by Paul Seymour

Have you been keeping up with the latest?  It’s been getting wilder n wilder.  Even the crusty grey-beard reached a tipping point moment recently.  Have you heard of the so-called ‘snuff film’ by Killary n Huma?  Yes, everyone’s favorite psychopathic lesbian team apparently felt compelled to film themselves filleting the face off of a pubescent girl and wearing it.  Then, they filmed themselves drinking the adrenaline extracted from her warm adrenal glands for some exotic high.

I don’t know if the girl was still alive while her face was being exacto-knifed away from her cheek bones or not, but I hope not.  I also don’t know what else they may have done to her during her final moments here on the Hell known as Earth.  Maybe something really sick.

Have you been following Q on You tube?  That seems to be the real White House news source.  The only place where we can find out a reasonable portion of the truth.  This film was leaked out on the dark web, and I don’t know how to go find and watch it even if I had the guts to do so.  I couldn’t even get all the way through a tape caught of cops beating a homeless man in a parking lot a few years back.  

I have heard enough to believe it is there, and that it is real, though.  It came from The Weiner’s laptop that the NY City police were provided with a long, long time ago.  It was in the file marked – “Insurance”.  He’s Huma’s ex.  I guess they were each other’s cover to fool the rest of us into believing they were normal….Just like Bill n Hillary, and Barry and Michael.  Did the Smirking Chimp have a beard too?  I can’t even recall her.

Q says that the guys at the top, aka White Hats, are having an argument over how to handle all of the shit they have uncovered, which has set me to thinkin’…….get ready…..

It looks like they are struggling with the old belief system – “You can’t handle the truth”.  Remember the old flick about the US military in Guantanamo?  Nicholson’s character thought it would be too much for the average American to picture some average, pimple-faced kid sitting on a wall all day pointing a rifle at another human being.  Well, we’ve come a long way baby.  Now we have to deal with the fact that the average American wants to fight in the streets to protect the lesbian psycho child torturer/killer they wanted to put in the White House.  And I have to assume that this one film may not even begin to cover what is being kept from us.

Like I said, I don’t have what it takes to sit through that film myself, but I needed to know that it existed.  For those who can’t believe without seeing, well, they need to have the opportunity to watch it.  It will get filtered through society with great efficiency.  Some will have to see it, and others will have to wait until someone they trust has seen it and told them about it.  What’s the big deal?  It has to be done.  The alternative is that we continue basing all of our decisions upon lies and half truths, and that, I assure you, will change one way or another.

If I had to simplify it, I’d say that it looks like humanity has come to a pivot point in their evolution.  I will have to agree that a huge percentage of humanity are not psychologically prepared to watch a film of their darling taking an exacto knife to a 12 year old girl she has raped and tortured prior to killing.  Let alone the twisted rituals that get her off.  However, the alternatives are even worse in the long run. 

We keep hearing that these guys have everything.  The White Hats, I mean.  They can walk into a court of law tomorrow and prove who really killed JFK.  The who, why, and hows of 9/11.  The truth about non terrestrials and our real technologies, etc etc etc  What they are struggling with is how to expose all of that suddenly to a brain washed and morally weak populace.

The bottom line is – the truth will get exposed one way or another.  I think they are wringing their hands over it as they don’t wanna deal with it themselves.  Here is the simplified scenario.  Possibly over-simplified, but the unspoken details won’t matter much in the final tally.

a) The facts are so hideous that we can’t just blurt it out, because then we really will need crying corners and psychological counseling on a grand scale.  Possibly even riot police and jailers, who themselves will have been traumatized.  Therefore, it is so fundamentally wrong and horrific that we must just ignore it, and allow it to continue.  


b) Expose absolutely all of it, and let the chips fall where they may.  Yes, it will be extremely painful.  Yes, it will be totally disruptive.  But take another look at option (a).

Logic dictates that we run with option (b).  We absolutely must flush all of this shit to where it belongs, and go forward from there.  In order to do that, the truth must be exposed to the public.  Maybe the top strategists have already come to that conclusion and are worried about how fast to do it all?  Time is gone.  It should have been done decades ago. Or even centuries.

I think we must ask – is it more traumatic to expose the people to all of the facts of who really killed JFK, and who was behind 9/11, and the truth of the treason committed by those they elected to lead them – or – Introduce them to advanced beings who will then expose them to those and other truths?  Which heart attack comes first seems to be the concern.

I propose that exposing the people to the truth about who they have been fooled into trusting for centuries, or millennia, will be a good warm up for then exposing them to the truth that they are not the only self aware life in the unimaginable vastness of the Universe.

To repeat, yes, there will be great disillusion and chaos, but our black-hearted friends have done a very good job of making so many anesthetized to evil events that many will continue shuffling through their routines without too much notice.  It really doesn’t matter, though.  Humanity will be going through the aforementioned evolutionary changes one way or another.  Logic dictates that their own kind be the ones to show them the truth about what their own kind has done.

Tearing everything down and starting over may be the only course of action.  In fact, it is difficult to imagine how anything could be saved, as it all has so much malevolence and evil intertwined into its fabric.  There will certainly be casualties.  Again, humanity has recently and quite willingly been happy to accept collateral damage.  At least as long as they thought it wouldn’t include them or those they knew.  Thanks again to our catalytic brothers and sisters.  

We will just have to capitalize upon that for one last time before all can be set on a straight and true course.  The short term pain will be many times compensated for when a relative Heaven on Earth results from it all.  In other words, the time of being able to do this without any collateral damage has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t get done.

It is time to bring justice to the forefront, and not worry too much about the troubled and predictable reactions of the malevolent, and the weak.  We have to act in the overall best interests of humanity before it is too late to do so.  That will entail complete transparency, and a general clean-up right behind that, all done by people with true integrity and a strong sense of fair play.

Maybe new agencies will need to be formed by bringing back into the fold those who have been previously discarded due to their abilities for accepting self-responsibility, and thinking for themselves.  I hear that has already successfully been done with respect to the military.   People should be sorted based upon integrity and ability to both tell, and to handle the truth.  I feel confident that enough of those people exist to get this job done.  They just have to be found and empowered.  A good starting point would be to find those who had been discarded by the machine, and/or those who had been otherwise persecuted for their integrity and strong sense of self-responsibility.  Jail?

Those who lack integrity, and have a low regard for the truth, will need to be shuffled to the lower echelons of our newly formed society as we emphasize the traits of honesty and integrity once again.  That in addition to placing a new emphasis on Universal Truth, and especially regarding spirituality.  The Universal Truth about reincarnation and meditation will be made available to all, as will be the facts about the past and present frauds perpetrated by Institutional Religions.  The true history of Earth should be the primary starting point.  I hope those new history books are currently being printed.

In conclusion, these guys need to stop worrying about the tender sensibilities of those who wanted to put total shit like Killary in the White House.  They will adapt.  Or not.  That is evolution.  The alternative method(s) would be much worse.  

On that note, stay free and happy.