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Today I’d like to take a step towards making people more aware, i. e. increase human consciousness, regarding the True pandemic which we face today.  That is not the COVID19 ‘virus’, but rather, a nasty and as of yet unrecognized side effect.  That being the non-thinking, and irrational conformity which has been adopted by such a frightening percentage of humanity in response to no more evidence of its existence than the dishonest and dangerous media blitz on the subject.  That is already very well-known by those with eyes to see, and ears to hear, so what I’m going to discuss is something you haven’t heard of yet.

As all concepts need an identifying label in order to discuss them, and since a catchy acronym always seems to work well, I came up with LUMS20.  Actually, this whole thing came to me in a pre-dawn message from my higher self/guides, including the name LUMS20, and I woke up laughing which is a very healthy way to awaken.  

Did you know that people who wake up laughing are 93% less likely to contract the COVID19 ‘virus’?  That is according to my very own unscientific statistical guessing, the common sense of which is probably just as accurate as anything the WHO, AMA or CDC has to offer.  There, see what I mean about acronyms?  If this stat were to be proclaimed on CNN, based solely on anonymous ‘experts’, it would instantly be regarded as ‘scientific’ fact.  So follow the science!  More on that dichotomy below.

The surprise I will offer you today, is that the LUMS20 malady is Truly much, much more dangerous than is the so-called virus termed COVID19.  It is actually the primary side effect of COVID19, as all other side effects are a result of LUMS.  A well-planned one at that, as COVID19 is primarily a mental disease, rather than a physical one.  The primary purpose of COVID19, in fact, is to transmit LUMS20 to a distracted populace.  Although no one is tracking the death rate of the LUMS20 malady, it requires only a small degree of common sense contemplation to see that LUMS20 is way ahead of the COVID19 in achieving the genocidal goals of the dark side.  

I mean, ask yourself – What percentage of the population is now suffering from poverty related troubles?  Twenty, thirty percent?  I’m being very conservative.  What percentage of the population has Truly been affected by any ‘virus’, outside of the heinous restrictions put in place by corrupt politicians, and the corporate interests which control them?  Even if you use the fake death stats provided on the tee vee?  That, in a nutshell, is the difference between COVID19 and LUMS20.

The death rate of LUMS20 can’t be tracked, because it isn’t even recognized as the deadly malady it so obviously is.  Although I plan to convince you that LUMS20 is very real, you will never hear of it on the tee vee.  Those who control your idiot box programming are much too clever to allow this, or any other unadulterated Truth to be transmitted across those particular waves.  Let that convincing commence.
First, I’ll draw some contrasts between the diversionary side show which is COVID19, and the real killer, which is its primary side effect, LUMS20.  In order to be effective, LUMS20 must remain as a silent and unrecognized side effect.  Therefore, and unlike with COVID19, there is no official test at $x per, to be run at any level of cycling.  On the other hand, though, and very unlike COVID19, LUMS20 does have quite obvious symptoms, which we can sense with our own eyes and ears.  Therefore, one can easily identify those suffering the effects of LUMS20, which is the True, yet indirect and silent killer.  It’s certainly not the corona virus, also known as the common cold, which medical ‘science’ hesitatingly, almost secretly admits it doesn’t completely understand, and can’t cure

How to Spot LUMS20

With a quick cursory glance, and with just a tad of common sense, one can easily identify the sufferers of the LUMS, though.  The most obvious symptom for all of us to see is the gleeful submission to an illogical request to strap a diaper-like apparatus across ones face.  Like an Arab woman, in fact, yet without the cultural significance, and related consent, in many cases.  To the mentally healthy, such an act is considered quite demeaning, and a humiliating act of submission to mental, if not also physical slavery.  Those with the LUMS, though, are suffering from an inability to feel such degraded humiliation.  They seem to lack the basic humanity required to do so.

Unfortunately, we can’t just give a quick glance at someone, and determine that they are ‘voluntarily’ wearing the face diaper.  I have to qualify the term ‘voluntarily’ as I am using it here.  We must recognize that many people are wearing this useless, and demeaning contraption in response to corporate/governmental coercion.  I myself have pulled a cloth over my head, and then up over my mouth, on a very few occasions where I have felt like I needed to.  For example, in order to gain some practically indispensable commodity, like colored paper with which to more easily acquire food.  

Although I have no bank account, I occasionally still have to convert bitcoin to bankster scrip as the business world hasn’t quite yet gotten up to speed.  Sometimes that requires using the usurers at Western Union, or worse, even being forced to visit a lowly bank.  I’m very glad to see bitcoin thriving under these manufactured crises.  We’ll make the banksters irrelevant very soon.  I also boycott all businesses that require the diaper to a very large degree, but not quite yet 100%.  I prefer to shop at mom & pop stores which have human owners, or around here we also have street stalls where diapers are not required.  

Due to this corporate/governmental abuse of their own manufactured events, it is vitally important that we outlaw this illegal obligation to wear this disgusting device, and make it voluntary, as the primal Universal Law of Free Will dictates.  That has been done in some brave, Freedom-loving communities, even within the Bankster strongholds of Europe, and the Americas.  Look at Sweden and Nicaragua, as two notable examples of a civilized response to an odd strain of the common cold.  We also have states like South Dakota and Florida where the people chose their brave governors very wisely.  The Mexican President is also standing up to the tyranny, as is the US President.

Let’s Get Logical

If the face diaper actually prevented deaths, then we would logically expect to see ox carts running 24/7 in order to clear the streets of the piled up corpses, in say, South Dakota, or Nicaragua, and get them out to open pits in the suburbs for burning, right?  We absolutely know this is not happening, for if it were, CNN would have multiple cameras shooting the action 24/7 from all angles, including the helicopter sky cam, with people on hand counting the corpses to be added to their grim, false statistics.  Can’t you just picture Wolf Blitzer ‘live on the scene’ now?  With that expression which belies his huge disappointment that there’s no war to cover instead?

Once we get past this more obvious symptom, which is the voluntary wearing of the face diaper, we have to do a little more investigating to identify sufferers of LUMS20.  Identifying them is important, too, since unlike COVID19, LUMS20 is very Truly communicable.  It infects the mind via this continuous false reporting on the idiot box by the corporate media.  

Here’s a fact for you with evidence to back it up – Nobel laureate, Stanford University biophysicist Michael Levitt, says that the ‘lockdown’ kills more people than COVID19

After the debacle of Obama winning the prize, I don’t necessarily bow to Nobel Laureates, but it probably puts him above the reproach of LUMS20 sufferers.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of other very respected scientists and doctors who have made similar observations around the world.

I only hope that the ‘vaccination’ people are lining up for is a vitamin & sugar-water placebo, which allows the recipients to think they are now protected against the non-existent danger (and therefore are), in order to reduce the fear factor that the dark side covets so much.  This reduction in collective fear, along with a ‘vaccination’ which does not introduce slow acting killers to its recipients’ blood stream, would be a smart tactic in my opinion, if that is what’s happening.  As I understand the True science, it couldn’t possibly be an authentic ‘vaccination’, so it is some form of faked concoction.  The only intelligent debate, then, is about whether or not it is benevolently or malevolently faked.

There is my segue to yet another reason why LUMS20 is the real killer, as we have yet another identifying symptom of this deadly malady.  Only those suffering from LUMS20 would rush out, and subject themselves to such an obviously dangerous substance as a rushed ‘vaccine’.  Having this unknown substance directly injected into their blood stream, and voluntarily???  Makes me shudder.  Quite a gamble.  The reasons for not committing such a potentially self-damaging act have been very well outlined, and for many years.  For just one of a multitude of highly relevant examples, look up the work of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. amongst many, many others.  

Maybe One Should Just Laugh and Move Briskly Away

That leads me to point out yet another symptom of LUMS20, which is a deadly aversion to rational and critical thought.  When you realize that you are in the immediate presence of one of these non-thinkers (NT’s), I respectfully suggest that you consider moving briskly away.  They are potential transmitters of the LUMS malady.  Yes, LUMS20 very definitely is communicable, which is why the dark side works 24/7 to spread it to the collective consciousness.  More on that below.

One can fairly easily identify the NT’s, as I’m sure you already know.  In fact, we might as well start to have a good laugh at them.  Laughter, rather than fear-based anger, is very counter-active to the dark side agenda.  Although the aversion to thought practiced by the NTs could be deadly to all of humanity, we must go ahead and realize that we can’t force rational and critical thought upon the mortally stupid.  More importantly, by even attempting to do so, we actually play into the hands of the dark side/Deep State/Illuminati/Zionists/Cabal/NWO/Bankster baby-rapers etc. etc..

The only thing we achieve when we attempt to coerce the NT’s to engage in intelligent analysis, is to create a bundle of negative energies in the form of fear, anger, and possibly even hatred.  I’m sure that all of you know that creating such negative thoughts, and feelings is detrimental to our human/spiritual evolution?  Therefore I respectfully recommend that we control our automatic impulse to try to get the NT’s to be anything other than what they are evidently guided to be.  They will either awaken one bright sunny day, when the time is right, or they won’t.  Either way, the Event/Ascension will soon arrive, and we will all go exactly where we should, and be much, much better off.

A Funny, True Story to Illustrate

I speak from very recent experience, too, which segues into another identifying characteristic of the LUMS sufferers.  I recently got sucked into a slightly heated exchange with a LUMS-affected individual.  It was an emotional, almost subconscious thing which I wasn’t expecting, and in the future I’ll try to be more prepared for such a surprise, and maintain more control.  Although I both laughed, and ended up moving briskly away, here is what happened in the interim.

I started off by simply mentioning to a small group, the obvious regarding the need to stand up against the dark side attempt to enslave humanity.  Specifically, I mentioned the need to rebel against wearing the face diaper.  I did so at a table with four people sitting around it here in Honduras.  It was at a typical street side tavern, and as I recall the table was a big round spool once used to hold a large cable of some sort.  Therefore a roundtable, as in Arthurian, and set in the dirt with some plastic chairs stacked up nearby to grab as needed.  I may be wrong about that, but I’ve sat at many of those, and in my memory that’s what it was.  Since none of us were wearing the diaper, I had assumed that all present were aware of these concepts that I’m talking about here.

When I made this reference to rebellion, though, a lady across from me at our table spoke up, a bit indignantly, about the very strong need to wear the diaper.  Well, as we were sitting at an outdoor table of a bar, and she was not wearing one as she sat there speaking to us, I guess the obvious inconsistency, and even hypocrisy is evident to the thinking audience.  She then went on to explain all of the important reasons why she knew that the face diaper was a critical requirement in the world-wide struggle against this deadly ‘virus’.  She tried to strengthen her argument by stating that she was a trained nurse.

I then asked if there was somehow more danger of the ‘virus’ spreading at the doorway of a restaurant, then there was inside, sitting at a table.  This in reference to the absolute mental retardation required in order to militantly insist that one wear a mask while entering a restaurant, but have no problems whatsoever for that same person to walk in a few steps, sit down, and drop the mask in order to eat or drink.  I then connected the dots for her, and pointed out the irrefutable logic that if you don’t need it while at the table, you NEVER need it.  If you are going to spew deadly viral ‘germs’ all over the place for even one second, then the cat is outta da bag, and it no longer matters.  The ship has sailed, etc. etc..

This logical thought pattern made her visibly uncomfortable, but rather than gracefully acquiesce, she doubled down on the irrational, non critically thinking habits she has evidently been grooming for a while.  She actually said that it made perfect sense to only require the use of a mask while entering the restaurant, as the virus requires 15 seconds to transmit.  Hmmmmm  

This is an American “trained nurse” I remind you, albeit self-proclaimed, and without any evidence to substantiate the claim with her there at the roundtable, but the others there, who knew her well, seemed to accept it as fact.  I suppose that due to those credentials it was hoped that I would just have to shut up, and accept the 15 second claim as scientific fact?  Nah.  Not gonna happen.  I then mocked her a bit by miming a person lowering their mask, taking a sip of coffee while looking at their wrist watch, and raising the mask within the required 15 second mortal race with deadly virus transmission.  I thought that was an appropriately calm, and reserved way to try and teach some basic logical thinking.  No shouting.  No name calling.

I’m not creative enough to make this stuff up.  I would never have imagined anything that utterly stupid, for one thing (oops, there’s an implied judgment/name).  You can be assured that this conversation actually took place just a few days ago, and otherwise, I would never have guessed this person suffered from LUMS20.  I had not before seen any other symptoms being displayed.  It was just good old fashioned inquiry and observation that rooted it out.  No costly, intrusive medical test required.

Is Mainstream Healthcare really just Barbaric Quackery?

I couldn’t maintain my calmness, though, and I made mistake one, when she mentioned that she was a trained nurse, I laughed and said, “Oh, so you’re highly misinformed, then.”  Not the right reply, there.  There are many Truly intelligent, and qualified doctors & nurses out there who are trying to spread accurate information, but who are being censored from doing so.  Although it is very important to note that what passes for ‘healthcare’ nowadays, can be more accurately described as barbaric pseudo-science.

I’ll back up those strong words with a couple of related admissions from presumably highly trained physicians, who were also former editors of the New England Journal of Medicine.  There have certainly been 100’s, or more likely thousands of other such examples of principled healthcare workers trying to get the Truth out there, but who have been marginalized by the dark-siders who are currently in control of the public narrative, principally via tee vee (idiot box) programming.  

One could argue, though, that any physician with True principles would back up their words with more concrete action, and renounce the ‘profession’, thereby refusing to be complicit in the profession’s crimes against humanity.  Maybe some have, but I am not aware of a wave of such renunciations, as the situation obviously warrants.  They should, I would think, be organizing in some fashion in order to combat the barbarity of the AMA’s obviously malevolent agenda, and to even form a rival, scientifically based group instead.  I’m speaking about True science, obviously, not the pseudoscience currently being taught in order to relegate practitioners into legalized drug pushers.

Following is an excerpt from something I wrote a couple of years ago, but which is even more relevant today.  I was positing on the importance of revamping our entire society, and one of the critical areas which should be a starting point would be the complete overhaul of the so called – ‘healthcare’ industry, which starts with the oversight organizations, which oversee the professional educational system, doesn’t it?

The educational system will need completely new programs and books in order to

teach accurate sciences, including real, healthy medicine in addition to quantum

physics and proper nutrition etc., etc. The seeds of that project have been planted in

the form of bold statements made by two Editor’s in Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine. One of those, Dr. Marcia Angell said:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that

is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative

medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion which I reached slowly

and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the The New England

Journal of Medicine”

Conspiracy theory? Two decades as Editor-in-Chief at one of the most prestigious medical

journals in the world?

Just to show that Dr. Angell isn’t a lone conspiracy theorist at this most prestigious

journal of medicine, a Harvard professor of medicine, and yet another former Editor-in-

Chief of the same NEJM, Dr. Arnold Seymour Relman said – 

“The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in 

terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The 

academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the 

pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful.”

A Harvard medical professor, and former Editor-in-chief of the New England Journal

of Medicine just called the entire healthcare industry a bunch of whores. Have you heard 

that on CNN? I wonder why not? Isn’t the intentional and systematic destruction of your

medical community, and therefore your health, news worthy? I guess they have too

little time for such matters considering their much more important coverage of the

Russia witch hunt, regardless of the lack of any evidence. Good job. Thanks.

What these two top doctors have said in those brief acknowledgements, is that the

medical community has become more of a danger to public health, than an aid.

Therefore, we will need to tear that whole system down, like so many others, and start

over. Starting with medical schools. People like Marcia Angell and Arnie Relman will 

need to be involved with that whole restructuring program.

Let’s All Band Together as Proud Conspiracy Theorists

That reminds me of yet another tell tale symptom of LUMS20 sufferers.  They, in addition to the dark-siders who manipulate their thought patterns, will all use the phrase ‘conspiracy theory(ies)’ on a regular basis.  If you ever hear anyone say ‘conspiracy theory’ or obviously in the plural form – ‘conspiracy theories’ in a derisive manner, consider moving briskly away.  Although you may reflexively laugh at the blatant, yet unintentional non-thinking ignorance they display while doing so.  After all, the definition of conspiracy according to the Cambridge online dictionary is simply:

“the activity of secretly planning with other people to do something bad or illegal”

No kiddin’?  That’s what it means?  Well, shit, that might be goin’ on to some degree.

Anyone with a couple of functioning neurons which can still manage to fire in sequence can clearly see that we have a couple of people secretly working together at carrying out illegal or ‘bad’ activities here & there, from time to time.  Maybe even more.   Therefore, for years now I have declared myself to be a proud ‘conspiracy theorist’.  It simply means that one can both recognize the Truth, and is not afraid of doing so.

Regarding those who try to manipulate a wide swath of humanity, and the way they ‘think’, includes ‘Dr.’ Fauci.  He is one who tries, very ineffectively, to label critical thinkers and Truth tellers as ‘conspiracy theorists’.  Over, and over again in the Goebbels/CNN model of propaganda.  Remember, former Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels (yes, they actually had such a man with such a title right there in your face, like Fauci) is the one who said – 

“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle”.  My emphasis. 

This is why you get the breathless, 24/7 coverage of the meaningless stat of COVID ‘cases’, achieved with a fraudulent test.  The test is useless by admission of the test inventor himself, when run at more than 30 cycles, which it is.  That is why the governor of Florida has very ethically required that labs report the number of cycles being used in these so called tests.  I’ll repeat my suggestion.  When it comes to Anthony Fauci, move briskly off to one side.  Scary sociopath there.  In fact, if the AMA would like to do a quick 180, and retain any credibility at all, it will immediately act to strip the licensing of such dangerous quacks within the profession which they profess to oversee.

That takes me back once again to my little outdoor tavern roundtable of a few days ago, and another tell tale symptom of LUMS20.  Again, I was not employing any costly, nor fancy specific-purpose manufactured ‘test’ here.  Not even one cranked up to 45 cycles.  This was just plain, good ol’ fashioned observation, mixed with a little common sense, when this happened:  My roundtable mate, while sitting right across from me without the face diaper, yet trying to convince me that they were indispensable in the ongoing world-wide struggle to combat the killer ‘disease’ which is apparently wiping out humanity (according to the corporate media, and despite all evidence to the contrary), was now starting to make both me, and another roundtable mate, involuntarily laugh out loud.  It’s a good story, too, I think.  

Follow the Science!

I have lately been wondering why it is, that no one is asking the most blatantly obvious unasked question.  When the Communists start to scream – “follow the science!”, I would really like to know what science they ‘think’ they are referring to.  So, since your elected representatives are failing to ask this question on humanities’ behalf, and in the wider public forum of government, I have decided to start taking a survey on my own.  Therefore I asked this ‘trained nurse’, and face diaper proponent, a very simple and direct question – 

“When you say ‘follow the science’, what ‘science’ exactly are you referring to”?  As I was posing that question, I was also pulling out my small pocket notebook, and pen, in order to write down the website, or any other citation she might offer me.  I wasn’t kidding.  I Truly want to see this ‘science’, because I have been diligently researching for months, and all of the science which I can find indicates that this COVID19 is a huge fraud, thereby causing me to conclude that the real malady is LUMS20.

This was when it became hugely apparent that I was in the company of a potentially terminal LUMS20 sufferer.  She at first tried to blow off the question, but I persisted, unfortunately in a raised voice.  It seemed necessary in order to get the point across that she was going to lose all credibility in her argument, if she wouldn’t at least try to indicate the scientific back up for all of her vaunted nursing training, which evidently led to her strong opinions on the diaper.  

This was when it happened.  Many of you will recognize these symptoms, as you’ve seen it in other LUMS sufferers, but didn’t know the malady had a name.  First, she stopped robotically repeating non-sensical, unsupported disinformation, and the face went blank as her eyes darted furtively from side to side, as she searched the farthest corners of her vacuous cranium.  

Then, suddenly, the dimmest of lights appeared from somewhere behind the eyes, which then stopped darting, and a sly little smile ever so subtly curled up the corners of her mouth.  You could then sense clearly that she just knew she had found the conclusive retort to my annoying demand for some sort of evidence.  She then proudly looked me in the eye, and triumphantly blurted out – “Fauci”! …….Nothing else.  Just this quack’s name.  Both I and the roundtable mate at my right instantly, and involuntarily broke out in roaring laughter, which really ticked her off.  However, that was it.  Irrefutable evidence that we were in the presence of most probably a terminal LUMS20 sufferer.

Although by then a moot point, I also pointed out that such ‘scientific’ geniuses as the WHO had publicly stated that shutting down the world economy, or ‘lockdown’ in literal prison terminology which LUMS sufferers seem to enjoy using, was not a productive course of action.  To her credit, she acknowledged that she was in agreement with the WHO on that point.  The WHO has also publicly stated that asymptomatic people do not transmit the ‘virus’.  That includes virtually all who falsely test positive with the fraudulent test.  So tell me again – why is a mask even perceived of as helpful?  She didn’t wish to respond on that subject.

I then went on to point out that the scientific marvels at the CDC had admitted that 94% of those who have been reported as dying of COVID19 were known to have co-morbidities.  This led to a tirade over what is meant by co-morbidities.  She asked me if I knew what it meant.  I replied – “They died of something other than COVID19.”  She disagreed and said “No, you idiot, it means that they had pre-existing conditions…”  Graciously making my point, I thought, so I had nothing further to add other than a wrinkled forehead, and a smile.

She seemed to be backing off at that point, under a flurry of real evidence, combined with the eruption of laughter she had just provoked with her ‘scientific’ reference to the vaunted and irreproachable ‘Dr.’ Fauci, who is suspiciously also the ex college roommate of Bill Gates, as I understand.

Yet another tell-tale symptom, by the way, is parroting anything which is repeated in a mind numbing manner on the idiot box, while simultaneously attempting to ridicule actual evidence to the contrary found on the Internet or in books, all while refusing any offer of citations to the sources of such Truth via email.  Which she also did, mumbling something about “those idiots who go and find this crazy stuff on the Internet…..”  

Despite all appearances here, I am not picking on this lady in particular.  Really I’m not.  I’m simply using her as a recent real-life example, as she is so completely representative of an entire (and entirely too large) class of humanity.  LUMS20 sufferers, we can now call them, as society loves labels, and these people certainly deserve one of their very own so as not to feel left out.

Communicability and Primary Danger of LUMS20

Now, coming full circle, we can talk about the whys of all of this vast conspiracy.  And I hope by now you fully realize that it is a very vast conspiracy.  The end game here is to manipulate a majority of the collective human consciousness.  

By the way – ‘Consciousness’ is quickly being converted into the catch phrase of the year, so let’s define it.  It simply means ‘cognizance’, or even more to the point ‘awareness’.  If you are conscious of something, you are aware of it.  I find that many people lately like to bandy about this term ‘consciousness’ so much, and sometimes out of proper context, to the point that it is taking on some new connotation.  

Confusion of terminology is an ancient dark side tactic, folks.  Let’s not fall into that old trap yet again, ok?  As a relevant example, read the entirety of the Scriptures, and try to understand exactly what is meant by the primary character, ‘God’ and/or ‘gods’.  The term is used to identify at least four very different entities/beings throughout the Scriptures.  That intentional confusion is by clever design, and is a very old tactic.

It is very simple.  Consciousness means awareness.  Hopefully of the Truth, but not necessarily.  As many an ascended master has tried to teach humanity – It’s all about Truth & Wisdom.   Seek that, and it will lead you to enlightenment/ascension.  Simple, not easy, so don’t go and lose track of the meaning of a basic term like ‘consciousness’.  It means you are ‘aware.’  Period.  So there, we have already increased the consciousness of those who didn’t Truly know what consciousness was…

What is the End Game?

The end game of the dark side is to manipulate the collective human consciousness, or knowledge base/awareness.  Turn the Truth into a lie, and vice versa.  There can only be one Truth, right?  Simple conceptually, yet not easy for them to attain.  It requires a relentless daily cover-up and/or confusion regarding the Truth, which has continued on a day-to-day basis over many millennia.  Yes, a HUGE and long-term conspiracy.  Deal with it.  

I’ll remind you again of Goebbels, who is very far from the first to understand the tactics of collective thought/consciousness manipulation.  Look at the Vatican since the 4th century, beginning with the Council of Nicaea.  Not to mention the Old Testament.  It is not a new concept, it has just become easier on a mass scale via technology, in order to manipulate large numbers of humans with only a couple of interconnected devices.  The tee vee, and the typically inappropriately named ‘smart’ phone.  Think PATRIOT ACT, as just one more example of typically misnamed devices/vehicles, and another example of word games intended to confuse matters. 

Why is that manipulation of the collective human consciousness worth so much investment of resources and energy?  Because what actually underlies the material universe is mind, and energy.  You thought it was subatomic particles?  Sorry, but that is just more proof of their success at consciousness manipulation.  I’m quickly angling tangentially here into something which goes way beyond the space I can use in this already long essay introducing the basic concepts of LUMS20 to the surface population.  One who is trying to evolve spiritually, and therefore seeking Truth & Wisdom, should study quantum physics, amongst many other things.  If it ain’t over this former slave accountant’s head, it ain’t over yours either.

Why control the human collective consciousness/awareness of Truth?  With that under control, the dark side can manipulate everything that happens here on earth.  I mean everything, as via the collective human consciousness, we actually dictate what happens via our divine ability to manifest this illusion.  Again, I’ll quickly pull back with that introductory statement.  Do your own research.  The answers are are out there everywhere, and the days of being afraid to mention it, or of trying to keep it a secret, are OVER.

To wrap up, LUMS20 is ‘real’, and is a very intentionally designed tool of collective consciousness manipulation, via the electromagnetic waves of the human collective consciousness’ connections with the intelligent energy which we are swimming within, aka the Zero Point Field.  That, in order to get the sufferers to essentially ‘police’, or even destroy themselves, and of their own Free Will.  Even the dark side has rules they must adhere to (Universal Law), and the primal universal law of Free Will is definitely primal for a reason.  

They are, contrary to well manipulated appearances, complying with the law of Free Will.  Those with LUMS20 are potentially committing a slow acting suicide of their own Free Will, and in their ignorance, also making it much more difficult for others to exhibit their own Free Will.

You are Already Free, if you’ll only Recognize it, and Exercise it.

No one needs anyone’s permission to act in Free Will.  It is a divine birth right.  If this afternoon, humanity simply refused to comply with the illegal edicts of corrupt politicians, it would all end.  No one will be required to take a COVID19 vaccination against their Free Will, but millions will run and push others out of the way to voluntarily accept one.  See the evil intelligence of that tactic?  How has that been done?  Simple, by repeating over and over again the Big Lie, and capitalizing upon the fear that is so easily tapped into when the populace doesn’t even understand the most basic Truth of their own immortality.

One, in their own unjustifiable fear, might cynically say that they are effectively ‘forced’ to take a vaccine because they absolutely must be able to fly, or to work.  BULL SHIT.  Stop lying to yourself.  Yeah, it may be inconvenient to push aside those dark side ‘necessities’, but so is the attainment of enlightenment and ascension.  If you absolutely need 2.4 cars, a two story house in a gated community,  a boat, and think it’s wise to spend a fortune to voluntarily indoctrinate your kids etc. well, enjoy those material things on your way to the next world, where you can continue your cycle of death and rebirth.  That is nothing to be either afraid, nor ashamed of.  Just be conscious/aware of what you are doing.

BOTTOM LINE – If you’re not willing to die for your own personal Freedom, then you have zero chance of attaining enlightenment in this incarnation.  You absolutely are Free, you just have to exercise that Freedom.  That requires courage, to be sure.  It helps to know that you are immortal, in order to gain that courage.  Therefore, don’t worry.  If you aren’t ready yet, you will be one day, and we’ll be waiting for you with unconditional love.

By the way, if you haven’t yet explicitly proclaimed whether or not you are service-to-others, or service-to-self, you might want to do that.  Then live accordingly.

As for me, I am In Service to all, in Service of the One

PS – In the vein of waking up laughing when this all came to me Christmas Eve morning, I have set up an email account just for this LUMS20 campaign.  I was laughing as I recalled a couple of the symptoms of LUMS20, while in that state of delta/theta mind wave lengths, where the higher self is still with me, and just before raising to alpha mind wavelength.  That guy (my higher self) has a wicked sense of humor, and is trying to help me get back more solidly in line with the playful guy I was in my youth.

Therefore, let’s all laugh together, eh?  Please send me all of the tell tale LUMS20 symptoms you run across in your daily life to  I promise to maintain a running spreadsheet of all of them, and to publish it (and send to your email) when it builds up to a worthy data base.  

I love you guys.  We’re almost there, so let’s lighten up and enjoy the remainder of the ride.  Yes, I’m aware of the potential judgmentalism that this all might entail (or is it strictly observation?), but I also need to just go ahead & laugh at the non sentient thought projections we have created out there.  Maybe that’s why we created them…we’ll know soon.