Dear All,

I’ve been making my way through the attached White Hats’ 1776 Report (Report) over the past couple of mornings.  As I started making my way carefully through it, it occurred to me that we really need to modify the basic verbiage of the Constitution, in order to reflect the huge paradigm shift which we are emerging from.  It is as though we are leaving our adolescence behind, and becoming adults now.  At the same time, we are moving out of an abusive orphanage, run by perverted despots, and into a bright sunny new world.  One in which we can heal from the abusive upbringing, and start to shape a wonderful new life for ourselves. 

As I read the Report, which summarizes our adolescence in the orphanage, I realized that our Founding Fathers had been ham-strung by the sick and twisted parameters put in place by the religious order which had run the orphanage in which they were forced to live.  Even though they were developed enough to run their own lives better, they still had to suffer through those final few years until they hit legal adulthood.  They also had to wait for more of the younger orphans to catch up to them. 

What struck me hardest was the fact that the term ‘God’ appears 27 times in the 45 page Report, which brings to mind how many times it also appears in Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution (Founding Documents) as well.  I would propose that this term, which the Report, and therefore the Founding Documents, are arguably shaped around, be clearly defined at the outset.  If it even can be, in any mutually agreeable way to all parties involved.  If it can’t be, then words which are more generally well understood should be used in its place, I would suggest.

As it stands, the term is either not understood at all, or at best misunderstood by the vast majority of people around the world, at least in accordance with my own understanding of the term.  Therefore, neither this Report, nor the Founding Documents, can be correctly understood either, as they rely so heavily on this particular term’s understanding.  In fact, by using this misunderstood term so materially, these documents must logically be at least partially misunderstood by 90%, or more of the world’s population, I would estimate.

I don’t see how anyone could object to using terms that the majority of people agree on, as to the definition.  I would personally define ‘God’ as follows: 

The infinitely intelligent energy within which all matter exists, and which exists within all matter.  

Therefore, as I read the Report, and the Founding Documents, I have some questions about how, exactly, does ‘God’ enter into our government.  How exactly are ‘God’s’ ‘desires’ to be known?  Via some special class of citizen which claims to be in communication with ‘God’?  The ‘Priests’, which the teacher known as Jesus warned us to stay clear of, for example?  How do we then place a check on their power, as ‘God’ is so intertwined within our framework documents of ‘self rule’?

Even more importantly, I’m sure that many, probably even most of you, would define the term ‘God’ much differently than I have.  I happen to know how at least a couple of you would define the term ‘God’.  At least one of you would define it something like this:

An all knowing, all loving, all powerful being who can do anything.

I also happen to know that at least one of you would define the term ‘God’ as something like this:

A figment of many peoples’ imagination.

This wide raging confusion over what the term even means is exactly why I question the use of it in a constitutional framework.  I would love to start up a public debate on this topic, so please send me your definition of ‘God’.  Also, too, please explain how you think ‘God’ should be represented within a framework such as the US Constitution.  Also please explain how we should then confer with, in a public manner, your definition of ‘God’?  Or maybe you agree that we should leave such specifics regarding spirituality out of such a ‘governing’ framework.  

I hate to digress, but we should stop using the word ‘government’ as well.  It is derived from the Latin words which mean – ‘mind control’.  It was used as part of the evil ones’ compliance with universal laws on full disclosure.  Once humanity accepted ‘government’ we consented to mind control as well, of our own Free Will.  Quickly moving on – 

For me, personally, spirituality (at least now, in this stage of my life) is the driving reason behind my current physical, and temporary incarnation here on Mother Earth.  However, I’m not sure that the word ‘spirituality’ belongs in this Report, nor the Constitution with such importance as the term ‘God’ is currently being used, either.  

As the Report, and Constitution have gone to such great lengths to spell out the concept of the equal creation of human beings, and therefore humanity’s equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, how then can we also base these documents on such a divisive term as ‘God’?  Why don’t we just build the Constitution around the primal universal law of Free Will, instead?  That would only require some modifications to the obsolete Vatican, and Church-related terminology, I think.

So long as humanity has the basic, divine right of Free Will, along with the Founding Fathers’ aptly pronounced rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, won’t we all then be able to pursue our own particular brands of spirituality as deemed fit?  Or alternatively to ignore spirituality all together, as I did in my youth?  I fully support my fellow human beings’ divine right to define the term ‘God’ very differently than I do.  In fact, I am sure that the Freedom to think in such polar opposite ways is vital to our spiritual evolution.

So let’s just leave it at that, and stop bandying about this badly misunderstood term ‘God’.  It has been so effectively manipulated, and abused over the millennia as to have too many differing connotations than could now ever be refined into a cohesive, meaningful, and non-inflammatory term ever again.  For me, at least, it triggers memories of the evil Vatican/Church, which then creates an instant repulsive instinct to any document that includes it.  I know I’m not the only one so affected.

We might as well use the term ‘love’ in the Constitution, and base all laws around that.  I hope that analogy isn’t lost on any of you, but such a widely indefinable term just can’t be in a self-managing framework.

We no longer live in a world ruled by any evil Vatican, nor Church, and therefore, no longer must we bow to evil rule via manipulation by fear, confusion, and perpetuation of ignorance, i. e. darkness.  I will make a radical proposal here.  Why don’t we just decide that humanity is now evolved enough to rule itself?  Without either ‘God’, nor ‘nature’ to refer to as some sort of sounding board.  It’s all us now, working hand in hand, on an equal footing with Mama.

Can’t we manage to somehow take hold of the language sufficiently enough to spell everything out simply and correctly?  In fact it seems like the Golden Rule would just about cover most matters all by itself.  Paraphrased:

Don’t do anything to someone else, which you wouldn’t want them to do to you.  

That’s 90% of it right there, isn’t it?  It allows for a great deal of Freedom, within simple, minimal parameters.  The remaining 10% of laws, I guess, would be required to cover those rare circumstances in which a masochist actually likes to be treated badly, and therefore treats others badly?  However, by definition, masochists are not sadists, nor are sadists, masochists, as far as my limited understanding of such matters goes.  Luckily, I don’t think we will have to worry as much about such aberrations going forward, though.  

I’ve over-simplified intentionally.  I Truly do believe, though, that we need to repeal at least 80% of all existing laws and regulations, as they directly infringe upon the primal universal law of Free Will.  We also need to get back to the Constitution regarding decentralized management, and away from centralized, Federal management.  Let Washington DC sink back into the swamp upon which it was built.  Humanity no longer needs it.  Ditto with the Vatican, and the ‘Square Mile’, within the City of London.  Collectively they represent ancient Babylon.

As I understand, according to the Guardians (the higher dimensional beings guiding our evolution), we are now at a sufficient collective vibratory rate, representing a minimal collective spiritual maturity, in order to rule ourselves.  Admittedly, that comes from a source which is tantamount to what many have referred to as ‘God’ over the centuries, and here I am claiming to represent that source.  I fight like hell for everyone’s Free Will, and you can surely exercise yours right here as to whether or not that information resonates with your understanding or not.  That is called discernment, and I hope everyone exercises theirs. 

Regardless, I for one feel sure that we need to pull on the big boy & girl pants, and stop looking up to ill-defined concepts such as ‘God’ or ‘nature’ to guide our behavior.  We’ll now be taking full responsibility for our own actions, and swift justice will be rendered under a completely impartial, fair & balanced judicial system as necessary.  As I said, such a system will be reserved for any evil acts committed by those rare, malevolent few, who remain beyond these upcoming ‘days of purification’.  Those of you who currently don’t ‘believe’ those days will occur, will receive the evidence you require soon enough.  

That is irrelevant to this discussion, though.  You can assume that we will go forward in an equally evil world, in order to influence your opinions about how our Constitution should be framed.  I opine that under any circumstances, it is Free Will, and only Free Will, which should be the primal guiding principle.

I’ve attached the 1776 Report again, in case you still haven’t made the ‘time’ to read it.

As always, please give me your comments.

In Service to All, In Service of the One