.  Fine.

I’m not equipped (or at least not inclined to attempt right now) to articulate the inner reality of it anyways, but I do want you to at least consider the possibility of an inner universe, with inner senses which are much more powerful than your current externally dominated ‘rational’ and ‘physical’ or ‘material’ universe.  Just consider the fact that even your mainstream ‘scientists’ admit that the mysterious subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind.  I think they tell us that we only use about 5-10% of our “brain”?  Hahahahahahaha.  Right.  I’ll leave it at that.

Preliminary Ascension of Humanity to 4D

So, we’re gonna experience a CME.  A very long foretold Event, by dozens of different cultures around the world.  All very consistent with one another.  What a coincidence! And holy shit, here we are on the verge of it actually happening, too.  Staggering coincidence, that.  What are the odds?  I don’t think Vegas could even calculate it.  Maybe it’s actually a ‘conspiracy’, then?

So when this brilliant flash of light/Event/CME occurs, my little vision foretold that humanity would actually separate into these two distinct collective human consciousnesses, and split into two distinctly polar opposite timelines.  One service to self, and the other being service to others.  One vibrating at a 3D vibratory rate, and the other at a 4D vibratory rate.  Each experiencing (actually creating/projecting) their own separate versions of Mother Earth.

On the 3D version, they will be told, and they will believe, that all of the unvaccinated morons died of COVID.  Copies of our physical 3D bodies may even litter the streets.  They will probably think to themselves – “serves ’em right” as they throw those lifeless husks into mass graves, or burn the wicked virus-infected remains.  Many will say it out loud.

Then they’ll be ‘locked down’ to their heart’s content.  North Korean (gangnam) style.  I would feel sorry for them, except that I fully respect Free Will, and their right to choose that evolutionary path.  They will learn valuable lessons from that difficult experience, I’m sure.  Don’t worry, they have eternity to evolve, and they will eventually discover that service to others is much more rewarding.  We all get to the same destination eventually.  It’s the journey, not the destination, stupid…

Those of us who selected the service to others path, will suddenly find ourselves on a planet void of 3D humanity, where the primal universal law of Free Will is 100% fiercely respected.  We will decide for ourselves what happened to all of those strangers hiding behind a piece of cloth (at their convenience) due to an intermittent fear of the air.  I suppose there will be many schools of thought.  I’m sure that some will think that the mRNA mutation serum killed them.  I seriously doubt that anyone will think – “serves ’em right.”  

Starseeds and 5D

After bifurcating surface humanity into 3D and 4D timelines, some of us will still have an evolutionary step yet to take, as will Mother Earth.  Those of us who have been called ‘fallen angels’, or hybrids, or Starseeds.  There are a few million of us on the 3D surface at the moment who are of higher dimensional mind/spirit complexes, attached to 3D ‘material’ bodies.  We volunteered to help in these very complicated ascension processes of both Mother Earth, and humanity, by ‘falling’ down to a lower vibratory rate.  We have been extremely successful.  You might even say ‘miraculously’ successful?  Mother Earth was in danger of not surviving, which of course means that humanity was equally threatened.

We cleared that hurdle in 2019, if you look at it from the perspective of linear time.  Then the game became a question of how much of humanity could we get on the 4D timeline for the CME/Event.  We did ok there, too.  Obviously 100% would’ve been nice, but also very unrealistic, if not impossible.

So back to what we actually have – The post CME/Event life on 4D Mother Earth will be much, much easier, and more joyful, with the collective consciousness lightened a great deal from the burden of the fear-based thoughts of the service to self crowd.  In fact, as Mama moves up to an ever higher vibratory rate, those fearful thoughts of the 3D vibratory crowd start to become ever more dangerous to all, including Mama.  We are getting to the point that our co-creative abilities are much more powerful, as the high frequency energies continue to flow in, and activate latent DNA.  We just can’t risk having a few billion people running around in this new, higher vibratory rate, with their minds so full of such fearful thoughts and images.  

They are the ones who are now helping to perpetuate (threatening to escalate) the fake war in Ukraine, for example.  Well, the war is real, but so much of the information reported by the mass media is fake.  Therefore, the fear generated by that fake information is unwarranted, and in a higher vibratory, more co-creative world, those unwarranted, and fearful thoughts become more dangerous than ever.  On the upcoming 4D STO Earth, such a war will become impossible.  No one will ever think of such a thing.  Therefore, it won’t be created, and will never manifest.  That’s how simple True science is.  Note that I didn’t say easy.  I said simple.

Heaven on Earth

Therefore, the 4D STO folks will be able to move forward with optimism, and a well-deserved faith.  A relative ‘heaven’ if you will.  We’ll all feel a natural collective brotherhood, and sense of gleeful cooperation, as we join together to rip down the old, dead paradigm, and install the new.

On this post CME/Event 4D Earth we will undergo an all encompassing, and very rapid renaissance.  The seeking of Truth & Wisdom combined with the Full Disclosure of advanced technologies will suddenly rule the day, and we will meet our higher dimensional mentors, or ‘angels’, if you prefer.  In the case of us few million higher dimensional hybrids on the surface, operating under 3D rules, we will be reuniting with our families and friends, and remembering them again, as we recover from the obligatory 3D amnesia imposed upon all 3D Earth humanity under the effects of the surface matrix.

Surface humanity will then receive a lot of help.  It might be analogous to waking up after surgery in a recovery room, and coming out from under the effects of anesthesia while surrounded by compassionate nurses.  People will then be healed from their past psychological traumas brought on by all of that Archontic programming, which had been designed to coax us to stay on that service to self, materialistic ‘hell’.  Much of that healing will come naturally, from within, just by virtue of becoming Free from the negative influences of the ‘matrix’, and the fear-based thoughts of the lower vibratory members of current Earth surface humanity.

Final Ascension of Starseeds to 5D, and Mama to 6D

Then there will still be yet another ascension step remaining, as I have alluded to above.  The so called ‘Starseeds’ will also go back home to their previous vibrational realities.  That after helping humanity to adjust to their new 4D Earth.  We will be here to help them heal, and to learn of the technology which has been hidden from them, amongst many other essential Truths which have also been obscured from their vision.

There are also millions more 4D beings in Inner Earth, who are ready to ascend to 5D as well.  They will be coming to the surface post-Event also, if not sooner.  Will there also be a 5D Earth?  I think so.  We are all multidimensional beings, after all, as is Mother Earth.  With that little seedlet planted, we could even speculate that there might be an aspect of both Mother Earth, and Father Sun, walking around in this 3D Illusion?  Each responding to the guidance of their respective Higher Selves, I would assume.  My vision didn’t carry out any farther, though.  We will cross that bridge when we get to it, apparently.

As I finished the initial rough draft of the above during the middle of that Saturday night, my head was jerked to look at the clock.  It was 4:44, and the 2:22 estimate for the battery had been quite accurate.  My laptop was about to shut down, so I tried to get back to sleep for a little bit before rising early and boarding the ferry back to my little Island of Light in 504.

In Service to All, In Service of The One

For anyone who is still interested in financial matters, my viewpoint has remained consistent over the past six years.  Simply stated, it calls for your Free Will withdrawal from the evil Babylonian money/debt/slavery system, and instead joining in with a system Free of control and manipulation:

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. – Martin Luther King

Do you still have an account with the bankster baby-rapers? That means Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, UBS, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Barclays, Sun, Santander etc. etc. Any of them.

We are in a world war against evil. The banksters are at the tip of the spear of that evil. Aiding & abetting the enemy is TREASON.  

For more details, you can read here – https://cyclesof7.com/2021/05/10/quantum-financial-system-bitcoin-or-bankster-pedo-scrip/ in addition to some follow up articles.  You can request those from me directly by replying to this mail-out, if you didn’t already receive them, and are interested.

You’re still here?  Wow.  I really do appreciate your dedication.  Here’s a special bonus item you may enjoy.