by Paul Seymour

If you tell just one lie, then you’re a liar.  Period.  I know that we’ve all been subjected to attempts by the service-to-selfers to be conditioned to accept, and even somehow love lying, but the fact is, it does some serious damage to one’s credibility despite what Barry and Killary try to cram down our throats.  With their relentless lies…  I was inspired to write a piece on this topic after I heard that the tranny I call Miguelle is attempting to libel and slander an honorable and brave husband and father, as a misogynist.  Hahahahahahaha  

Is there still anyone out there who really thinks that the former first ‘lady’ is a woman? With those shoulders, and that lump in the front of ‘her’ dress?  I personally don’t usually judge people for having birth defects.  I myself had to live more than fifty years with what I considered a seriously debilitating birth defect myself.  My sister and I were both born with amelogenesis imperfecta.  In my, as in most cases, it caused me to have a frightening appearance, with jutting, horribly gapped teeth, which also had a dark tint due to the improper crystallization of the enamel layer.  It’s very easy to say that’s not a big deal.  Until you yourself have to go through life not wanting to either smile nor laugh, in order to minimize the nasty and ignorant comments about lack of dental hygiene, or being called snaggle tooth.  I guess the difference is that we don’t have a lobby group in Washington, nor are there any amelogenesis imperfecta pride parades.

Let’s get back to the point, though.  The point here is honesty.  A most basic human attribute.  Or weakness, as the case may be.  Let’s talk about Miguelle, which I have a right to call her, or him since he/she has played a key role in mortally wounding the Executive Office of the country of my birth with his/her lies, in addition to embarrassing the people who were lied to and fooled by him/her.  Let’s not forget the very credible negative reports coming as a result of his past employment before becoming the First Shemale.  All he had to do was to be honest about it.  Therefore Barry would have had to be honest too, though, right?  I mean, then we’d have to know his real name, and where he was born for example, but we don’t need to go there to prove the point.  

As Miguelle wasn’t honest, and has proven that he can’t even be honest with herself, he is a liar.  The worst kind.  Now she wants to throw stones?  Not very smart, in my opinion.  As an obvious liar, only the most degraded and morally weak would listen to him, but unfortunately, that seems to be a relatively large and extremely vocal minority.  We need to give that group a chance to admit they have been wrong, though, and come over to the light.  We would then, of course, accept and completely forgive them for attempting to impede our most basic of divine rights, that being Free Will, with their misguided politics.  They were fooled by an incredibly complex system which has been laid out in the Illuminati Protocols, and have been employed for multiple generations.

Let me lay off of Miguelle now.  He has enough problems, but she makes himself fair game when she attacks the duly elected President.  I’d like to now go after the whole concept of so-called ‘political correctness.’  I will sometimes utilize profanity in my work, specifically to help us get over this evil practice.  Yet another of the distorted concepts introduced by those same Protocols.  The idea effectively gets the sheeple to give away, of their own free will, their basic divine right to express themselves openly and truthfully.  Yes, it’s True that being called snaggle tooth or to be falsely/ignorantly ridiculed for not brushing my teeth regularly wasn’t very nice, but I’d fight with everything I’ve got to make sure that everyone has the right to say those things.  Especially when the alternative is to be silenced.  Even if such silence is only effected by the ignorant of their own Free Will.

That’s just Bull Shit.

I’d like to propose that possibly the worst curse we now face, known as Zionism, is a direct result of this so-called ‘political correctness’.  The sheeple were herded onto a corner by being absolutely bombarded with the lies, which are that Zionism = Judaism, and therefore the lie that saying anything anti-Zionist is therefore anti-semitic.  Then they are slandered and libeled with the label – anti-semitic, as though that is some terrible ‘sin’.  I won’t go into the fact that the Jews are Khazarian, from the Caspian Sea area, and not Semites, as that is irrelevant for this argument.  You can watch the Jewish man, Milton Friedman here ____________  as he explains that, and many other Truths.

One of the primary reasons that we suffer with this scourge known as Zionism, is that people have allowed themselves to be convinced that they can’t even discuss the topic.  Let alone solve it, by eradicating it from the face of the Earth.  Prepare For Change has been a pioneer in fighting against that injustice against humanity, by openly discussing the topic.  First of all, let’s define Zionism.

Zionism – a political movement originally formed for the establishment of a Jewish national or religious community by the invasion of Palestine, and later for the support of modern Israel.  

Nothing in there about spirituality that I can readily spot.  Machiavellian, maybe, but where is the God-loving part?  We won’t go into the mountains of evidence supporting the crimes against humanity carried out by the Zionists in Palestine, either.  Before you jump to call me anti-Jewish, go to and see what the real Jews in Jerusalem have to say about Zionism as they try to escape the brutal tyranny.

Again, I am just using the evil scourge which is Zionism as an example in order to make my point about the similarly evil concept which is political correctness.  I raged on about PC, because the foundational, essential point of this piece is the basic concept of simple Honesty.  

In 1864, the French lawyer and 10 year veteran of the Ministry of State, Maurice Joly, described the Illuminati/Deep State/Cabal/Khazarian mafia etc and its Protocols as:

“a political system… that has not varied in its methods for one single day, and is intended to corrupt honesty itself; but public consciousness still lives, and the heavens will one day interfere in the games being played against it”. 

So now we’re back full circle.  It should be very obvious that the continuous and absolutely relentless bombardment of lies as carried out by the Bankster/child-rapist owned politicians, and unelected/unaccountable bureaucrats, and their complicit CFR/CIA-run media, is intended to corrupt the concept of honesty itself, as so accurately pointed out over 150 years ago by Mess. Joly.  Thereby making it equally obvious that it is not some recent conspiracy theory, but has been around for a very long time.

There is no such thing as partial honesty

Let me also circle back to the concept of partial honesty.  There is no such thing.  You are either an honest person, and always tell the truth, or you’re a lyin’ sack of shit.  Period.  No middle ground.  I guess that is why the CFR/CIA media hates the duly elected President so much.  He tells the Truth.  Always.  Even when it damages their tender sensibilities as they work non-stop to destroy the world.  Having a guy at the top who tells the Truth endangers their whole Modus Operandi, which they have carefully crafted over centuries.  

This false concept of partial honesty is extremely important to recognize right now.  That is because at this moment we are on the cusp of disclosures of long hidden technologies which will completely reverse the destruction of Mother Earth and humanity which has been brought about by the lyin’ sacks of shit that are currently being eradicated.  There is a powerful faction out there which wants to maintain a significant level of control over humanity even after the current service-to-selfers have been taken out of power.  They are known as the Partial Disclosure faction.  I, and people like me, are vehemently opposed to this partial disclosure, and instead are demanding Full Disclosure of all hidden technologies.  With this Full Disclosure there will be no more means by which a small minority could maintain power over the masses, and abuse them while suppressing their divine right to Free Will.  

This primal Universal Law, which is Free Will, is demanded by the One and therefore also by our higher dimensional Guardians, and we will have it.  Come Hell, or high water.