This is for those with eyes to see, and ears to hear – 

A very clear message came to me last evening just after sunset.  It was to the effect that humanity can not just sit around on its collective fat ass, and scream at those who have already done so much, to now – hurry up and finish the job! – and all by themselves.

It is actually ridiculous, once you take a look at it from that perspective, isn’t it?  Who the hell do we think we are?  We sat back and cheered these guys on, essentially demanding that they risk their lives on our behalves, some of us.  Many now ridicule them for not doing more?  Shameful, actually.  

How many of you have sat back, and put yourselves in the shoes of those few extremely brave souls who have risked their lives (or died) fighting against unmentionable evil?  Are you even capable of imagining such evil?  Well, they didn’t have to imagine it.  They had to face it, and survive it, or not.  All for you.  The question now is – Are you worthy of their sacrifices?

They have built you a new, safe house perched on a beautiful hill.  Opened the door to it.  Rolled out a red carpet to that door, and now you sit back and ridicule them for doing it all too slowly, and then not picking you up and carrying you across the threshold?

What complete, selfish assholes.  I’m ashamed to be of the same race as those people.

All you have to do is muster up the minimal level of courage required to walk out the door without the face diaper, and resume your lives.  Demand your divine right to Free Will.  Show that you know what Freedom is, and possibly even deserve to obtain it.  

I’ll bet that the ones who are complaining the loudest about the brave ones not fighting hard enough on their behalf, are the same weak, timid mice who are wearing a face diaper everywhere they go too.  Just to avoid any inconvenience.  Wouldn’t want you to have to tell a store clerk to shove it when they demand that you drop to your knees, and grovel for the privilege of entering their establishment to spend your hard earned money.  

If you take some time to look around, you’ll find a place where you can retain your humanity.  Yeah, I guess that’s way too much to ask of a guy or girl like you.  Don’t be a weak hypocrite.  I don’t recall Jesus ever advising conformity, nor anyone else ever promising you a free lunch for that matter.

Let’s not blow it right here at the finish line for lack of a very small amount of guts.  How did these pencil neck dictators ever gain any power over your daily lives to begin with, anyways?  Oh yeah, you so quickly, and voluntarily submitted to them at their very first illegal edict.  Then the second, and the third, etc.  Now it’s just a habit, I suppose.  Nicely done.

Refuse to be enslaved by the illegal decrees of evil, and corrupt politicians.  Inform the police that you don’t take medical advice from evil, and unaccountable bureaucrats.  The actual science is on your side in that argument.  That’s part of what makes their efforts so evil.  Also try not to forget that they work for you.  You owe them exactly squat.  Not allegiance, certainly not obedience, and not even politeness under the present circumstances.

From now on, you need to make it very clear that you’ll make your own healthcare choices, thank you.  Some of you may even get arrested, if you have the courage.  You’ll survive it.  Unlike so many who have been waging a covert war on your behalf.

Forget about holding the line.  It’s time to CHARGE.  In fact, the White Hats have the enemy so battered, and so far back on their heels, that all we need to do now is to walk out the front door of our houses like Free men and women, and that will finish them off.  Refuse to be treated as anything less than totally Free, and therefore act like human beings worthy of the great sacrifices already made on your behalf, which so many of you fail to show even the slightest gratitude for.

The bottom line is this – There may not be any more help coming unless we prove ourselves worthy.  Humanity may have to step up and do its part, at a minimal requirements level, before the Most High/Elohim/Christ Consciousness/Guardians/God will help any more.  Didn’t someone once say that “the Lord helps those who help themselves?”

Displaying an ability to overcome fear is a critically important spiritual step.  It isn’t necessary for all to do so right at this moment even, but only a critical mass of the collective.  As you are the one reading this, that means YOU. The rest are asleep, and need our help.  Let’s band together, as the strong ones, and make this final push.

In Service to All, In Service of the One