I’ve been feeling inspired for a while now to write something about these invasion forces in Europe and the USA disguised as immigration, but it needed to percolate for a while in the ol’ noggin’.  Recently, though, I was pushed over the edge when I myself was refused a tourist visa to enter Japan, due to certain regulations which I have realized are actually manifesting and exacerbating those exact problems.  I need to give some background on that to get rolling, and as it’s a complex topic it was impossible to keep this brief, but I’ve untwisted and summed it all up fairly well.


Although I was born in the ‘Land of the Free’ (waiting for laughter to die down) I discovered at a young age that there seemed to be something inaccurate, and even a bit sinister about the motto for the land that my 10x great grandfather arrived to in 1639, and which subsequent generations helped to carve out of the virgin forests in the name of freedom.  Eventually then going on to wrest independence from the British monarchy, all while establishing the universally relevant US Constitution about five generations and 140 years later.  I say that with some sadness, by the way, knowing that the spiritually more mature Indians, and their superior culture (in my opinion, of course) were sacrificed along the way, but I wanted to establish myself as a bit more emotionally invested in the nation than I think is the average child of a 20th century arrival.

Therefore, you might be able to imagine the level of complete disenchantment, or even disgust it required to make me feel like that country, which no longer significantly abided by said Constitution, was therefore no longer worth living in.  Again, obviously my own personal opinion.  I found out when I finally got a passport at age 34 back in the 90’s, and started to travel, that I could live much more freely outside the sadly unfree modern version of the USA.  I very much believe that the primal universal law of Free Will is primal for a reason, as did apparently my ancestors and other founders of the USA.  Worse, I felt so persecuted by the fascist regime which had taken over, and which was continuing to undermine the sacred Constitution, that my number one priority back in 2001 was to become the citizen of another country.  It took many years of personal sacrifices, but I finally did so, and thereby relinquished citizenship in the country of my birth.  

I have written about the legal minutiae of relinquishment vs. renunciation in the past, but hopefully the 80,000+ sealed indictments have named the top layer of scum which is the power base of that treasonous and fascist regime, which finally drove me out back in the 90’s.  If that turns out to be the case, and the Swamp Truly does get drained, I would very much like to return for a visit one day.  In the meantime, while preserving my freedom, I have been fighting against that treasonous and evil New World Order (NWO) from self-imposed exile.  As I’ve quoted before – “a Patriot loves his country all the time, and his government when it deserves it.”  Mark Twain

The US government has deserved nothing less than active revolt for at least 30 years now.  I was doing my best as a lone, underfunded patriot to give them what they deserved.  That meant I had been visibly wielding the keyboard, rather than sword, as much as one lone guy could against the most powerful and frightening government on the planet.  As a result, I had run up against some very unconstitutional persecution in the form of blacklisting, which became quite trendy under the badly misnamed PATRIOT ACT following that infamous false flag event.  That persecution was making even international travel and living uncomfortable with my US travel document.  That reminds me – Why hasn’t that series of unconstitutional laws been repealed in its entirety?  As a result, I later became a citizen of Colombia, where my then wife had been born.  She was also a Swiss citizen, but I preferred to live in less controlled and less suffocating, tropical, and relatively inexpensive Colombia.  With that background, let’s move on to the NWO/Illuminati/Deep State/Zionist created situation which we are now facing with so-called ‘open borders’, and invasions of industrialized nations thinly disguised as immigration.

What are Travel Documents Anyways?

I’ve put a lot of thought into this George Soros and Carlos Slim-backed Latin American/Middle Eastern invasion force which is barely disguised and badly misnamed as a ‘caravan’, and feel like I have the issues fairly well narrowed down.  Except the part where Mexico ignores its own immigration laws and allows these large, unruly mobs to enter in direct conflict with those laws, and then even aids them on their journey to the US border.  That part has me confused, I admit.  The situation in Mexico is about the same as in Europe, without the narrow focus on a few singular groups creating a ruckus for the treasonous media right at the border.  I suppose because the Europeans tend to just let them on through?  I’m not sure about that, and don’t want to speculate.

First of all, this whole passport concept is a relatively recent NWO ploy to aid their long standing evil plot to bring all of humanity under a single enslaved political jurisdiction.   Just a blink of an eye ago, which is 100 years, there were no passports, nor travel bans based upon something so nebulous as nationality.  What is nationality anyways?  It is a singular label tarred across large groups of very diverse people, and which depends upon what lines have been drawn where, on a piece of paper, by parasitic politicians.  Read that sentence again, think carefully about it, and tell me you don’t find that whole concept just a bit sketchy.  At one time, nations had much their own culture and character, which had formed over many centuries.  That has been irreversibly obliterated by the Bankster-run NWO/Cabal/Illuminati practices of hegemony over that same 100 year period after we allowed them to cram passports down our throats.  They have been gradually pushing to convert those travel documents into travel licenses, too.  A very totalitarian concept, that.  As this artificial label of nationality is being used to apply discriminatory practices against us, I then have to ask – Is nationality all that different from race and gender?  Yeah, I suppose it is.  Race and gender are actual human characteristics, while nationality isn’t even real.  Political nationality is a concept created by a very small group of beings in order to serve the 1%.  

It has been very carefully crafted in order to appear very complex, but allow me to untangle and simplify it for you a little.  First, I very much believe in the inherent diversity of humanity.  I have written here before that we are certainly not all equal, but rather we are the exact opposite of equal.  The concept of ‘equality’ has been confused by a clever twist of verbiage, and was devised by the evil Bankster/pedovores as a further means by which to divide humanity and pit us against ourselves.  It is actually very simple – although we are all very diversely unique and special, we all have the same divine right to Free Will, and therefore the pursuit of happiness, within the loose constraints of the Golden Rule.  Couldn’t possibly be any more simple.  That is why the banksters, and the NWO governments and unelected & unaccountable agencies they control, like to fill entire shelves (hell, rooms) with books full of complex, and even contradictory laws & regulations.  It unnecessarily complicates simple matters like individual personal equality (which is a lie) vs. equal rights under the law for all individuals (which should exist, but doesn’t thanks to them).  

In fact, 90-95% of those laws & regulations violate, and actively work to infringe upon the primal Universal Law of Free Will, which is actually the gravest infraction one can commit.  We service-to-others type units (90% of the population) are now taking back the world from the service-to-self types, which is the upheaval we are now witnessing.  It was quite predictable that the service-to-selfers (status quo) would go bat shit crazy trying to maintain their power.  Or at the very least stay out of jail for their heinous crimes against humanity.  They are failing in that quest.  Good Truly does always prevail over evil.  Eventually.  That day has finally come.

Part of that immense cultural reversal will include the recognition that discrimination based upon what lines of political maps you live within, is just, well, retarded.  Therefore we will see the elimination of tourist visa requirements, and the evil discrimination perpetrated in the name of lies such as ‘nationality’.   Let me unwind that a bit, too, as I am not at all against the concept of birds of a feather flocking together.  That is just basic human nature, and as we know, we are thankfully not anywhere near the same in a cultural sense.  How boring would that be?  However, as I stated above, the concept of little pockets of cultural unity, defined as nationality, is now an outdated concept.  That was back when the peoples of a nation shared the same cultural traditions generation after generation.  

Whether it be fortunate, or unfortunate (debatable) we have allowed that cultural separation to be destroyed.   It is dead and gone, so the only logical strategy as of today is to leave it behind and move forward without it.   We are all now Earthlings, but we will not be enslaved under the malevolent NWO.  With that said, it is not only nice to have True harmony, which is facilitated by that sameness of age old traditions, but it is absolutely essential for us if we are to ascend to the next spiritual density.  At the next level, disharmony is simply unconscionable.  We will not advance to that level without displaying a thorough understanding of that, and by proving our abilities to live harmoniously.  That is exactly why the Bankster/pedos and the governments, corporations, and media organizations they control, work so hard to create disharmony by forcing very diverse groups of people to live and work side by side, whether they really want to or not.  They are, in a word, Satanists, and it is their job to lead the rest of us away from our own spiritual advancement.  Lack of Free Will, and creation of disharmony and fear, are the #1, #2 and #3 strategies to do that.  If you allow them to get away with it, you lose.

My own Personal Experiences with this type of Discrimination

My first direct experience with tourist visa requirements came back in 2015, when I was invited to take a trip to Germany.  I was required by these unethical regulations to report to the German Embassy in Bogota in order to try and prove that I was worthy of being allowed to cross that artificial political line.  Therefore, I was guilty until proven innocent.  Guilty of what, I had no idea.  In Truth, I was secretly hoping to politely get out of the invitation by being refused the visa.  Therefore I went without any of the long list of requirements, just to see what would happen.  The young German lady who attended me at the consulate went on to ask me, during the course of her interrogation – “How much money do you earn?”  I was Truthfully both surprised, and even shocked by the blatant inappropriateness of the question, combined with her self-righteous belief that she had a perfect right to ask it.  I replied – “How much money do you earn?”  Her reaction was even more animated than I could have hoped for, as she literally huffed, shook her head containing wide eyes in disbelief at the utter gall of my logical response, and actually blurted out to me with obvious emotion – “That is a very inappropriate question.”  To which I didn’t have to think very long to reply – “You just asked me the same thing.”  

With that she scooped up my passport, stomped over to the copy machine, made a copy of it, brought it back to the bullet-proof window and in a strong show of an abuse of the power that she so proudly wielded as an unaccountable bureaucratic parasite, she started writing notes on the piece of paper containing the copy of my passport details page with photo.  Retaining one’s ‘papers’ is highly illegal under Colombian law, even though I was technically in fascist Germany at the time.  So I started to object loudly asking for the return of my papers, and even waved over the Colombian cop to help me get back my passport which she was refusing to return to me until she was good and ready to do so.  I have no idea what she wrote, but had the general impression that it wasn’t a positive reflection upon yours truly.  I also have no idea why she did that, nor where those notes are today, nor who may have read them nor under what context.

All the signs at that moment indicated that I might not get the opportunity to grace the shores of Germany.  Maybe not ever, as once again my political dissidence had been duly noted by fascist NWO/Cabal lackies.   In a case of karmic validation, though, just a couple of months later the EU announced that they would soon be negating those visa requirements for a few countries, of which Colombia was included.  Now we can travel to the EU like real, dignified people, and simply get a tourist visa stamped into our passports at the airport.  Barring, of course, any valid reason to deny such entry based upon actual evidence.  As far as I know, the current degradation of the EU is in no way related to this newly granted unrestricted travel there by Colombians over the past couple of years.

The most recent example was a bit different, though, in that I really did want to go to Japan in March of 2019.  I had met an interesting British anthropologist in February, 2019 on a far flung, tiny, and unknown Caribbean island.  She had told me about a trip she had been planning for eight years to walk around the island of Tokushima, while visiting 88 Buddhist Temples.  I wasn’t really interested in the religious aspects of the trip, but I thought that it might be a rewarding journey for me spiritually.  It involves walking about 1,400 kilometers (900 miles) in which the plan was to walk almost every day for six weeks, while humping a fairly heavy pack.  I was Truly looking forward to the interaction with a new and distinct culture, along with the roughing it and physically challenging aspects of it.  Then once again I hoped to cap off that long hike with a visit to Shingo, Herai.

This loop around Tokushima is usually done by people who have no jobs, for the obvious reason that it requires more time than most corporate slaves (I used to be one) are granted to take away from their labor pits.  Therefore, the irony of the Japanese consulate, again in Bogota, asking me to prove a steady income may have bordered upon absurd.  Apparently, one must be thoroughly entangled within the enslaving machine in order to visit the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’.  It doesn’t require much reading between the lines to know what I really think of the evil Bankster/pedovore scum-sucking sociopaths who have ruled and completely devastated Mother Earth and humanity…..I also like to think of myself as being highly principled, and therefore do not support that pile of filth by maintaining any of my assets as digits upon their computer systems, as I’ve very publicly outlined over the years.  I Truly believe that would make me complicit in their limitless and daily systematic crimes against humanity, and I refuse to participate in any of that.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I did, and I sleep very well.  Therefore, once again, I did not arrive with all of the checklist items ticked off on the lengthy document requirements sheet.

Think About what these Discriminatory Requirements are Actually Saying

Again I was very inappropriately asked that crude question – “What do you do for a living?”  I very honestly replied – “Nothing, I have savings.”  What if I were lucky enough to be a trust fund baby? I wondered silently.  The written requirements on the website desired that I prove those assets in the form of bank statements.  As explained above, I have no bank accounts.  How I handle my finances without a bank account is explained in detail on a couple of pages of my book.  It isn’t that difficult to not support the Bankster filth.  It just requires taking a principled stand, and have a willingness to go to a slight amount of inconvenience by stepping around these middlemen, and manage your own funds independently with Bitcoin or in some other manner outside their repugnant and illegal system.  It is also cheaper, as you save their excessive fees, not to mention the unethical inconvenience of 3-5 day transfers, which boggle the minds of those of us who know it is a sham.  A Bitcoin transaction costs a few cents, and is about as difficult and time-consuming as sending an email.  Most important of all, it can not be controlled by anyone, and is incorruptible.

Please don’t recoil with a knee-jerk reaction, which so many have been manipulated into taking by these same Bankster/pedovores.  We very well know that they have unlimited funds and control almost all sources of information, and are very economical with the Truth.  The mere fact that they expend so much time, money and energy creating unfounded rumors, hacking some of their own poorly designed and highly insecure exchanges, and creating other misperceptions regarding Bitcoin should immediately assure you, on an intuitive level, that it works against their best interests.  In that case, it must be in Mother Earth’s and humanity’s best interests, as by design Bitcoin absolutely can not be controlled by anyone.  Not even them.  If it could, don’t you think that would have happened between its introduction in 2009, and now?  It was gifted to us by highly benevolent beings in order to make the evil banksters irrelevant.

Leaving those facts for discussion on another day, it is none of any unaccountable bureaucratic parasites’ business what assets I have, or don’t have, nor how I have decided to manage them.  They are mine, aren’t they?  Therefore I Truthfully stated that I have savings, but they are not held in a bank, which is more information than they deserved.  Then he went on to say that I had not provided sufficient details on the itinerary page, which required that I list exactly what I would be doing, and where I would be staying, every single day of the six week walking tour.  They also required reservations for each lodging that I needed to list out with address and telephone number.  

Recall that I had a loose plan.  I would be walking from town to town on a very well known pilgrimage route.  What if it rained extremely hard one day?  What if my aching legs and back needed a day in bed?  What if I caught a cold?  Based on the research I was forced to then do, I learned that most people stayed in Henro (pilgrim) huts for free, or even camped in any public space they found available.  Reservations?  In an attempt to get the attending clerk to think logically, I asked him to quickly flip through my almost completely full passport, and envision how I had managed to go to all of those other places, which didn’t have such Draconian requirements.  I mean, somehow I had managed to go to relatively expensive places like Singapore, Fiji, Easter Island and French Polynesia to visit Tahiti and Bora Bora, and I had somehow avoided becoming a burden to their populations.  Even as a Colombian citizen.

The guy was infinitely more polite than the German lady had been four years previously, and to his credit, he saw the logic in my arguments, but was still obviously confused.  He actually told me that he had never run across this type of [principled] argument before, [as the sheeple just comply] and he begged pardon to huddle with the Consular.  He came back a few minutes later and apologetically explained that the computer system required that the bank statements box be ticked.  As though that illogical inflexibility excused them from having to use their minds, and make a considered decision based upon the relevant facts.  I was indignant in this humiliation, but it wasn’t this guy’s fault.

Then he said the same thing that the young German woman had said.  As he and she could clearly see that I had been born in the USA, they both asked – “Why don’t you just use your US passport?”  That is the first response of these people.  I had heard that before at the Thai Embassy too, but won’t go into those details right now.  I explained that I had relinquished my US citizenship for reasons of principle.  That made sense to him, as he probably thought that I must be a brainwashed, robotic Trump-hater.  I let him go ahead and think that.  When I had said such things during the illegal and shameful presidency of Obama, or the equally shameful presidencies of Bush (R) or Clinton (D), I was just a weirdo.

But stop for a moment and realize what they are really saying.  They are saying – “yes, you are the same man whether you hold a US travel document or a Colombian travel document.  However, with the former we would just assume that you are a great guy with pockets full of cash, and with the latter we immediately assume you are a sketchy loser trying to take advantage of our great and prosperous nation.”  The unspoken and horrifically ignorant implication regarding Colombians is that as one of 45 million citizens, you’re probably a drug dealer, too.  That, even though the awakened all know that the CIA is by far the largest and most dangerous drug trafficking gang in the world.  Fully supported by the DEA, and that includes Colombian cocaine.  Think murdered journalist Gary Webb as just one hint.  Illegal black budgets are funded by illegal activities.  Drug trafficking being the cleanest of those illegal activities carried out daily by the Deep State.  Need an organ transplant?  How about a scared little kid to horrifically abuse and killary/eat?  Yeah, I wanna support those people with outrageous banking fees and allow their invasion of my privacy.

So I left, thinking that was that.  However, with some more time later that day to think it over, I remembered that I do still have a bank account open, it just hasn’t been used for several years and only has a few pesos in it.  I also decided that I would go to the trouble to fill out the detailed itinerary.  I didn’t think it would work, but I wanted to at least force these hypocrites into the corner of rejecting me for more specific reasons, rather than simply stating – “You haven’t fulfilled the document requirements.”  The requirements do not state any specific level of assets nor income you must have in order to be granted a tourist visa, but only that you offer bank statements for the past three months.  Here ya go.  Check.

So I actually spent an entire eight hour day getting the bank statements and compiling a detailed itinerary based on a blog posted on the Internet by a young American woman who had done the same walk backpacking around Tokushima.  She was very honest about her limited financial resources, and had stayed in free Henro huts and camped much more than she had stayed in any paid accommodation.  But that was ok.  After all, she arrived with a US travel document and was obviously a wonderful person with lots of money.  Conclusions which had been reached based strictly upon a cursory glance at the cover of her travel document.

So I returned to the Japanese consulate in Bogota a couple of days later with a four page detailed itinerary that included the names of all the places that this young woman had stayed at, including phone numbers she had graciously provided, when she didn’t camp on the road side.  I also had bank statements for the past three months in accordance with their written requirements.  As you might have guessed, I was denied entry once again.  This time they asked for lodging reservations.  I pointed out that I could not make reservations without paying in advance, which either wasn’t possible in the case of a Henro Hut, nor was it ever prudent without first having obtained permission to enter the country.  Get this – they then also requested that I have a CPA prepare proof of my solvency.  Uh….no, I don’t think so.  I guess I’ll refrain from dropping my pants in public for that particular and wholly inappropriate invasion of personal privacy.  Free Will?  Not here, not on your life.


The Current Laws & Regulations were designed to Create Resentment and Division, and Fuel the Fire for Hitler/Bush/Obama’s Single International Jurisdiction – NWO

That kind of hypocrisy, assuming that with a Colombian travel document I must be a loser who will become a financial burden on the wonderful Japanese populace, without any proof whatsoever, nor even probable cause to back that wild assumption, is exactly why problems such as these caravans in Mexico can, and do exist.  That, like everything else, has been very carefully planned for a particular purpose.  As honest and good middle class people are routinely told they can not enter the USA or Japan to enjoy their measly three week vacation, while child traffickers and murderers cross without delay, the blatant hypocrisy starts to piss people off, and rightfully so.  Over a period of decades, huge resentment accumulates.  In the case of a US tourist visa for Colombians, for example, the US Embassy even charges something like a $150 non-refundable ‘processing fee’.  Then they turn around and reject the visa, and keep the money.  As you know, 150 bucks is more money here than it is up there.  You see any opening there for justifiable resentment to build?  

With tens or even hundreds of millions of average, middle class working folk from around the world being told over the decades that they can’t go where they want to on their vacation, the NWO has now created their specialty scenario of problem/reaction/solution.  The caravans represent the reaction to the problem they have created.  These average middle class people, who have been so royally screwed by the Bankster/NWO system, will now gladly support a ‘solution’ of a world without borders, and under the supervision of the same Zionist/NWO/Illuminati control freak service-to-selfers who had devised the current discriminatory system (problem) to begin with.  This NWO will be a world where all can go wherever they want to on vacation.  At least until the boot is firmly planted on the face, and vacations no longer exist.  In their resentment, and even anger, these otherwise upstanding middle class people might even support a crazed invasion force disguised as a caravan, even though they can readily see through what is really going on.  They might even back the NWO, one world, no passport jurisdiction and end up in slavery, and of their own Free Will.  Slick, eh?

What is needed is a One World Justice System of Equal Rule of Law for All

Then I got to thinkin’………the question occurred to me – What is worse, a tourist potentially overstaying a temporary tourist visa and taking up illegal residence, or a child predator potentially entering the country and torturing and raping or even trafficking children back to their home countries?  I am just about positive that if valid statistics could be consulted, that the majority of child rapers would be found to come from industrialized, rich nations like Germany, England, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Australia and the USA.  In fact, Colombia just recently arrested and expelled a group of fourteen Israeli citizens who had been abusing children for sexual tourist purposes for many years.  Oftentimes, it seems, by the surprisingly high number of recently released Israeli soldiers which come to Colombia after they have completed there obligatory military service, and were on their statutorily granted post-deployment sabbatical.  This incident also included the arrest(s) of Colombian law enforcement officials who had turned a blind eye to it.  See an article here by The Times of Israel https://www.timesofisrael.com/14-israelis-suspected-of-running-child-sex-trafficking-ring-in-colombia/ 

Therefore, under the prevailing logic, countries like Colombia, Thailand, Philippines, Haiti etc. should be requiring all German, British, Israeli, Saudi, Australian and American citizens to provide some sort of evidence that they are not dangerous child predators prior to receiving a tourist visa to enter their countries, right?  Including, but maybe not limited to; letters of recommendation from ‘respectable’ citizens, police reports etc. stating that they never have, nor are they likely to traffic or rape children.  We can’t exclude women from this screening, considering what we know about Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abadeen, Ghislain Maxwell, and Rachel Chandler (short for child handler.  Cute eh?) etc. etc. etc..  They may be even more likely to start a trafficking ring, we have learned.

Solutions & Summary

I have recently heard that in the US they have been adhering to a so-called ‘catch and release’ philosophy with regard to illegal immigrants.  That sounds like something which would be more appropriate as related to phishing, rather than illegal immigration, especially considering the criminal tendencies of some of those people.  It also sounds pretty retarded, Truthfully.  I mean, what results, exactly, is such a policy hoping to achieve?

I had an idea come to me a couple of months back which might be considered as a positive change regarding US illegal immigration policy.  At least over the long term.  As it is currently a crime to stay in any country without a valid visa, it might be a good idea to oblige illegals to spend 30 days in a nice, purpose-built detention center/educational campus.  There they could spend a few hours per day in a classroom, with high quality instructors, learning the True history of the United States.  That should obviously be taught in their native language, and thoroughly teach how and why the United States of America had been founded, and with a great deal of emphasis on the principals embodied within the Constitution.  In fact, the test pilot for that course should quickly be taught to the US Congress, and to all kids approaching high school graduation.  

I once asked a doctor, and Department Head of one of the top private universities in Medellin – “Why do you think the United States was founded?”  She said, “I don’t know…..gold?”  America was not founded in order to rape the land for gold, but rather by principled people who wanted to live in freedom, and who worked very hard over several generations to build that dream, culminating in the Constitution.   Hopefully, at the end of this pleasant, yet forced training period, they could be deported back to their own countries with at least the Truth of why the United States is the place they so desperately want to be.  It ain’t about slave-like jobs nor ‘free’ deathcare.  Over a period of time the benefits would be 1) reduced illegal immigration, and 2) increased awareness of the peoples of tyrannically governed nations in what it takes to create a better country for themselves.  

The American people are now learning that for a second time.  The British have had a handful of revolutions since the Norman conquest, and the French have about had it once again, too.  Such a program as I outlined would ultimately be much cheaper than the revolving door system now in place.  Catch and release?  Please.  What manner of morons have we in such high positions as US Congress?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  They aren’t stupid, but rather extremely clever, treasonous and evil lackies of the NWO/pedos.  Lock ’em up!

As a more universal, long-term and peaceful solution, what we obviously need is to just treat everyone as innocent until proven guilty.  These “caravans”, though, aren’t your average tourists arriving at the airport for a 3-week vacation.  Through their unruly and highly suspect behavior they have highlighted themselves as people who need to be highly scrutinized prior to entry.   Regardless of what lines on the political map they live, or were born, within.  In the case people are proven guilty, with real evidence in a competent and unbiased court of law, people need to be swiftly and justly punished.  That means EVERYONE, Barry.  

Until then, we must assume that the majority of people arriving legally at the artificial line are nice people, which the vast majority most certainly are, despite the erroneous misperceptions created by the criminally negligent and biased coverage of seditious and dangerous Fake News outlets.   That is an essential concept in any equal system of rule of law, and if functioning, would take away the support that the caravans receive from average middle class citizens around the world, who have been unjustly screwed by this whole discriminatory system.  We correctly reject discrimination based on race and gender, but it’s perfectly ok to discriminate based solely upon what lines on the map you live between?  Bull Shit.  Nationality isn’t even a real personal characteristic.  It’s a fictional concept created by highly corrupt, parasitic, unaccountable and ultimately evil politicians and other bureaucrats.  

That doesn’t mean that we should give up our cherished cultural traditions which have been cultivated over centuries and milennia.  I would personally very much prefer to live in a neighborhood where all the residents feel roughly the same about most issues.  That is a neighborhood which is more likely to live in harmony.  It is the evil Satanists/Zionists/Cabal/Deep State/Bankster-pedos who tell us we must cram together in groups of people who feel very differently about some basic issues.  Both at work and at home.  Apparently so that we can all learn to be the same?  What in the world for?  To be easier to control and enslave, that’s why.  

We should live by our hearts which intuitively guides us to be around our own kind.  What we need to rectify in order to make that universally feasible, is to have that equal system of True rule of law, and justice.  World-wide.  That alone would end the desire to emigrate from a nation which does not have such a system, to one which does.  Or better said regarding our current world, the illusory misperception of such a system.  We have BIG hopes, though, that such a system is currently being restored, at least in the US, and soon thereafter, globally.  Hard Brexit!

It will be difficult to reconcile Shariah law, for example, to English common law.  In fact, it can’t be done.  We will need to build a completely new system from the ground up.  One that drops all of the outdated concepts, and where everyone is held equally accountable to live by the Golden RuleNothing more.  DO NOT OVER-COMPLICATE IT.  All laws that require more than living under that simple standard need to be repealed in the name of the primal Universal Law of Free Will.  That may seem over-simplified to some, but anyone can see that it would be a huge leap forward from where we are today.

As this Great Awakening of human collective consciousness expands, we will be setting those injustices straight.  If you would like to explore the ongoing Great Awakening in more depth, and especially of the ultimate spiritual war between good and evil, you can get my ebook – Cycles of 7, for $11.11 at https://www.kobo.com/ww/en/ebook/cycles-of-7 

In Service to All, In Service of the One

Paul Seymour is a former corporate slave who was freed many years ago in order to eventually find his authentic self as a scribe, wanderer and sacred activist.  www.cyclesof7.com