A few weeks ago I had a very vivid, and slightly frightening dream about the singer who calls herself Madonna. I assume that she chose that name to mock organized religion, rather than as an homage to any mainstream religious character. In my life-like dream, we were deep in a forest, at a large wooden table, along with two young children. We were engaged in a telepathic struggle that I can only describe as good vs evil, positive energy vs negative energy, and/or love vs hate. She was emitting the most evil vibe imaginable, and I knew that I could only fight with my inner light, and if I lost concentration, she would overcome me, and my body would be gone.

After a struggle, in which I momentarily lost concentration, and was almost overcome by this evil force, I finally was able to overpower her hatred of life, love, and all things positive, at which time her face transformed dramatically. It’s hard to describe what she became, but it was as if her face went molten, then to rock. It was certainly unrecognizable. Unfortunately, the two children, who were under her influence, underwent the same transformation, even though we had no struggle between us.

About a week or so after this dream, someone who I had shared it with, told me that Madonna had led a shariah-feminist march. I broke out laughing. Not really connecting it to my dream at all, but rather because there could scarcely be anything more oxymoronic than shariah-feminism. It’s like Main Stream Media truth, or New World Order justice.

Having lived for four years in Saudi Arabia, I probably know more than most about that which I speak. Back in 1996, after the US voters re-elected Bill Clinton, while knowing full well that he was a dangerous criminal, I knew I needed to leave the US. It seemed that the sheeple were of the majority opinion that having jobs was much more important than protecting the office of US President, or the Constitution.   That, or the election was rigged and stolen.  Either is equally possible.  That kind of complete lack of honor and moral character doesn’t get reversed quickly, and I felt that it never would during my lifetime. I was then thirty three. Also at this same time, after getting divorced from my first American wife of anglo descent, I was involved with a Colombian-Swiss woman. Born in Colombia, went to high school in New Jersey, and spent fifteen years living in Switzerland


Coincidentally with my disenchantment (disenfranchisement maybe I should say) with the American people, and the culture they had allowed to be trashed, I had also concluded that American women were, in general, just not very feminine anymore. The men were also getting way too wimpy for my taste in general, which I attribute to the success of the political correctness mind fuck which so many bought in to. In fact, being a man was becoming illegal, in many ways.

I discovered that outside of America, what we commonly refer to as “real” men and women, still existed. They still exist in the current US, they are just marginalized, and in the minority. I’m not good at being marginalized, and started to rebuild, and to finally flourish, in the freedom that I found away from the country that twelve generations of my family before me had worked so hard to carve out of nothing, and then to further develop. Well, the first ten generations, at least. I loved both my grandparents, and parents very much, but they were asleep at the wheel. That, I say, even though one grandfather was in the 1st marines, and was in the first waves of the invasions of both Peleliu and Okinawa. He just had no idea that he was fighting for the enemy, which is bankster-led, Zionist, worldwide fasco-communism. They did what they thought was right, and so am I. We all do.

I miss them terribly right now. It’s been a long, lonely struggle, but maybe we’re making some headway recently. The Awakening continues, and that seems to include the beginnings to an awareness that this whole feminist charade is also a scam perpetrated on the people. I would direct you to watch one of the most important documentaries of our times. It is called Freedom to Fascism, and was done very well by a Hollywood film maker, who was also a modern day New World Order whistle-blower. His name was Aaron Russo, and he was being recruited by Nick Rockefeller to work with the NWO scumbags.

Fortunately for freedom lovers, he was way too principled of a guy, and instead decided to expose the NWO, and their multi-faceted, and highly integrated evil plots to enslave the world. The movie’s primary theme is the illegal tax fraud being perpetrated by the same banksters who created, and personally own, the Federal Reserve. However, he also discusses other plots which he learned about via his insider peak at the sick underbelly of the beast, as told to him personally by Nick Rockefeller. Here is the relevant two minute clip related to feminism, where he states that Rockefeller told him that he was an idiot for thinking that the Women’s Liberation movement had anything to do with equal rights for women.

He was told that instead it was conceived, funded, publicized and forced through Congress by the Rockefellers, as agents for the Illuminati for two reasons:

1) Their illegal income taxation had up to then been restricted to only 50% of the working population, that being working men, and they wanted to double their tax base by putting women to work, and

2) It got working moms to start their kids in school at an early age, and keep them in school longer, in order to indoctrinate them into an enslaved manner of thinking. Not to mention that mothers were then just too exhausted to give the required attention to their kids.

I would like to add a big number three to those two.

3) In my experience, the NWO trash also wants to destroy families. They especially do not want fathers involved in the raising of children. Let’s be honest here. Women and men are different, despite what these freaks would like you to believe. Even Barry and Michael are a bit different. What the NWO hates, is for fathers to teach their children how to think for themselves, and to constantly question authority. Mothers don’t tend to do that, againin general.  Especially single mothers who rely on taxpayer charity via governmental bureaucracies. On purpose, again, as the NWO is gradually enslaving the planet utilizing the boiling toad psychology. Moms tend to teach their kids to follow rules, and respect authority. Without the natural balance of the father’s teachings, that is perfect if you want to raise a generation of slaves.

I just happened to watch a movie on dvd yesterday, after roughing this out, that fits in here perfectly. Watch Captain Fantastic when you find the time.  Not about feminism, but rather the family unit, the way it should be.  Outside the weird matrix.

Another disturbing historical fact I learned from this little clip, and Aaron Russo also learned, is that Gloria Steinem, proud feminist and founder of Ms. Magazine, admits in her book that Ms. magazine was funded by the CIA, and with the stated goal of breaking up the family unit. Steinem, then, is a real ____. I’ll let you, the reader, fill in your own adjective. I only left room for a four letter word, but I don’t want to push my opinions too strongly in this case, as my word isn’t nice at all. However, I have to ask, what kind of person dedicates their life to knowingly working to destroy the family unit? A feminist evidently.

When I looked up the hero Russo’s video to insert the link into my essay, I also saw this video listed to the right. Here is a young, attractive, muslim woman expressing similar views. Madonna should be watching this but then, who would want a “woman” such as Madonna as their mother?

Here is a real woman, who knows that focusing her energies on the raising of her children is her most noble calling. If the “western, industrialized world” isn’t careful, their ideologies will be vanquished simply due to the fact that other cultures aren’t so easily brainwashed into destroying themselves. This beautiful young woman also recommends looking up Karen Straughn, whom I’ve never heard of until this moment, but had to look up the spelling of her name, and will also see what she’s all about.

We Need to Pull it all Together, People

I have been opposed to the main stream religions since childhood. Even an eight year old could watch CIA asset Cronkite, telling us seemingly every day, about the turmoil in the Middle East, and people killing in the name of their god, and determine that these institutions seem to cause much more harm than good.

Therefore, speaking more on my choice of the term “vanquish” above, I must say that what I truly hope for is that the ongoing Awakening will become a complete human metamorphosis. I am hoping that people will finally see through the manipulation and hypocrisy of these institutions, and move away from them. You don’t need to associate with oddly dressed pedophiles in order to be blissfully spiritual. In fact, their absence from your lives will most likely speed you along.

Has anyone else noticed that the dark beings seem to be losing their minds, while at the same time we are achieving more clarity than ever? That would explain the non-sensical, twisted and completely irrational feminist-shariah rally to begin with. Also recall Killary’s maniacal laughing tirades, and their followers’ complete acceptance of leaders who engage in serial pedophilia and child trafficking. Possibly the dark beings simply can’t cope with the new light energy reaching Mother Earth. They are now more transparently manifesting their obvious psychoses, which they had previously been able to conceal behind lies and other forms of deception. I’m afraid that if you still don’t see that, then you may well be one of them.

Therefore I make this call to have this whole evil illuminati debacle, known as feminism, flushed down the toilet along with the perverted freaks who put it into place to destroy our society. Racism as well, for that matter. The same people who created and own the Federal Reserve, and simultaneously crammed the illegal and unconstitutional income tax down your throats, and run the mainstream media, have also created the racial tensions that exist today, and for the same reasons. Namely, to divide and conquer. The Anti Defamation League was established and funded with the illegal interest charged for the illegal national debt. It was founded with your money for the sole purpose of creating racial unrest. Does it surprise you that the ADL is run by white, German – Zionist bankers, aka the Khazarian Mafia?

So we keep reverting to the same theme. The destruction of society has been the long-term goal of these sick people. They are a relatively small group of bankers and monarchs, who have robbed the world’s wealth, and bought immoral, and dishonorable people to act as their minions. As a group, the dark forces. As Michael Douglas said in the movie sequel to Wall Street – which was written by two guys with the same last names of the NWO bankers who own the Federal Reserve – “They have all the power, and half the money, and now they want the other half”.

They also want a drastic reduction to world population. They almost had their plan fully in place with a Killary election, and the initiation of WW III based on more of their lies, and spread by their Fake News, such as CIA controlled branches – CNN and the Washington Post. I enjoyed watching President Trump tell one of the whores working for CNN that he’s no longer calling them Fake News. “Now you are Very Fake News.”  I don’t know about you, but the truth is setting me free. I don’t understand why we don’t round up the domestic terrorists calling for the US President’s assassination.

I’m not so sure, though, that Trump’s martyrdom wouldn’t accelerate our liberation. In that extreme event the US, Russian, and British armed forces, and the honorable factions of the intelligence communities therein, could take the gloves off. I now see them working very diligently in order to not sink to the level of the scum they are in the process of dismantling.  That indicates to me their more honorable intentions.  In the case of the President’s murder, anyone who had publicly backed the assassination would be fair game to be treated as terrorists under the Indefinite Detention law that Barry signed after promising he wouldn’t.  Oh, and he conveniently left Guantanamo open for them too.   But, in all honesty, I think Trump’s murder is about as likely to happen as was the whole disruption of the inauguration that we heard so much hype about. As in, ain’t gonna.  It’s not like we don’t all know who the perps are this time.  Seal teams would be storming Rothschild mansions, and sidewinder missiles would be splashing jet streams into the Atlantic.

Steve Pieczenik cracked me up as he explained that these sick, dark forces have now reverted to the Montessori school of politics. They are now completely impotent, and laying in their cribs “crying, and pooping their diapers.”  However, the immense damage done over the past few centuries by these dangerous, and mentally unhealthy characters, will take a long time to unwind. Maybe. Depends on how this Awakening continues to take shape. There could actually be a big collective pulling of the chain. Obviously, we’ll see it when we see it.

As the President recently stated, he has inherited a mess. What an understatement for those of us who can see what he, and his powerful base of military and intelligence community supporters, are up against. At this moment, I have to say that it looks like my skepticism about Trump being part of the Illuminati himself, was wrong. They seem to have learned from the Kennedy assassinations by this same group, let’s call it the Khazarian Mafia, that one guy and his brother can’t do it alone. I don’t know when they started building this opposition, but it certainly wasn’t just prior to the elections. These are obviously the people we’ve been waiting for. Now it’s down to us to back them up in every way possible. Fearlessly.

As for me, I’m constantly explaining to average folks that Trump is the good guy here, despite what the Very Fake News is saying. From taxi drivers, to people in restaurants, it is fairly easy to turn people around to the truth. Most of them, that is. For example, here in Colombia, I have the advantage that 100% of the population is well aware of the fact that the government is extremely corrupt. The brainwashed of Amerike aren’t yet to that point. In fairness, they’ve been under a more prolonged, and elaborate brainwashing campaign too. Led by the CFR and the CIA.

I hope I don’t need to remind any of you that the CIA’s control of the US Very Fake News is admitted? If this is news to you, please look here at Operation Mockingbird, and multiply it for the current capabilities of new technology, and the fact that they had a running start with the younger generation, having already pulled in many of their single mothers already. I just now noticed that the NWO controlled Wikipedia (very fake internet), has altered their previously accurate description of this declassified operation, by not-so-cleverly inserting words like “allegedly”. That just highlights their lack of credibility, as the operation was declassified, and these are documented facts.

Bottom Line

The Awakening is the worst nightmare of the small group of freaks known collectively as – The New World Order, Illuminati, Banksters, and Khazarian Mafia amongst other names, and their unprincipled followers. As we focus on doing away with their malevolently created racism, deathcare system/killer vaccines/Big Pharma, GMO foods, inaccurate history books used to indoctrinate our children, perpetual wars, Very Fake News used to manipulate the weak-minded, etc etc, we need to start with rebuilding the family. That means this sick, and degenerative idea known as “Feminism”, admittedly created by the Rockefellers with the help of their CIA thug criminals, in order to destroy the family, has to go.

Racism too. On racism, I’d like to point out the obvious. We are not all equal.  Far from it.  The same way that men and women are different, so is every human being, male or female, unique. That is the basis of our personal liberty. If we were truly all equal, then we’d be 90% along the way to being identified with numbers, and be chipped by the NWO.  If you allow your children to be poisoned by their vaccines, they may already be effectively chipped.  Why would we need unique names? We’re all the same.

What we need, and I believe already have, is equality under the law to equally pursue happiness. Obviously, so long as we don’t harm another. That doesn’t mean that everyone has the same talents and work habits, and should therefore be able to obtain the same job for the same pay. It means that we all have thelegal opportunity to acquire any position that we are qualified to perform. We aren’t all qualified for every job in the world. And let’s face it, a lot of unqualified people have been hired to do jobs they can’t do well. Therefore, they are not doing the same job. They have the same job title as someone else.  For example, Mr. Lebron James is a strong forward in the NBA.  He earns $31 million per year in salary, not including endorsements and other revenue streams.  However, Mr. Ben Simmons, another strong forward in the NBA, earns a mere $5.9 million per year in salaries, and maybe zero in endorsements.  Is that fair?  Yes.  It’s based on performance, and results, not job titles.  This same common sense will be applied to the business world once again, too.

If we’re truly all equal, and deserve the same job for the same pay, then I want to play in the NBA six months per year, and receive a multi $ million salary too. Better yet, I wanna sing a few songs, and do a few concerts like Lady Ga Ga, or the late Michael Jackson, and make a few $ hundred million. Where are my equal rights?

The fact that I don’t have the physical attributes to play in the NBA means that they need to make concessions for me. They should place a mini trampoline in the center of the paint, and force the bigger, better players to step around it. When I go down the lane to dunk the ball, using my mini tramp, no one is allowed to impede my forward motion in any way. If I get touched while in the air, on the way to making my dunk, it’s an automatic technical foul, and the second infraction is automatic expulsion from the game, with possible further sanctions, including ejection from the League. That analogy about sums up what is happening in the corporate world, and I want the same concessions to play in the NBA, or I will sue for racial discrimination.

Wake up. We have to use our heads and see the absurdity of the crap these people are shoveling in order to get you to destroy your own culture, and maybe even take a few million others down with you. It’s time to grow up, accept facts, and be the human beings we were meant to be. I’m no John Lennon, but we really need to love one another right now, in order to bring down the evil, dark forces who are working against Mother Earth, and everything on it.


PS – we all sometimes get songs stuck in our head. In my case, I may get a song stuck in my head over night, as I sleep, or for a couple of hours while awake. Recently, I have had the same song tuck in my head for about three weeks! This is crazy, and I figured it may have some cosmic meaning, and maybe I should share it just in case it means something to any of you. The best I can figure, my mission may be coming to a close here, and I’ll be going home soon. I have no idea where home is, but I do know it is a great place.  Many of those songs that stuck with me for a few hours would drive me nuts. This one has been in my head constantly for three weeks, and is not bothering me a bit.