History Repeats Itself – Again

Oliver Wendell Holmes, referring to Czar Alexander sending the Russian fleet to America, said he was “our friend when the world was our foe.”

In Europe and the American Civil War, Donaldson Jordan and Edwin Pratt claim that “Europe and the North saw this visit of the Russian fleet as a significant demonstration of Russian friendship for the United States in its hour of need.”

An excerpt from the diary of Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles is an example of the jubilation felt by many Americans. He writes that:

In sending them [the fleet] to this country there is something significant. What will be its effect on France and the French policy we shall learn in due time. It may be moderate; it may exasperate. God bless the Russians.

The president sent Mrs. Lincoln along with other dignitaries to New York to greet the Russians. The president’s wife drank a toast to the czar. The New York Sun wrote that Mrs. Lincoln’s visit with the Russians was important because Russia was “the only European power that has maintained a hearty sympathy with the United States during our present troubles.”

The arrival of the fleets meant hope for the Union, and therefore the Americans were ready to show their gratitude to the Russians. A reception was held in New York City and then the Russian visitors were paraded down Broadway where American and Russia flags were displayed. Tiffany and Company decorated their building with a huge banner that stretched from the roof to the sidewalk. Cheering New Yorkers lined Broadway as the Russians rode by in carriages.

A Harper’s Weekly reporter commented that “the Russian guests from the fleet were worn out by the expressions of friendship and affection extended to them.”

The above are all excerpts from The Bilateral Effect of the Visit of the Russian Fleet in 1863 by Tom Delahaye – which can be seen here in its entirety.

More Evidence of NWO Mind Control via CIA Media Manipulation. How much more do you need?

How many of you knew that the last time that Russia came to the aid of the USA, was in the 1st Civil War? How many of you were aware that the the USA required aid at all? I fear very few, and the mockery that has been made of the US educational system is just one of the myriad of subjects to be wrestled with after we win this 2nd Civil War, and take the country back. “We” meaning the Constitutionalist Patriots fighting for independence, yet again, from the Khazarian Mafia (or Zionist, as you prefer) Banksters (KMB), and their seemingly mindless, and robotic followers. I sympathize with those poor people, really. For whatever reason, they are just much more susceptible to manipulation.

I only became aware of this Russian-American alliance when I did family research a few years ago, and stumbled upon the story of former Connecticut Governor Thomas Seymour who had been Minister to Russia just prior to the 1st Civil War, and had fostered a lasting friendship with both Nicolas I and his son who would become Alexander II. The fact that the war was really about fighting the banksters, I never heard about in school either. That’s what happens when you allow foreign scum to run your country.

I have primarily stopped watching all news (and all TV for that matter), as it really adds no value to one’s life whatsoever, and in fact, probably detracts significantly from it instead, on the whole. The full truth is not reported anyways, and even less relevant to me are the outcome of all these current power struggles. This, because I believe the outcome is already assured, so to speak. The KMB/Zionists/Illuminati/NWO have finally pissed off the wrong group.


The former US Security Advisor who said – “It used to be easier to control a million people than to kill them. Now it’s easier to kill a million people than to control them” He died not long after making the above admission.

The KMB are simply buying time at the moment, as they plan their exit strategy, and work very hard to make that exit as profitable as possible, while frantically engaging in damage control. They would like very much to take the world down with them (a further “profit” in their beady eyes), but thankfully don’t have that capability at the moment.

Those who side with the morally bankrupt Zionists, are unwittingly, in most cases, siding with the Luciferian losers, and incurring negative Karma. That will have some consequences for them, as the teachings/prophecies of about 35 different ancient cultures come true in the not-too-distant future. That is an inescapable, astronomical fact, which is already playing out.

As a non-religious, yet spiritual being, I personally strongly believe, based on evidence uncovered during my extensive research over the past year, that the prophesied “return” has already occurred. The bottom line effect of that return is that the evil Illuminati forces are currently getting their asses handed to them on a global basis. They are very diligently working to slow down their loss of control over the masses, and doing a good job, but that will not retain their domination of Earth.

It may, though, possibly achieve a minor victory for them in the universal battle between good and evil. They are acting as an important catalyst for the souls of Earth, in order that we be presented with very clear alternatives. Now everyone must choose between two pretty black or white groups. There is no longer any middle ground. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. Luke warm, a guy once said.

I firmly believe in free will, and will gladly leave your personal choices to you. However, what I decided that I can not do, is allow this ridiculous charade about whether or not the current Constitutionalist Patriots, in partnering with Russia, is some sort of crime. At least not without throwing into the mix a little truth for due consideration. First of all no one has presented any evidence of a crime by Trump, yet mountains of evidence exists, within the public domain, even, supporting treason charges against the Clintons, Bushes, and Obama. That, though, has been well covered in the true press.

I had greatly preferred to keep to myself lately, as the Awakening no longer seems to require any impetus, and is instead now rolling downhill all on its own. However, I have not heard anywhere, not even on the real news of the internet, anything about the historically friendly ties between Russia and the USA, outside of the bankster-engineered Cold War, which they profited so handsomely from.

Up until the German immigrant Zionists in NY (Rothschild agent Jakob Schiff in particular) got Wilson to take the Fed, and at the same time planned and funded the Russian Revolution with money stolen from the American people, there was a true Russo-American alliance protecting each from the plague of Central Banks. You can start your research of Jakob here at mainstream Wikipedia, who refers to him as a “philanthropist”, but gets some of it right.

I think that the historical alliance between the US and Russia against these same Zionist banksters is an important point, if for no other reason, speaking from a PR stand point in the current debate, which is better described as a charade. It seems to me that the alliance between Putin and Trump is very analogous to that of Czar Alexander II and Abraham Lincoln, and every bit as justified. In both cases the two nations were locked in a fight to the death against the banksters who wanted to control and enslave their respective peoples.

In any event, I believe passionately that the full truth should be made available to all those who find this topic important, and are therefore making decisions which could affect their lives as a result of pondering the evidence with which they are presented. What a concept, eh?

Since, as usual, the presstitutes are hiding relevant information from the public, in addition to repeated bald-faced lying, I’ll go ahead and throw this out there on the table. My hope is that it’ll get picked up and disseminated by those with more widespread audiences. Please forward to anyone who may be interested.

Lincoln, and the 1st Civil War

As I wrote over a year ago in the essay No More Rothschild/Terrorist Scrip Lincoln was just one, of a handful of US Presidents, who had been assassinated by the KMB solely to keep them from killing the bank like Andrew Jackson had done after his assassination attempt miraculously failed. The 1st Civil War, just like the ongoing 2nd, was fought primarily in order that the KMB might control the US’ and world’s wealth via their central banks, despite all the bull shit you hear from the CIA controlled media.

In an 1865 speech to Congress Lincoln stated; “I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me, and the financial institutions to the rear. Of the two, the one to my rear is my greatest foe.” Within a few months he would be assassinated by Rothschild agents.

Here is an eleven minute, very informative video on the topic of US presidential assassinations by the banksters. It explains, amongst many other things, how Lincoln refused to borrow from the banksters to fund the war, and instead printed money via the Treasury, which is how it was drawn up on the Constitutional black board to begin with. Watch it now

At this same time Czar Alexander II of Russia was also struggling against this same slime in order to maintain Russia’s sovereignty, by also refusing to set up a Rothschild central bank, and be forced to borrow money from them. Just like in 1812, the Rothschilds, who have run both England and France for centuries, was threatening war against the US in retaliation for not following orders, and borrowing from them.

They backed up this threat via control of both the English and French militaries, which they could easily place in both Canada (English), and Mexico (French) in order to side with the South.

Czar Alexander II made it known that if either France or England were to get involved that Russia would join on the side of the USA (North). To prove his point, he sent fleets to both San Francisco and New York. For these so-called betrayals, Alexander would also be executed by London-controlled Rothschild agents a few years later.

Here is a well-written and balanced academic style piece by British historian Webster Tarpley, where he writes a full section entitled: The Russia-American Special Relationship that Saved the Union Read it here

I found the final three paragraphs most poignant – “If the British had attacked the United States during the Civil War, this move might well have ushered in a world war in which the United States, Russia, Prussia and perhaps Italy would have been arrayed against Great Britain, France, Spain, and perhaps the Portuguese and Austrian Empires. (My note-this helps explain the later moves to corrupt Germany and Italy prior to WW I)

There is reason to believe that the US-Russia-Prussia coalition would have prevailed. This war might have destroyed the British, French, Spanish, and Portuguese colonial empires almost a century early, and would have made the later creation of the triple entente of Britain, France, and Russia by British King Edward VII impossible.

World War I would have taken place during the 1860s rather than half a century later. Fascism and communism might not have occurred in the form they did. As it was, Lincoln fell victim to an assassination plot in which British intelligence, through Canada and other channels, played an important role. Alexander II was killed in 1881 by Russian terrorists of the London-centered post-Bakunin anarchist networks.

It has been logically argued that Russia’s affection for the USA has ultimately been self-serving. Well, of course it is, and thank you for the firm grasp of the obvious. Likewise with the US’ past and present love of Russia, no doubt. However, and more importantly, this need for alliance stems from an obvious mutual love of freedom, and independence, which doesn’t seem to exist in Europe, where the inhabitants seem to roll over, and wallow in the filth which is their slavery to the banksters. Well done, and hip-hip-hooray.

Russia has historically found itself repelling European armies, sent by the banksters. In the US the attacks have historically come from within, and startedright after the Revolution. Today, instead of a German Rothschild agent like Jakob Schiff, we have the Hungarian Rothschild agent, George Soros stirring the pot, and trying to maintain Khazarian domination over the US, Europe and Russia.

His relevance will wane and be short lived. As noted above, they have lost, and the only remaining question is exactly how much time they will be allowed to effect this transition of power. That may initially sound inconsistent, but the newly anointed are a far different breed, and infinitely more benevolent. Although they have the capability to play dirty like the scum they’re tossing out, they really don’t want the spilled blood which that would entail.

Related Financial Notes

I sincerely hope that you were able to get on the Bitcoin gravy train ride after my essay – Let’s Make the Banksters Irrelevant was published in December. Since then Bitcoin has risen from $883 to $2,676, or 221% (458% annualized). How does that compare to your investment in the rigged stock market? Or, for that matter, in precious metals?

I believe it will take off at least once more, and maybe twice more before the end of the year, and reach $5,000. Clif High has stated he sees $13,000 by the end of next year, and a host of others in the know are making predictions for the future that I hesitate to repeat, as they are so lofty.

Don’t be foolish nor too full of pride, and think that it is a passing fad, or that it has peaked, and too late to get in. It is as much a passing fad as the internet was in the 90’s. Also, one is never wise to try and time the market. When you spot a valuable asset, just get in, and let it ride.

Speaking of huge gains, I hope you were able to get in on the Pre ICO offer of Nexxus Coin. The ICO was never even necessary, as it sold out in the Pre ICO private offering phase. I hope that I don’t need to spell out for you what that probably entails for the future price of NXX when it gets listed on public exchanges in a few months. Watch for that moment, and snap some up immediately.

Bold Prediction

Another topic which I have not seen mentioned anywhere else is the very real possibility that gold and silver are not even scarce at present. A very bold statement that I will float just for your consideration. I now believe that it is very possible that the gold and silver prices are so easily manipulated, because they have been hoarded by a few. Think of the fake diamond “market” and the DeBeers family. I can hear the laughter now. I’ve heard it many times before, too. Go ahead, and let it flow from deep in the belly.

By the way, I hope that those who share levity at my expense are correct, and that I am wrong. However, at this point the evidence of the existence of the long-standing US Secret Space Program (SSP), and its vast array of hidden technology, is just waayyy too voluminous and logical to try to ignore. The Russians also have a similar program, and who else is not yet clear.  I realize that you may not have even become aware of the topic yet, and if so, may not have had the time to do the months of research which I have done over the past year.

At this point, for one to take a serious look at the absolute mountain of insider/whistle-blower evidence, which has been accumulating and articulating rapidly recently, and still conclude that there is no SSP, is akin to taking a serious look at the 9/11 evidence and concluding that jet fuel brought down the WTC, and building 7.

You wouldn’t want to make that admission in front of a group of people with an average IQ or better.

More Lies and Cover-Ups

Think about the undeniable logic of this: How is it that our society has advanced so quickly in the past fifty years, but NASA’s technology hasn’t moved forward at all? Same brute force rockets, is all they still have? Not logical granny.

For example, although hidden from the public who paid for it, anti-gravity propulsion is now ho-hum stuff. Speed of light travel too. There are many instances of anti-gravity technology on you tube, including a couple of Russian guys displaying an anti-gravity engine functioning. There is also ample evidence to prove that the Nazis developed this at the end of WW II, so it’s not recent.

I’m not affiliated with www.gaia.com , and receive nothing, but I am a subscriber, and in the interest of moving humanity forward, I highly recommend their subscription. It is the red pill network, with hundreds, if not thousands of high quality videos to help you get up to speed with all the lying and cover ups (lying by omission) committed by your public servants.

Back to anti-gravity, in simple terms, it is achieved by employing specially developed liquid metals which are spun at high speeds in opposite directions around an electrically charged post. There is magnetism involved too. Excuse me as I’m not a physicist, and have certainly over-simplified it, and maybe even made a slight error, but it isn’t rocket science……I understand that a by-product of this process is gold. I couldn’t make that up, and it comes from one who I believe is a highly credible SSP whistle-blower, after researching practically full time for almost a year now.

Also there is an Expansive, with a capital “E”, mining program in place by these groups throughout the solar system, including the asteroid belt, and possibly beyond the solar system too. You can be sure that includes gold. In addition, I have heard that new mines discovered in Cambodia have immense quantities of gold. If any one of these three suppositions are even partly correct, you can be sure that gold is not really scarce. I’m betting my nickel that this is at least part of the reason why it never increases in value.

That leaves one asset standing which is outside of the Cabal’s ability to manipulate. True cryptocurrencies which are not on bankster developed “blockchains”.  Note that only Bitcoin is on the blockchain.  Others borrow the technology, and banks aren’t going to be transparent, nor allow you any privacy whatsoever.  A few months back I started shifting from PM’s to cryptos, and am now at about 75/25 with zero digits on bankster servers, but a little paper on hand. I can not yet be 100% certain about PM’s, so maintain that 25% as a hedge. Although I’m considering the exchange of a bit more PM’s for cryptos.

In my previous essay, linked above, I define well what constitutes a true cryptocurrency. I also offer a thorough online course, and related booklet in pdf format for beginners to quickly get up to speed, and put to rest the myths which cause you so much fear of this new technology. You can get that priceless knowledge for $200. Hit reply and ask how.

“I leave you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. Go forth, then, rejoicing merrily in the power and the peace of the one Creator” – Ra, an humble messenger of the Law of One

One in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest. The youth of today are absolutely right in recognizing this nonsense of earning a wage.” – Bucky Fuller, one of the first proponents of full disclosure


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