by Paul Seymour

Have you heard of the crazy conspiracy theory about this lone guy/gal called Q?  According to the CFR/CIA-controlled news agencies, there is apparently a lone blogger out there that we should all be very afraid of.  First it was ISIS.  Then it was Syria.  Then it was North Korea.  Then we were told daily, for two years running, that the American people were some how duped into voting for their President by Russia.  It wasn’t because Killary was an obvious heinous criminal and pathological liar after all.  I wish they would include in just one of those articles exactly how the people were all fooled so easily.  Were they sprayed with invisible mind rays? The people who voted for Clinton, and the status quo, just were too smart to be affected by this all-powerful collusion? 

How was it that Vladimir Putin pulled that off?  You would think they would at least have a complete conspiracy theory, considering all of the vast amounts of time, money, ‘mind-power’ and other scarce resources that faltering agencies such as CNN have expended on this story.  Is it Vlady who has been pulling the strings of that wild looking woman down in Broward County?  Maybe they tested out the mind rays on her back in 2016?  That would at least help to explain the look, and possibly even the blatantly amateurish attempt to steal the recent congressional vote.

Now we suddenly discover that in addition to all of those other boogie men/women we now have to be afraid of a lone blogger too?  I guess that John Brennan can’t see the irony of getting a job at an agency like CNN, and portraying the agency he used to run as being a bunch of bumbling idiots?  Or maybe that helps explain why the CIA, in addition to the FBI, can’t seem to find their asses with both hands.  Or possibly, as Q has allegedly reported according to these conspiracy theorists, that the CIA satellites really were rendered useless?  That would indicate that we really need this guy in order to find out the Truth.  If he even exists.  Either way, it doesn’t look like the FBI nor CIA are worth the $ Billions wasted on their salaries, toys and expenses.   There must be something better which could be done with all of that money.  Maybe use it to retrain DEA agents as drug counselors?  Just a random thought.

I mean, they can’t find someone they consider to be so dangerous, who is blogging to the world almost every single day from a computer somewhere?  What class of incompetent boobs are they exactly?  I would assume that whatever this Q character is allegedly doing must be covered under the same statutes as those which Julian Assange is being martyred for?  Aren’t they both disseminating the Truth in a willy-nilly fashion?  Just throwing supported facts up in the air without thinking about the ramifications?  That’s just dangerous, isn’t it?  A great many parasitic politicians around the world think it is, anyways.  Why they are so afraid of the Truth is the real question.

So now they are concocting this wild lone blogger conspiracy theory as though the American people really have no brains whatsoever.  As though the whole world is drinking the same kwacky kool-aid they serve inside the Beltway, or that crazy Coca-Cola so liberally ladled out at CNN headquarters.  What will they conjure up next?  That the arrest of Hillary Clinton is based on contrived evidence?  All dredged up by this single, very public blogger who they can’t seem to even identify, let alone locate?  She really didn’t break the law a few hundred times, including several counts of treason?  I don’t know if I should laugh, or run to the basement and hide.

That means they are going to tell us that the FBI and the CIA can’t even examine evidence and distinguish false evidence from the authentic variety?  That’s truly frightening…..  Or hilarious.  I can’t yet decide which.   At the very least they are letting us know that the concerted efforts of the administration they love to ridicule is doing a great job by shaking up the top levels of these obviously incompetent, and therefore dangerous organizations.  Thank you President Trump, and the White Hats for your principled bravery.  

I have to assume that the disjointed actions of people like Brennan and Comey are an indication that they are very aware that their days are numbered.  Thanks to the mad man Q, we are all well aware of the 55,000+ sealed indictments listed on government websites, and have some idea of how they will play out.  I loved the fact that the last post he sent out on October 9th was numbered the same as the US Code for treason.  Then he went silent for 22 days just to watch the turds squirm.  Classic.

To CNN, NBC, Washington Post, NY Times, BBC etc. thanks for these highly entertaining, if wacky conspiracy theories.  They give us all a good laugh in these turbulent times, and let us know that we are definitely doing the right thing, and moving in the right direction.

In service to all, in service of the One.

Paul Seymour is a former corporate slave who was freed many years ago in order to eventually find his authentic self as a writer, and sacred activist.  Look for his newly released book, Cycles of 7 on Kobo.