Dear All,

Something just popped into my mind, from the Holy Spirit, I presume.  What if COVID19 is a well-designed cover for the die-off of those who simply can not match the increasing vibrational rate of Mother Earth as she ascends?

We all know that there is no real virus, but that there’s something.  Something which can’t be seen under a microscope.  We’ve heard that maybe it works in conjunction with 5G, which is a sort of electromagnetic radiation.  Another part of the cover?  And it’s all being blamed on the Davos/NWO/Cabal crowd, even though the White Hats are in complete control.  Let’s think, shall we?

What if, in reality, the White Hats designed COVID as a cover for those who die of the increasing vibratory rate of Mother Earth, as she ascends?  Let’s call that ‘ascension syndrome’.  I just read that when any of the bodies of these so called COVID victims get autopsied, it shows that they died of electromagnetic radiation poisoning.  Isn’t that essentially what a person’s body (holographic) would display if they couldn’t match the increasing vibratory rates of Mama?  

That vibratory rate (frequency) that we often talk about, in conjunction with ascension, measures electromagnetic wavelengths.  As the solar system dives deeper into the photon belt, the electromagnetic energies are increasing, as is the vibratory rate.  Rather than have people suddenly start dying for ‘unknown’ reasons, a ‘virus’ was created.  One which exists solely in the minds of the lower vibratory population.  Those who watch, and believe the fake news, for example.  A ‘virus’ which people with higher vibratory rates would discern as being fake, but which those with lower vibratory rates would fear as authentic.  It’s almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Maybe we should just relax, and let this ‘ascension syndrome’ run its course?  Eventually we’ll be left with those who know it’s a sham, and it will then cease to exist as those people will continue to refuse to wear the mask, take vaccines, nor otherwise play the game.  It’s actually quite genius.  There exists the possibility that a high percentage of the current lower vibratory population will suddenly recognize the sham, and thereby increase their vibratory rates.  Cured!  

Vibratory rates increase with Truth & Wisdom, hence the ancient advice of the teacher known as Jesus to seek same, and to avoid temples and priests who deal in disinformation, ignorance and darkness.

No, that’s not a quantum computer in my pocket.  I’m just happy to be here connecting the displayed dots.

By the way – the teacher known as Jesus is not God.  Just another higher dimensional guy who cares.  Soon I hope we’ll be meeting his colleagues.

In Service to All, In Service of the One