Dear All,

The Guardians/Elohim/Most High/Holy Spirit (or what many collectively call God/Allah/Krishna/Yahweh etc) if pushed to choose, would quickly flush earth humanity in order to save Mother Earth.  In fact, Mama is quite capable of defending herself, and could shake us off like a dog does fleas, and might yet, if this incredible opposing polarity, and its unsupportable vibrations persist much longer.  She could create a pole shift, or get Papa to help with a mass coronal ejection.  Bye, bye fleas.  It would take an hour, if that.  It is proof of her superior, loving nature that she hasn’t done so already.

So humanity had better change radically, and start to take very good care of her.  Unfortunately, that means doing so much differently than we have so far.  Again, humanity is to blame for what the Cabal/Deep State/Illuminati/Bankster child rapers etc etc etc do.  We, the sheeple, have voluntarily chosen to burn fossil fuels, rather than to demand the disclosure of, and use of advanced technologies which we already have.  All paid for by the taxpayers.  Most notably free, clean energy for example.

This call for change does not mean we should sit at home on our asses, and pray for ‘God’ to do something to save us. That means WE do something.  If we can somehow shake off the apathy, and do so, I’m sure that we will receive the necessary help from the higher dimensional beings charged with our guidance, and protection.

Humanity as a whole has used, of its own Free Will, single-use plastics (made from petroleum).  Humanity, of its own Free Will, spends $ Billions on, and then uses, toxic chemical products, made by Rockefeller & Rothschild et al, and their hundreds of corporations.  

How exactly does one expect ‘God’ to bring an end to human stupidity, and complicity with evil?  By wiping out humanity, I presume?  I recommend that you stop looking outside of yourself to be saved from what you yourself are responsible for.  If you want to change the world, start by looking in the mirror.  Moving on…

Romney, Gates, Kissinger & the Davos Crowd, Occasional Cortex, and their unaccountable communist bureaucratic alphabets with no jurisdictional authority – UN, WHO, IMF, World Bank, OECD etc etc would like humanity to believe that Mama is heating up due to gases created by their suppression of advanced technology.  That is more confusion created via BS, although we do need to rid the atmosphere of those unnecessarily expelled gases, and not with cars that use dangerous AI to drive themselves, for Christ’s sake.

The entire solar system is heating up, and from the inside out, due to the photon belt of highly charged electromagnetic energies which we are currently passing through, and cyclically pass through, every 12-13,000 years.  That same energy is also activating what fake scientists have called ‘junk’ DNA.  The Great Awakening is the result.

These disinfo artists would also like you to think that the solution to their brutal suppression of advanced technology is more regulations, and increased bureaucracies staffed with even more indoctrinated robots, i. e. increased suppression of our divine right to Free Will.

BULL SHIT.   All we need is FULL DISCLOSURE of advanced technologies, IMMEDIATELY.  Mama would get cleaned up, and new, emotionally and spiritually satisfying jobs would be created, and quality of life would be greatly enhanced.  All practically over night.  New industry #1 might be the decommissioning, and scrapping of all super tankers, and recycling of the materials.  It just gets better from there.

That is why I think the White Hats had the bankrupt Corp. CEO – Biden, shut down the pipeline project.  We also had the scamdemic to shut down the airlines, and to a large degree, any non essential travel, and the related pollution.  Materialism in general took a mortal wound, which is also very beneficial in the long run.  Screw the Communists’ ‘economy’.  It had become like a religion, worshiping the UN/IMF dollar, at the expense of both Mama & humanity.  The dollar had long ago ceased to be purely an American currency, as it was backed by petroleum.  Good riddance to the bankrupt USA, Inc.

Have you heard the rumor percolating out of the White Hat controlled Pentagon about the creation of The United States of the Americas?  From Alaska down to Patagonia?  Attached is a type of Re-declaration of Independence.  It was recently issued by the White Hats, apparently.  I haven’t yet read it, but was immediately guided to Appendix II, for some reason, and via quick scan noted that they seemed to have disparaged the Founding Fathers’ (FF) wise desire to have a distinct division between church & state.  That seems unwise to me.  The FF rightfully desired to be Free from the misguided spiritual disinformation of the Institutional Religions.

Let me know your thoughts, please.

Be happy & Free