March 20, 2021 – Equinox

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to an interview with Gene Decode, which is usually a pleasant, and informative experience.  However, in this particular interview, he made some statements which directly conflicted with my own discernment, and which I found disturbing.  He said that the Ra, of the Law of One materials, were Luciferian, and implied, at least, that they were negative, or service-to-self beings.

I feel 100% certain that the Ra are angelic, service to others beings, so this bothered me quite a bit.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my guiding angels quite quickly nudged me towards an Internet forum Q & A session carried out in October of 2008, by someone using the moniker Hidden_Hand.  The Forum web site was called – Above Top Secret, and this session, which stretched out over several days, was extremely enlightening for me when I read it for the first time last week.

This detailed Q & A ended up explaining exactly what had caused Gene’s confusion, and also cleared up some of my own ignorance about who/what the One Infinite Creator, Lucifer, and Yahweh are, in addition to making it very clear why we are here, and what we could (should?) be working towards.  In other words, it answers the questions – “Why are we here, and how did we get here?”  In addition to offering many clues as to what the hell is going on with Earth and humanity, and why.  Interesting, to say the least.

I’ll try to give a brief summary to allow you to decide if the linked document is worth your time.  If this didn’t resonate with me as complete Truth, I wouldn’t be sending it out to my old Asset Protection Experts/TDV Offshore mailing list.  If you no longer want to receive my essays, nor other informative research, just reply with the single word – “unsubscribe”.  This existential, and spiritually related research, and sharing of same, is now my only ‘work’ (which I love), and has been for the past four years.  I want nothing in return for it.  The Universe, or God, or I would say, my angels, have seen to my financial, and material needs.  My work now is simply part of my attempt at service to others.  Moving on…

Hidden_Hand (HH) said that he is a mid-level spiritual leader in one of the original 13 bloodlines.  Not the Illuminati/NWO/Banksters/Zionists/Cabal/Deep State etc etc, but rather, their bosses.  The Rothschilds, Windsors, Hapsburgs and Rockefellers et al work for them.  These are the people who are Truly pulling the strings.  The higher dimensional hybrids who we can’t see, and to whom the evil/corrupt report to, and get instructions from.  HH cryptically revealed that they in fact lived in Inner Earth.

So that is part of what is covered in his Q & A session.  The history of ‘them’.  Not surprisingly, and in accordance with my research over the past few years, they trace back to Atlantis, and even way before, back to Mu and Lemuria etc.  The ‘Family’ (13 bloodlines), as HH calls it, did not originate on Earth, and came here on a specific, and finite mission to help humanity to ascend from 3rd density to 4th density.  That finite mission is ending NOW.  He was trying to fill in some information gaps back in 2008, in order to induce an awakening of the human collective consciousness.  I would say that we have come a long ways in those past 13 years, but I/we need to make one final push to get across the finish line, in my opinion.

HH defines the basic terminology related to this topic, which is always a nice starting point in any investigative research.  These definitions include – The One Infinite Creator, Yahweh, and Lucifer.  Filling in those gaps was HUGE in my own dot connecting exercise, and I feel certain that these definitions are correct, as it all articulates perfectly with past research findings, in addition to resonating brilliantly.  What I think is irrelevant, though.  It only matters for you, what you think.  

I will briefly summarize those definitions.  As is stated in the Scriptures (which HH unequivocally states are a product of the collective consciousness Lucifer, which the 13 families represent) “In the beginning was the word (thought).”   This thought emanates from the central sun of the material universe, and is also called the “logos”.  Lucifer and Ra (and every other higher dimensional race)  refer to this point of origin as the One Infinite Creator, and agree that we are not directly created by the One.  There is a hierarchy, in which creation flows downwards from the Logos/One.  The sub logos were created next, which are the galactic central suns.  They, in turn, created their own sub-sub logos, which are the suns within those galaxies.  Those stars each created their own sub-sub-sub logos, which in our case is Alcyone, I believe, as our sun revolves around Alcyone every 26,000 years, or so.  

If that is correct, then Alcyone created the sub-sub-sub-sub logos, which is our Sun, which in turn created its own sub-sub-sub-sub-sub logos, which are the planets, including Mother Earth.  Although Mama is the logos defining the basic parameters of our creation, HH makes it apparent that Yahweh is/was a being.  A higher dimensional co-creator, it seems, but he was limited as to what he would say about the identity of Yahweh.  He did say that the Lucifer were responsible for the Scriptures, and then quoted those Scriptures with reference to Yahweh being a “jealous God.”  

He also said that the Lucifer and Yahweh had some serious disagreements, and that Yahweh locked them inside of Earth, on the astral plane, creating the quarantine.  This somehow indicates that Yahweh is higher dimensional than the Lucifer, but that doesn’t make sense, as if Yahweh were 7th density, or above, he/she wouldn’t be acting in such a negative way.  He even went so far as to hint that Yahweh displayed some service-to-self characteristics, and wanted to control humanity.

We need to reconcile all of that to the works of Jeremiah Sitchin, in which he references the history recorded on the Sumerian tablets, and posits that Yahweh was the Anunnaki leaders Enlil, and/or Enki.  However, there has been some evidence that Sitchin may have been a Luciferian asset himself.    Furthermore, we have the testimony of the Secret Space Program whistleblowers, who disclose at least twenty two different DNA experiments being carried out by numerous higher dimensional races, which were ongoing up until the Winter Solstice of 2017 here on earth relating to humanity.

So considering all of the conflicting evidence, I will leave it at that, and ask that you read the HH materials, and discern for yourself who/what is Yahweh.   It seems to me that we aren’t supposed to know that piece of information until later.  Maybe after the ascension, due to Universal Laws of Free Will and Confusion.  Again, that is for your own discernment.  We each interpret differently due to our own, distinct vibratory rates, and connections to infinite intelligence.

So Mama/Gaia is our direct logos, and Yahweh, who/whatever that is, is our direct creator, but we are both a creation of the higher logi (Papa Sun, Alcyone, Milky Way central sun etc), too, and we receive key electromagnetic energies from each, which guide our evolution via their pre-programmed activating effects on our latent (‘junk’) DNA, through the ‘ages’ or cycles of ‘time’.

Therefore, as we all have always instinctively known deep inside, the Indians, Druids, Vikings etc were right all along.  This is why Lucifer had to have us willfully destroy those ‘pagan’ societies, while ridiculing so called ‘paganism’ and ‘mysticism’.  More recently psi, and certain findings in quantum physics have been similarly ridiculed.  They represent the Truth, and could not be allowed to endure.  Lucifer had to steer humanity away from that Truth, and we must now reject that false programming, and return to it.  

Now that we have learned what we are not.  We are not idol-worshiping ‘satanists’, but rather co-creating sparks of the One Infinite Creator, and the children of Mama Earth/God/Yahweh/Allah/Gaia.  Nor are we fearful, transgender, transhuman automatons, for that matter.  It is time to recognize that we are immensely powerful, and spiritual co-creators, and to take our place as equals with the higher dimensional beings who have watched over our creation and evolution.

It is also important to note that the ‘Family’ (13 original non-terrestrial bloodlines) are overseen from an even higher level, which is an 8th density council of light being elders, residing on Saturn.  To begin, let’s start with current earth human history over the past 26,000 years.  In the beginning of this cycle, Lucifer and Yahweh came to an agreement on how to best aid earth humanity, which was approved by this Council, who are our highest level angelic Guardians in their service of the One.  The 6th collective consciousness, called Lucifer, developed a Plan to jump-start the then stagnant evolution of humanity.  This Plan called for the introduction of Free Will, which entails polarity, as well as evil.  Previously, humanity had existed in the bubble of a loving paradise (‘Garden of Eden’) for which it was not yet spiritually mature enough.  Typically, such an environment is for positive beings at 4D, and above.

In this area of his explanation, I felt that HH was giving us some cloaked clues about how we went from apparent 4D civilizations like Lemuria, Mu, Egypt, and Atlantis, backwards to a 3D civilization at the beginning of this Great Cycle.  That would explain the existence of structures that we currently don’t have the knowledge to build.  Structures built with co-creative powers beyond those we now possess.  It seems that the Plan entailed a descension from 4D to 3D, initiated with the series of calamities, including the Great Flood, which wiped Atlantis and Mu, and most of their 4D human inhabitants, off the face of the Earth.  This message was elusive for me, though, and I couldn’t quite fully grasp it.  Maybe it will be more clear to you.

It might explain, though, part of the reason why Yahweh was opposed to this plan.  As noted in the Scriptures, (manipulated by Lucifer, recall) she was a jealous God, and wanted obedience from her children.  According to HH, at the suggestion of the Council of Elders, she grudgingly agreed to the Plan thinking her children would not go along anyways.  Then she was bitterly disappointed at her children’s quick acceptance of Lucifer’s challenge to take on Free Will.  This moment is described in the Scriptures as eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.  She then got pissed off, and locked the many beings of Lucifer here on Earth’s astral plane, creating a quarantine situation for Earth.  This action was hostile, and highly irregular.  We must forgive Yahweh for her past transgressions, as she meant well.  

The Council’s response to this hostile action, was to invite the Lucifer collective consciousness to terminate its contract to help humanity, and therefore also Yahweh/Gaia, and to leave.  The Lucifer, though, instead chose to stay in the uncomfortable constraints of this quarantine, and fulfill their contract.  As it turned out, they discovered that they rather liked humanity, and decided that they were quite worthy of the sacrifice, and effort.

Regarding the misunderstandings that both Gene and I had – Lucifer is not Ra according to Hidden Hand.  Both Ra & Lucifer, though, are quite similar collective consciousnesses, in that both are so-called ‘Fallen Angels’, as they have voluntarily dropped down from 6D to 3D in order to help here.  Lucifer is aiding with the introduction of Free Will, which includes evil, and the Ra are aiding by countering that negative polarity in their teachings of the Law of One, which is the service to others/positive path back Home, to the One.  

Lucifer, then, is here to act as the catalyst to cause humanity’s evolution.  The grain of sand in the oyster.  They are here to introduce as much evil as possible, ironically, in their highly angelic endeavor.  Ra, in the Law of One series, did speak of another collective consciousness that worked in the Americas while the Ra were in Egypt.  Lucifer confirmed that the Ra were responsible for the pyramids in Egypt.  Apparently the group working in the Americas was Lucifer, as HH said that Lucifer is the group that worked with Quetzalcoatl.

Lucifer, like Ra, is a high octave 6th density collective consciousness, which was also answering the call from earth for help.  The call came not only from Yahweh’s children, but from Yahweh/Gaia/Mother Earth herself.  Yahweh, is the direct creator of Earth humanity, but she made some mistakes, and according to HH (representing Lucifer) actually displayed some service to self characteristics, like trying to control her created children.  

Summary of Initial Problem here on Earth which Lucifer came Here to Correct 

When Yahweh created humanity, she created love & light, but no Free Will for her children, which was not in accordance with Universal norms.  Therefore there was no polarity.  This articulates very well with the banned Gnostic Scriptures (banned by Rome/Vatican) which were then hidden in many locations, including Nag Hammadi, Egypt, and near the Dead Sea in Palestine.   In the so-called Nag Hammadi or Gnostic Scriptures, Yahweh/Mother Earth was referred to as Sophia.  In these banned scriptures (apparently banned because they were Truthful) it is explained that Sophia created humanity with a Spirit, but no Ego, also called Soul in the Gnostic texts, which is distinct from Spirit. This distinction is consistent with the teachings of Ra, also.

The spirit and ego are considered male and female for some reason, in these Scriptures, and Yahweh’s deviation from the norm is referred to as Sophia’s error.  In the Gnostic Scriptures, enlightenment is then portrayed as the marriage of the male spirit, and the female soul/ego.  ‘Marriage’ representing a proper balance of male and female, as the egoic mind becomes subservient to the spirit.  

Sophia/Yahweh is now (as of at least 400 AD) fully repentant, and working to correct the error, according to the teachings of Jesus, as noted in the banned Gnostic Scriptures.  Without the ego/soul, all was always blissfully wonderful for her children here on Earth.  Over time, though, it became like a prison, in that there was no possibility to evolve spiritually & ascend, in order to get back Home to The One.  A perfectly joyous, yet meaningless existence.  Like having too much money in our current materialistic, and broken society?

Yahweh/Sophia, therefore, was a benevolent dictator, according to HH.  She loved her children/humanity, but apparently not unconditionally.  Only if they obeyed.  She was a bit of a controlling entity, and the desire to control is a service to self characteristic.  So, although loving, and well-intentioned, a bit flawed.  The Council of Elders is helping to work it all out, with the help of Lucifer, who are like a contracted ‘fixer’.  Remember that humanity has been programmed to despise Lucifer, and to love Yahweh.  That is another source of polarity, in fact.  We are learning about the True intentions of that programming now.  We must rethink everything we have previously learned, in order to assess it’s validity.

The Lucifer collective consciousness, at the highest octave of 6D, answered Yahweh’s call for counsel on how to evolve her children, and therefore herself.  The Lucifer collective consciousness volunteered to assess the situation, and after study, concluded that the introduction of Free Will was the most efficient, effective means to spark that evolution.  The beings of Lucifer (and their 3D human allies) are providing the required catalyst by acting out the service to self/evil role, in order to allow for humanity’s evolution.  They do this at great personal cost, and with very loving intentions.  If you read the linked site, it will become more clear.  

That articulates well with my own inner guidance, as well as the counsel of the Ra, which is that at some point we will have to forgive the Luciferians for all of the cruelty they have heaped upon humanity, in order that we might progress in our own evolution.  Actually, what they did was to trick humanity in to heaping that cruelty upon themselves, of their own Free Will, by utilizing what we are now understanding as psy-ops.  It is our understanding of those psy-ops which indicate our readiness for ascension.

At the time of ascension, there will be a 3-way split.  The Lucifer are working very hard to achieve ascension from their adopted 3D status here on earth, to a service to self/negative 4D world where they can then work off the karma incurred in this process, and then return to their former 6D angelic selves.  That 26,000 year cycle in a 4D service-to-self world will be sheer ‘Hell’ for them, but they well understand our eternal existence, and have willingly made that ‘short-term’ sacrifice on humanities’ behalf.  Angelic, in my opinion.  

I suppose that some of their human minions may go with them.  Hillary may have reached the required level of evil in order to ascend with them, for example.  As for the rest of humanity, they will either stay in the same 3D existence, but on another 3D planet, and remain on the wheel of karma, death, and rebirth, or one might ascend to a service-to-others 4D ‘Heaven’.  Which depends upon the vibratory rate one has achieved, as explained further in the HH sessions.  Either of these resulting near-future scenarios would be without the service-to-self catalyst of Lucifer.  The Lucifer are now completing their contract with the High Council.  In fact, I think that has just recently occurred, and we are now winding down the completion of Mama’s ascension, without the presence of Lucifer.  In his final thoughts, HH could only give clues to much of this, as he stressed in his exiting paragraphs.  

Therefore, in my analysis at least, we will be returning to so called ‘paganism’, which is essentially the striving of humanity to live in balance with nature.  How that ever garnered a negative connotation, is a testament to the brainwashing abilities of Lucifer.  To get back on the right path we must begin to reverse this brainwashing/programming/indoctrination against the ‘pagans’/Truthers/conspiracy theorists/New Agers etc. who are actually the Awakened ones, and who have rediscovered Universal Spiritual Truth.  

We will then, again be expressing thanks & gratitude (not worshiping) to Mother Earth and Father Sun, as well as to Alcyone, the galactic central sun, and the central sun of the Universe.  Some might incorrectly call that polytheism, but I contend that it is accurately called pantheism.  Pantheism is the understanding that all matter exists within The One, and that The One exists within all matter.  That could also be called the Law of One, where separation is an illusion.

This grateful relationship (as opposed to worship) is best thought of as living in harmony with nature, which is our creator, and to evolve on our creators’ behalf.  Our higher dimensional other selves can only evolve, if we do.  The way that we rely upon the proper functioning, and splitting of our cells in order to maintain our health.  Evolution is achieved via increasing our vibratory rate.  There certainly is no hurry, as we walk up this never ending slope, yet we should maintain steady progress.  The tortoise, rather than the hare.

I think that’s enough for you to decide if the attached 17 pages are worth the read.  Maybe you’ll even feel guided to read the entire text. I couldn’t put it down.

Here is the full 62 page text, if you find that you want to get more details.

Here is the 17-page summary 

As always, feel Free to reply with questions or comments

In Service to All, In Service of the One