Dear all,

The following is a lengthy essay.  About 9 pages.  It had to be long in order to cover this important, and somewhat complex topic, and to not raise more questions than it answers.  I recommend that you don’t try to scan it quickly, nor read it while at work, etc.  It’s too deep for that.  Print it out, and study it like a reference material which could make you independently wealthy, or at a minimum, allow you to cease a slave-like existence working to garner colored paper.  At least this knowledge/insight has done so for me, and I would like nothing more than for all of you to be completely FREE.

Here goes:

There is a lot of speculation lately about the world financial system.  For good reason, too.  I’ve narrowed down to three major players in the title, but there are other potential systems out there as well vying to replace the dying Bankster-pedo centralized system.  Mostly, other cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin, be them government issued, or privately developed.  This is a tough debate to have, as some of the information seems to be above top secret.  Yet I am proposing that everything you need to know is actually right on front of your faces.  You are just not recognizing it.

So, as my inner guidance has recently been speaking loudly to me on this topic, I feel the need to share it.  First, let’s get some background information on the table here, so that we’re all talking about the same thing.  

The Criminal Bankster-Pedo Centralized System Stays in Play so Long as You Support it

First, the status quo criminal system, or Central Bankster-Pedo Scrip, is still only being discussed since the sheeple refuse to let it go down the toilet where it belongs.  That means you, in this case, as I know that at least 99% of you still have a bank account, and are still utilizing the services of this disgusting network of repugnant, heinous criminals.  Why do you continue to pay exorbitant fees to be ripped off, in order to support the baby rapers?  Well done.  Thanks.

Therefore, although I and a few others have no bank accounts, we are still coerced into utilizing these slimy services from time to time in order to function, short of becoming a Quaker.  By the way, I respect the Quakers very, very, very much for their rock solid principles.  I am a bit weaker, as it turns out, and don’t have the advantage of their centuries old network at hand, in my defense, but I have been able to bypass the Bankster-Pedo network almost completely.  Lately it has become easier to find people who both, accept BTC for their goods and services, and also to convert my BTC to the disgusting pedo scrip, when forced to, by your lack of principles, which could also be called a service-to-self lack of action.

As a few quick examples, I am now paying my rent with BTC.  Before the scamdemic, I was also buying airline tickets online with BTC at  Worked great.  I have also done online shopping at  But I still need bankster scrip to go to a local grocery store, or a gas station.  With Paypal jumping on board, all that might change.  Personally, I wouldn’t have a Paypal account either, but I’m hoping that the platform will allow me to pay with BTC, without having to join that bankster-pedo network, which ain’t gonna happen.  

For an entrepreneur out their with deep pockets, we could use a card service which would allow us to settle our monthly bill in BTC.  I’d be glad to pay a couple of points for that service, as using BTC at POS terminals is a bit clumsy.

So, in short, the doors have been opened up for us to leave the Central Banking System behind, but you just apparently love the baby rapers too much to make that happen.  You refuse to see your own Freedom, and embrace it.  You DO NOT have to use ‘their’ system.  You choose to, of your own Free Will.  By the way, now that you know the evil which the baby-rapers are, and you continue to support them, you also become complicit, and incur karma.  Again, thanks a lot for your repulsive lack of principles.  I wouldn’t want anyone to be inconvenienced in any way, in order to bring child trafficking, and other evil deeds to a halt.  

The Quantum Financial System (QFS), and NESARA

This has been popping up a lot lately.  Again.  It is like mass arrests.  These big ‘fixes’ which are supposed to be carried out by a group of unknown heroes.  NESARA is an acronym for – The National Economic Security & Reformation Act.  It’s existence can only be substantiated by circumstantial evidence, it seems, but I tend to believe it, as it makes sense, and articulates reasonably well with what we are seeing today.

Here is a thorough study, and purported explanation of it, and related topics such as the Bankers’ Manifesto, the Farmer Claims Program, the secret Senate investigation carried out by retired General Roy Schwasinger, Jr. into banking fraud (similar to the recent secret Senate investigation of Wall St by Patrick Byrne) and the establishment of the illegal Fed etc..  

This is another 10 pages which is extremely interesting, and crucial to your full understanding of what is currently happening, in case you’re interested to know.  Like I said, it isn’t 100% proven to exist, but I propose that it also isn’t necessary.

The legal cases which spawned it seem to have really occurred starting back in the late 70’s, and running throughout the 80’s and 90’s, based on Nancy Detweiler’s research above.  Considering the apparent recent vacancy of Washington D. C., the provisions of this Act, including mass arrests, may already have been carried out.  However, we the people apparently do not have a need to know, yet.  For that matter, what percentage of people actually care?  It does seem that the American people have expressed adequate concern over learning the Truth regarding the presidential election results, at a minimum, though.  

Regarding NESARA, I propose that whether or not the Act exists, is largely irrelevant.  The US is in the final phases of a long-standing covert war, or counter coup, against evil.  If the Constitution gets reimplemented across the USA, that would necessarily require mass arrests of the criminals who both carried out the coup in 1963, and have led it since.  Reinstating the Constitution would also require the abolishment of the illegal income tax, the illegal Fed, a standing army, and the centralized government in DC, amongst other huge paradigm-shifting changes.  So, whether there is a written Act or not, I care not, so long as those changes are made.  

That is what is meant by – ‘America First’, too.  The US Constitution is America.  That is why all public servants, including the military, are sworn to protect it, above all else.  Once the US Constitution is restored in America (first), then The USA can be used as a launching pad to help retake the rest of the planet from evil, and to implement a global Constitution to assure that the Universal Law of Free Will is established, and protected, in every corner of Mother Earth.

The Show Must Go On

However, I do sympathize with the White Hat leaders, here, as to the timing of formal announcements of mass arrests, the Scamdemic, and the Biden Pretendancy etc..  Until the vast majority of Americans realize the extent to which they have allowed the USA to degenerate, they will lack the necessary desire and motivation to tear it completely down, and then rebuild it from the ground up with a newly restored Constitution.  That huge undertaking will require tremendous will, and motivation, and so many American sheeple still believe that America is #1, rah rah…I’m speechless.  Great?  The Best?  Most Free????  Are you kidding me?  Best what?  

The bar is so low right now, though.  Future may prove past, but one must look back a ways to see greatness in America.  In order to awaken, one must first realize that they are completely, and utterly, asleep.  Hence the current show, which has aptly been dubbed – ‘Wrestlemania’ due to its blatant absurdity.

Those with eyes to see, and ears to hear, know that Washington D. C. is now largely abandoned.  The Biden Pretendancy is a counter psy op playing out on the idiot box in order to help the disadvantaged TV watchers to awaken from the millennia old psy op of the Satanists.  The White Hats have already done the heavy lifting for humanity.  The mass arrests seem to have already occurred, but with multiple psy ops in play, it takes real faith to feel any level of certainty.  The COVID scam is yet another counter psy op designed in order to shake the deeply slumbered, so that they might awaken in the dream, too, and also to act as cover for ‘ascension syndrome’.

Yet Another Savior?

The carrot on the stick regarding the world financial system, which seems to be the QFS, may be yet another form of ‘savior’.  Humanity has been trained to wait patiently for their saviors, too.  Just sit back on your hands, and continue to work, eat, and sleep.  Nothing else is required of you.  Can’t you see the evil genius in getting you to do that?  Nothing, I mean?  Well, some of you may also pray, which is a slightly more active form of non participation in controlling your own destiny, i. e. Free Will.  

Again, prayer is not completely useless, but why don’t ‘Christians’ just go ahead and follow the teachings of Christ instead?  Seek Truth & Wisdom, for example, while avoiding temples & priests.  The human body is the only temple you’ll ever need.  Look within, for a change, rather than seek a savior from ‘out there’ somewhere.  As a ‘Christian’, one would think you’d actually wanna try to follow the teachings of Christ.  I’m just trying to use logic here, though, so I may get completely misunderstood.

Humanity is programmed to do nothing, with regards to liberating themselves.  Just wait for the ‘Savior’.  In the case of a new financial system that means some sort of replacement for the Satanic Central Banking System.  Therefore humanity has been offered the QFS.  Or I should say, the promise of something called the QFS.  I call this a ‘savior’, because it is supposed to fall from the sky.  Be provided by some higher power.  By who?  No one has a clue, but that seems to be part of the magic.  Some wonderful, benevolent stranger wants to come along and save us from ourselves!  How wonderful!!!  Puke.  

Why does humanity love to be saved by completely unknown, and misunderstood entities?  That would require a psychological study by someone smarter than me.  I can only tell you that it is a form of weakness, at best, or sickness at worst, and we need to recognize it, and wean ourselves from the temptation to sit, do nothing, and wait for someone else to do our bidding.

The QFS has been described as a miraculous, high tech financial system, utilizing quantum computers and artificial intelligence (AI).  I have seen a few articles now, most written anonymously with no evidential support, that the QFS has been devised by higher dimensional, non-terrestrial beings, even.  Thereby allowing us to realize that it must be better, because it was not developed by human beings.  Hmmm.  Is that, right there, a form of mental sickness?  Intuitively believing that if it is devised by humanity, it must be evil shit?  Deficient in some way, shape, or form?

Anyways, the QFS as described sounds miraculous.  Each unit of currency would be backed by gold.  Not only backed by gold, but backed by a specific portion of a specific bar of gold, and tied to it by some sort of identifying tag within the system.  I initially bought into it two or three years ago myself.  I may still buy into it, if it ever crawls out from behind the woodwork, except that there have been too many negative signs for me recently.  Right off the bat, AI is problematic for me.  Aren’t the CCP the world leaders in weaponizing AI?  Isn’t it widely acknowledged that AI is inherently dangerous?  The digital version of nuclear weapons?

QFS May Bring Zero Privacy, and Some Form of Money Police

Almost as bad as AI, is this miraculous corruption-busting aspect we are told will be available with the QFS.  There will be someone, or something that will assure that every transaction carried out in the QFS will somehow be reviewed, and validated as ‘legal’.  HUGE RED FLAG for me there.  That sounds very Orwellian, and police statish to me.  Do you really want anyone/thing reviewing all of your transactions in order to accept it as being ok before allowing it to take place?  Who, exactly will be defining what is ‘ok’ and what isn’t?  That sounds a lot like what the bankster/pedos have been trying to accomplish with all of their KYC, and other privacy-invasive tactics to control your use of ‘your own’ bankster scrip.

A currency is not a crime-fighting tool, or at least it isn’t in any Free society.  If the police & courts do their jobs, and arrest & prosecute criminals for their crimes, then there will be no more criminal financial transactions.  We can’t allow this NWO/Satanic/Illuminati creed – “If you have nothing to hide….”  bull shit.  If a crime is being committed, then catch the perpetrators as they commit the crime.  Carrying out financial transactions is not a crime.  If someone, like the CIA/Mossad/MI6 for example, is trafficking children, you don’t catch them by watching their financial transactions at the expense of my personal privacy.  You catch them in the act of moving 18,000 shipping containers as they pass through the Suez canal, for example.  That’s where the evidence of the crime is, not in the financial records of the 99% law abiding citizenry.

Why All the Secrecy as to QFS Functionality?

The next problem for me is all of the secrecy.  Especially as to what it is, and how it works. Implementation may still be a strategically justified secret, but functionality?  We are now beyond the ‘danger’ that the fear porn artists want you to believe is still out there anyways.  I’m not going to try and convince anyone, in this piece, that there is no real danger remaining out there.  That is another eyes & ears only matter.  You either get it, or you don’t.  I feel very sure that the only thing left to fear, is your own fear.  FDR was right about that. 

The secrecy surrounding the QFS has also put me off it.  I mean, we’re supposed to just put all of our financial assets into a system that we are assured is developed, and will be maintained by some well-meaning, and benevolent chaps?  Doesn’t that sound suspiciously like the bankster-pedo system you’re afraid to leave behind?  Just “trust me, I’ve got your back on this one”?  We should just dive right in with zero due diligence?  Nah.  I don’t think so.

I’ve also seen some evidence that the QFS was developed in England by the MI6, and I’ve also seen articles which came out recently evidencing that it is a Swiss and Chinese system.  Some of you may recall that the banksters in London (founders of MI6, Mossad and CIA) helped set up the Chinese financial markets about 5-6 years ago.  We know that Switzerland is home to the BIS, or the Central Bank of the Central Banks.  To me, that all makes the QFS seem like an attempted end around by the final surviving members of the Bankster-pedos, in order for them to maintain control.  I hope I get proven wrong, but until I am, I have no more interest in this top secret, AI utilizing, privacy killing, just in the nick o time so hurry in to it – ‘savior’.

I mean, even Bitcoin has a white paper out there for anyone to read.  Here is a link to it:  Anyone can read what BTC is, and how it works.  But the QFS is so super-trustworthy, just by virtue of its coolness, that we don’t need any information on it in order to trust it?  Are we really that fucking stupid?  Well, based on past history, it may appear so, but in these times of increasing incoming electromagnetic energies, and activating DNA, we may find that we’re suddenly smarter than our recent ancestors were.  But then, you’re still supporting the bankster pedos by holding multiple accounts with them, right?  I hope you sleep well at night.

Iraqi Dinars???

So, bottom line for me is that until logical, trustworthy information gets released as to exactly what the QFS is, and why anyone should ever put their financial assets into it, I’m backing far away from it.  It may still turn out to be the financial ‘savior’, but so far, it looks like a bankster Plan B to their ‘reset’ until proven otherwise.  By the way, whenever anyone mentions Iraqi Dinars, I suggest that you become suspicious.  I know a lot of people who have bought into this theory, whatever it is, and I really like some of them.  However, it is not logical at all, at least not to me.  Its like the flat earth.  Two dimensional logic.  Iraqi Dinars are also being tied to the QFS.  Go figure.  Be wary, and ask a lot of questions, is my advice.

So now that you’ve finally decided to stop supporting the baby rapers by closing your Satanic bank accounts, and have become rationally suspicious of the so far, mythological QFS/Iraqi Dinar savior system.  Let’s take a look at the only other major player left standing.

Bitcoin, Distributed Ledger Technology, and the Blockchain

Let’s first take a look at some irrefutable Truths about Bitcoin, as there are so many easily refutable lies out there to deal with later.  Starting with some basic terminology.  The term Blockchain has been muddied quite a bit.  That has been by design, I propose.  The Satanists historically attempt to co-opt anything good, and/or benevolent.  Like, for example, a triangle drawn on a piece of paper (2D) is not a pyramid (3D).  You just look at it that way.  Nor is an ‘all seeing eye’ the same as the teacher known as Jesus’ “single eye”.  A hexagram (2D), is not the same as the sacred geometrical shape of a MerKaBa (3D), although the Rothschilds have tried to co-opt it, and call it the ‘Star of David’.  You all certainly recognize that ‘woke’ ain’t awake.

So as the bankster-pedos jump on the bandwagon of – “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”, and try to co-opt the ‘Blockchain’, know this – There is only one Blockchain, and Bitcoin is utilizing it.  Blockchain is a brand, like Pepsi or Coke.   It is a particular program, developed within the technology known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).  The Blockchain is also open source.  Transparent.  Anyone can go to the Internet, and see how it works.  Only a relative few can understand it, but the fact that it can be policed by the good guys, gives it considerable credibility.

Here are some more Truths you can verify – 

  • Bitcoin has no owner.  No one controls the issuance of money, if that money is BTC.  So, no Meyer Rothschilds not caring who controls the government.  
  • It is also finite.  The amount of total bitcoin which will ever exist is known by all, and can not be altered.  Therefore the supply side of the supply & demand equation is known by all.  As is demand, by looking at transactions on the Blockchain.  Very importantly, no one can ‘print’ nor ‘mine’ it unilaterally, and inflate the value of it away.
  • It is completely transparent.  The Blockchain is essentially just an online accounting ledger with unique security characteristics.  Its security is now proven over 12 years of existence.  Anyone can go to the Blockchain, and view every single bitcoin transaction which has ever been executed, and in chronological order from Day 1.  Why don’t the banksters allow that?  Hell, we can’t even audit the Fed.  Any other public company which tried that would be blocked from Wall Street, at a minimum.  Officers subject to jail terms.  Oh, the Fed is private. Or was.  The Donald took it back under the wing of the Treasury Department where it belongs in accordance with the Constitution.  Nice.
  • Bitcoin protects personal privacy.  Any human being can open a Bitcoin account without proving to anyone that they are somehow good enough to do so.  No bankster/governmental issued ID required.  Furthermore, transactions are not listed by name, but by an anonymous alpha-numeric string instead.  The banksters and their corrupt politicians have tried very hard to convince the sheeple that personal privacy is a bad thing, but only animals in cages live without personal privacy, and I am not in favor of animals being put in cages, either.
  • The Blockchain is decentralized.  It exists on every user’s computer, and this allows for simultaneous corroboration/reconciliation of transactions and balances across millions of servers world wide.  This is one of the reasons why it is so safe, and the banksters have been unable to steal from it, nor has anyone else, for that matter.  The Fed servers, though, have been hacked, but so what?  They just push a couple of buttons and voila! a few $ trillion more dollars appear on their servers, with an asset account called Interest Receivable.  From you.

The Big Lie

Now allow me to hopefully lay to rest a very persistent, and huge LIE.  The lie is that a currency must be backed by something else, in order to be legitimate, and ‘safe’.  PLEASE, PLEASE get this huge fucking lie out of your head.  A CURRENCY IS NOT A STORE OF VALUE.  Can you see that?  Repeat it a million times, please.  A currency exists solely in order to facilitate the exchange of goods and services.  PERIOD.  Like Ben Franklin’s Colonial Scrip, for example.  The most successful currency the modern Americas ever had, was before America even existed.  It’s success brought about oppression by the London banksters, which led to the Revolutionary War, in fact.

The only thing a currency requires as ‘backing’ is confidence by the users that they will be able to receive it, and then turn around and use it to get what they need in return.  PERIOD.  I should hope that no one needs their idiot boxes to proclaim something as trustworthy?  If someone on the tee vee doesn’t say that BTC is valuable, then it isn’t for you?  That kind of stupidity has led to the Biden Pretendancy, and the flu which brought about illegal house arrest.  

So leave this lie behind.  Why go to all this trouble, utilizing extremely dangerous AI, in order to back the wondrous QFS with an infinite commodity/metal such as gold?  What exactly does that accomplish?  If you can’t sit down and intelligently explain to me, in writing, exactly what benefits are gained by humanity with the gold-backing of a currency, then those perceived virtues don’t actually exist.  If you can, please do so, and send it to me.  I have an open mind to it, and am constantly seeking Truth & Wisdom as advised by the teacher.

At best, I propose, the only benefit is psychological, and that doesn’t justify the complexity, and danger of using AI.  It also means that the QFS currency will not be finite, as the stores of gold are constantly fluctuating.  And think of all the unnecessary security over that infinite commodity which only has value because someone says it does.  Yes, the value of gold is also a matter of confidence, and is illusory.

Say it with me again – CURRENCY REQUIRES NO ‘BACKING’ BY ANYTHING other than mutual confidence.  I would say that a Free market value of $60,000+/BTC denotes confidence, wouldn’t you?

Bitcoin; Making the Bankster Baby Rapers Irrelevant since 2009

I could continue, but that should be sufficient to get your interest.  It has already gotten the interest of the ‘smart money’, as evidenced by the value of BTC surpassing $60,000 per, after starting out at a dime in 2009.  No wonder the banksters have been working OT since then to make Bitcoin go away.  They saw its real value immediately, and therefore the danger it represented to their repugnant existence, and began going after it.  You should therefore intuitively conclude right away that BTC must be over the target.  

It was developed specifically to make the bankster baby rapers irrelevant, and is now well on its way to doing just that.  In fact it would have already, if you would go to the baby-rapers office, and withdraw your money.  Can’t you smell ‘their’ fear?  Actually ‘They’ may all be either dead or in jail, but let’s not get confused with counter, counter psy – ops right here.

Trust me when I tell you that any government, bank or corporation is not going to post their shady version of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) as open source.  Instead, they’ll call it a ‘Blockchain’, and try to co-opt the trustworthiness of the BTC Network.  But it won’t be the Blockchain, and their version of DLT will not be designed to work in your favor at all.  They prefer to call those particular unsafe features ‘trade secrets’.  

The Blockchain is open source, because it has nothing to hide.  It is all described in the White Paper which you’ve already read.  Where is the White Paper for the Central Banking System describing how it works to serve humanity in a transparent fashion?  The QFS?  No wonder ‘They’ want to destroy BTC.

We Fight Like Gandhi for FREEDOM

Therefore ‘they’ have gone through the same old steps which Gandhi pointed out to us regarding the Brit enslavement of India, and his leadership in repelling it.  Step 1 – “They ignore you.”  Step 2 – “They ridicule you.”  Step 3 – “They fight you.”  Step 4 – “You win.”   

Those of us who saw a few years back that BTC was the only benevolent player in the game, are now enjoying the closing stages of Step 3, and preparing to celebrate Step 4.  Arguably, we already are, but I still see the day when Joe Sixpack realizes that he’s supporting evil with his Chase or Wells Fargo account, pulls it all out, and looks for somewhere else to keep it.  As usual, he’ll get in way late.  After all of the smart money has already gotten in, and drove the value sky high.  BTC could at that point be $ 1 million+.  Don’t scoff.  When I told you last year that it would soon be $50,000 what did you think then?

Let’s review Gandhi’s steps as they relate to the history of BTC.  Step 1 speaks for itself.  When BTC came out at the beginning of 2009 ‘they’ didn’t have to do anything, other than maybe very quietly send out hit squads trying to identify, and then locate Satoshi, and kill him.  By the way, Satoshi is like Q.  Not a single individual, and not likely to ever be known publicly.  Also, similarly, way over our heads, and quite potentially including some higher density beings in the group, along with some very smart, and benevolent humans.

Very few of us ever heard of BTC before 2012, at the earliest, and I’m talking about the so-called ‘awakened community’.  But as soon as people started to figure out its intrinsic benevolence, and started to obtain it as the ‘alternative’ to the evil pedo scrip, ‘they’ had to move to step 2.  So it was ridiculed.  As recently as last year I still heard people saying – “it isn’t real money.”  That despite the fact that several developed nations had declared it as a legal currency.  They really had no choice.  Don’t be ignorant.  Anything that anyone else will accept in exchange for their goods and services is a currency, essentially.  There need not be any governmental intrusion into such a personal, private matter, despite your programing to the contrary.

Then, as the ridicule phase failed miserably they moved predictably in to Step 3 to fight it.  Their fight has primarily been via a coordinated smear campaign distributed by their media platforms.  But, first they tried widely publicized hacking frauds into online exchanges, which they certainly manufactured, like false flag events.  Then they tried to co-opt it by buying it up, and controlling it.  However, as it is a True Free market, they couldn’t.  The best they could do was make it fluctuate wildly, while assuring its long term upward trend.  It is finite, and therefore Truly acts like a Free market is supposed to, obeying the laws of supply & demand, unlike precious metals.  They also tried to smear it as being the currency of criminals, even jailing more innocent people in sham trials with corrupt judges, like the shameful kangaroo court conviction of Ross Ulbricht  

The whole – “Bitcoin is only used by criminals on the dark web” smear requires a lot of ignorance to buy into.  In the same way that guns don’t commit murder, currencies also don’t commit any crimes, nor does the basic human right to personal privacy.  By now, most of you know that all of the baby, gun, drug, and organ trafficking being controlled worldwide by the CIA/Mossad/MI6 etc, is being transacted almost exclusively in USD.  Should we ban the USD?  Possibly.  But it’s actually better to just make it irrelevant, and go around it.

Then we all heard the “volatility” smear.  Well, yeah, like Apple stock in the 90’s, I suppose it is volatile.  It has peaks and valleys in an ever upward trend.  I’ve been personally enjoying that ‘volatility’ quite a bit, after my own guiding angels advised me to go long, and not look back, in 2015 or so.  It has been easy for me to follow that guidance, as there is no other financial asset out there to move it into, which isn’t clearly rigged.  

Stock market?  hahahahahahahaha  Las Vegas is better.  Precious metals?  Are you kidding?  Nothing more rigged than that.  Commodities?  Get real.  RIGGED.  Real estate or art?  Not liquid enough for me.  What else is there?  Why would I even think of moving out of BTC?  So I haven’t.  For six years, other than to maintain about 15% in silver.  A kind of just-in-case insurance policy, and one in which the White Hats may be setting up another short squeeze play on, in order to catch the baby-rapers with their pants down, again.

BTC is a Cabal Psy Op?

More recently, they seem to be working the psy op angle, trying to convince people that Bitcoin is a Cabal/Illuminati/CIA operation.  Well, sorry, but I can’t find the logical dots to connect there, either.  If that’s the case then what is the Great Reset all about?  They already have it with BTC, right?  So they were just staging the whole fight I’ve outlined above as a psy op of a psy op?  I’ve also heard that it’s all a set up in order to take it down and steal everyone’s money.  Again, logic please?  Anyone?

If they went to all of that trouble to use it as a theft mechanism, what exactly are they waiting for?  They’ve been getting their asses handed to them over the past few years, and losing everything, as the White Hats confiscate it, or otherwise cut off revenue sources for child, organ, arms, and drug trafficking, etc…  But they somehow have this magical ability to take the $ trillions in BTC?  I’m supposed to believe that they’re waiting for the right moment?  If this isn’t the right time, then exactly when do you think they might decide to pull the trigger on that one? 

Finally – If the Internet goes down, we all have much greater problems than the blockchain not being ‘up’.  I guess no ATM’s will be working either.  But then, I have had computer nerds tell me that you would be able to transact BTC with short wave radios.  Maybe so.  When you need to get that far into Doomsday to point out the only available weakness of a system, I would say that you have, in contrast, proven how safe it is.  You should have some physical precious metals on hand for such a doomsday scenario, as I’ve already pointed out, but it’s like building a bomb shelter.  If you’re gonna worry about doomsday events, I propose that you’re not quite getting the most out of life, anyways.  So what good is money?

No, I’m sorry, but all of those smears either already have, or are about to fail.  That sets us up for Gandhi’s step 4 – WE WIN!


To wrap this all up, their is no financial system savior on the way.  At least I have not seen the evidence of one, and my considerable faith leads me to believe that just like in the spiritual and geopolitical realms, your savior has already been provided to you.  You just have to open your eyes and ears, and realize what you already have.

In the spiritual realm, the teacher known as Jesus came by 2,000 years ago, taught his lessons, and they were co-opted by evil, and darkness.  Humanity was advised to avoid temples and priests, and what did so many of them do?  Humanity was advised to seek Truth & Wisdom, but so many stare into their idiot boxes, instead.  Humanity has been programmed to await a savior to come down from the sky and save them.  So they close their eyes and ears, and pray as taught by their temples and priests, and do nothing, while evil has its way.

In geopolitical terms humanity has similarly already been saved.  The saviors arrived in the form of an unseen collective known by many as The White Hats.  They had a chosen spokesman named Donald Trump.  Like the spiritual savior he was ignored, then ridiculed, then fought with all of the fury that all of the world’s money and power could muster.  They lost.  You are now FREE.  You simply need to look behind you at the open gates of the corral you have built around yourself with your own mind, and walk out through it.  Read Plato’s Cave allegory.  Here’s a link:

Now we have the financial realm.  It is so seemingly important, because we were all programmed to believe that “money makes the world go ’round”.  Well, only if you think it does.  Look at the Quakers.  Damn, I admire them.  The Indians also had it right, as have so many other, ‘lesser’ cultures.  By ‘right’ I mean that spirituality is the basis for the ‘meaning of life’.  Living in harmony with nature (God).  Not colored paper, nor the material shit one can accumulate with it.

But we do need some form of currency in this transitional phase we are now passing through.  So once again, humanity sits back awaiting a savior.  Well, it must be the QFS, right?  It apparently comes from some ‘higher’ source.  More intelligent, and more spiritually advanced than humanity?  Well, I admit that I also fell into that trap initially.  Humanity has Truly proven itself to be real shit in certain aspects, but we need to now forgive ourselves, and then learn to love ourselves, too, people.  First, we’ll have to learn who we really are, though.  That needs to happen on a personal level.  YOU need to find out who YOU are.  Once again, don’t sit back and wait for a teacher to come and give that answer to you.  

Look inside, exactly as the teacher known as Jesus tried to teach humanity to do two thousand years ago.  The human body is the only temple that we need.  Within, you’ll find everything you need to know.

I advise you to close your bankster/pedo accounts, and learn to live without them.  If I can do it, so can you.  Who the hell am I?  Exactly.  You are certainly much greater than this shiftless carcass.

You have more than you know…

In Service to All, In Service of the One