I left off last with this quote from Bucky Fuller –

 “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

It looks like we’re finally in process of doing exactly that politically, and now it’s time to do the same thing with the ancient and enslaving monetary system, dominated by evil pedophiles and sociopaths.

I see Bitcoin, and potentially some other cryptocurrencies (obviously not scams like One Coin), as the means by which we can cut off the head of the snake that has been enslaving and literally killing millions of people for centuries. It’s a piece in the puzzle of the current global awakening, and simultaneous destruction of the ne’er do good Illuminati bankster cartels. Bitcoin, and the blockchain it exists upon, have the capability to make the existing model obsolete, and the Rothschilds and Rockefellers et al much less relevant in our daily lives.

At least from a banking perspective. We will have to remain forever vigilant against their dirty deeds, but they’ll lose the ability to be intrinsically embedded in our daily lives by running world economies and governments, the old media, the educational system, the health care system, farming and the food supply, the military industrial complex and initiating wars etc etc etc.

Therefore, I consider it to be the most important topic of discussion available at the moment, and that includes the political climate. It looks like we’ve reached that elusive critical mass as far as politics goes, and the momentum is like the proverbial snow ball rolling down hill..

The current political environment is in stark contrast to what it was when I started speaking out publicly, as a lone voice in the cold dark, some twenty years ago. It’s even vastly different from when I moved the venting of my rage to the internet only four years ago.

true media

Now there is a True Media in place which has already eclipsed the presstitutes in viewership. This is due to our obvious credibility which comes from simply telling the truth. The presstitutes have finally lost any shred of credibility after decades of spreading William Casey’s brand of disinformation. The True Press, in direct contrast, are principled actors who can’t be bought, and who aren’t going away during our lifetime.

Therefore, the most important thing we can do to help drive that metaphorical stake home, is to make the money changers obsolete. That will be my primary topic of discussion going forward. Now that I’m healthy again, no thanks to the genocidal machine, I plan to be more active in my writing. Thanks for all you do to help spread the truth.

What is Bitcoin and Why Do We Need It?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a revolutionary new payment system and currency that utilizes a consensus network to provide a manner of making payments which belongs to the people, rather than to interested 3rd parties for their personal gain.

As Thomas Jefferson said –

I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. The issuing power (of money) should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.”

With btc this issuing power has been programmed in, and is limited, and can not be tampered with.

It is an open source, decentralized system, with no single point of failure. In other words, there is no building to be padlocked nor bombed, and no leader to kill nor throw in jail… The Wikileaks of money, if you will. If the Rothschilds, backed by the full might of practically every intelligence agency on the planet, along with the military forces as well, can’t shut down Wikileaks, what chances do they have with Bitcoin?

As Julian was (he’s missing at time of publication) always fond of saying, “you can’t defeat mathematics”. I wish he had been as low profile as was the benevolent character, Satoshi Nakamoto, who gifted the world this opportunity to make the psycho banksters irrelevant. We owe as much to this guy, or guys, as to those who gifted the world with the Internet itself.

In fact, BTC is even more decentralized than is Wikileaks, and impossible to intimidate or kill for that reason. As you know, if the Illuminati could kill someone, and make bitcoin go away, they would have done so by now.

I’ve heard it stated that cryptocurrencies are in the same stage of development in 2016 as was the computer when they had green screens and floppy drives. A good time to get in on the ground floor, I’d say. I foresee cryptocurrencies, and the myriad of ancillary industries which are popping up around in support, as the biggest thing since the dot-com craze which produced countless young millionaires twenty and thirty years ago.

That’s a bold prediction, for sure, but think of that which we speak for a moment. Money, after all. I’d say demand is pretty much limitless. Most of us didn’t realize in the 70’s and 80’s that demand for the Internet would similarly be about as limitless, but here we are.

Let’s look at just what we’re talking about. Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralized, peer-to-peer payment network, which is powered by its own users. Self-policing in other words. Not that the Illuminati/New World Order trash wouldn’t love to stick their noses in, and control it with their books full of self-contradictory laws. Their problem is, they can’t.

Therefore it has no interference from any central Rothschild/Terrorist Bank, nor the governments they control, nor any other middlemen who might abuse the power to print money, and charge interest for it. We’re talking about those who both Jesus, and James Madison, Father of the United States Constitution, called the Money Changers.

Over two thousand years ago, Jesus cleansed the temple by tossing out the money changers.

 My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.”

I hear tell he chased ’em out with a whip. I like his style. I think he and I could’ve had a few beers together and hit it off.

Madison said only 200 years ago

 “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling the money and its issuance.”

Likewise with Jimmy. So despite what the money changer’s propaganda arm might say, no, it’s not a recent conspiracy theory, but rather a never-ending parasitic scourge.

Cryptocurrenies are poised to end this historical nightmare. From a user’s perspective, Bitcoin allows you to act as your own bank. In fact, you literally are the bank. Imperceptible fees are paid to the independent auditors (miners), there’s no risk of confiscation without due process by unaccountable public servants, no ridiculous invasion of your personal privacy, such as asking what you want to do with your own money. A complete inability to skim, or better said, steal, taxes. In short, what money used to be, and always should have been, without the bankster moneychangers in the way. If you follow my advice, it is also hack-proof, so drop that Illuminati-planted fear from your mind.

Fundamental Principles of Cryptocurrency

These principles apply to any payment method wishing to call itself a cryptocurrency. If it doesn’t possess all of these characteristics, it isn’t a cryptocurrency.

1. DECENTRALIZATION: Cryptocurrency is owned and controlled by the people, not by any central authority. None.

2. PRIVACY: The consumer’s identity is as anonymous as they want it to be. The public ledger only contains cryptic numbers known as cryptocurrency public keys for the sender and receiver of each transaction. With hierarchical deterministic (HD) technology, even those can be easily masked.

3. LIMITLESS TRANSACTIONS: Cryptocurrency can be sent via internet, immediately to and from anyone, anywhere, anytime, in any amount, with very minuscule fees. You need not hire a 3rd party banker, nor wire transfer service.

4. CONTROLLED SUPPLY: No one can change the predetermined and publicly published circulation schedule of a cryptocurrency. The government cannot arbitrarily create more cryptocurrency out of thin air and devalue it like they have the US dollar. Cryptocurrency has the same characteristics as precious metals used to back a currency. They work because of their controlled and limited supply. Therefore the Banksters can not inflate away your wealth.

5. TRANSPARENCY: All records are public. All technical specifications, white papers and source code files are published for the public to see. All cryptocurrency transactions are recorded in the public ledger (for example Bitcoin Blockchain) for everyone to see with a publicly provided explorer. Ask the Federal reserve why they resist with all their might a public audit? Let alone any transparency whatsoever.

Beware of the bankster-introduced “blockchains”. They are not true blockchains, but are sinister simulations designed to rob what little personal privacy you have left.

Fake Cryptocurrency – like One Coin for example – Alternatively, any digital currency that does not meet all of the requirements defined in the Fundamental Principles of Cryptocurrency above are not real cryptocurrencies. They are most likely private virtual currencies masquerading as a cryptocurrency in order to take advantage of the uneducated consumer who is new to cryptocurrency. One Coin is a perfect example, as it has no transparency at all, nor can it be transacted. It isn’t anything other than a pure scam which is a blemish on this emerging monetary system.

Internet Kill Switch?

The only potential weakness, or point of failure as it were, is that this payment system is Internet-dependent. There is talk in Illuminati/government circles of a possible “internet kill-switch”. There is also talk of nuclear attacks, electro-magnetic attacks, neutron bombs, biological weapons, etcetera. I’ve heard of the possibility of a single nuclear bomb being set off underwater in the middle of the Atlantic. Chao to New York, Miami, Lisbon, London etc. as the resulting tsunami rushes ashore at 200 mph.

Shutting down the Internet worldwide is a similar topic of discussion. It’s not a simple matter at all. Think of all the immense and immediate consequences.

Power grids may go down, all banks and ATM’s as well. Airlines, trucking companies, etc. It may be even more destructive than the other doomsday scenarios which I’ve mentioned above. A neutron, electro-magnetic (keep your USB back ups, and hardware wallet wrapped in foil), or even nuclear bomb could be isolated to some degree. Turning off the Internet affects absolutely everyone, everywhere. Barring the very smart souls who live outside this sick society we’ve allowed the sociopathological banksters to create.

I don’t see it happening, but then it took even me a very long time to accept the fact that 9/11 was a bankster/government run operation, which now, no thinking person can deny. It’s hard for a reasonably sane person to predict what psychos may do.

Even if the Internet were to get shut down, you would not lose your BTC if properly stored off-line as I suggest in my new e-book. However, using it would become impractical. Much like your digital USD held on bank computer servers would be. And that very well could get lost in the transformation. I would assume that an internet shut down, for the reasons mentioned, would necessarily be a temporary move.

Therefore I recommend that you have some bankster scrip under the mattress, but more importantly have real money (as opposed to currency) such as gold, silver, and/or platinum in your possession as well. Some people, like 2008 crash predictor Peter Schiff, even suggest that ammunition will become a form of money in the near future. As you can see, all forms of money carry risk of loss without proper protection.

The Bitcoin network operates via a decentralized consensus mechanism. Thousands of people around the world (miners) are working simultaneously to keep the public ledger accurate and honest. Since 2009, this completely transparent Bitcoin network has been running globally without any catastrophic failures, even though there have been continuous, countless attempts to hack the network. See below examples of central banks being successfully hacked for hundreds of millions of dollars. There are now millions world-wide transacting with bitcoin.

Recently, in addition, a Japanese insurance firm has started to offer loss insurance for cryptocurrencies exchanges. That is a clear indication that the risk of loss is now calculable, and is considered low enough for third party businesses to accept a share of the risk of loss.

At this point it is reasonable to assume that the Bitcoin network will maintain its integrity for the foreseeable future. At least as good as that of the central banks it appears.

Getting In

The first time entering the Bitcoin market can make one feel a little anxious. It’s that same old fear of the unknown, which we have all experienced at times in our lives. Some of you may recall being trained to use computers at work for the first time. I recall some anxious folks thinking they were about to lose their jobs. Now where would you be without email?

There are many things to consider when getting started. Which exchange will provide the most security while at the same time respect your privacy? Which web-based/desktop wallet will provide security and privacy, and still be easy to use? Which mobile app works best on an android phone?

Because Bitcoin is an emerging technology, there is little conformity in these matters, and the technology is changing rapidly. In fact, I was prompted to write a manual because I could not find adequate and focused information to get started in the best way possible from a source that I trusted.

Therefore, the booklet includes what I have done for myself based on a great deal of research, and even some trial and error. I must stress that this will become obsolete in the future, and is based on information and products available as of December 1, 2016, but as with all of my clients, I remain available for consultation going forward.

The fact remains though, that you have a golden opportunity to get involved in this exciting, important new way of life, free from banksters, before many others will be forced into it. The knowledge you gain from dabbling in these early stages will come back to you many times over. Both in terms of direct personal freedom, as well as a probable financial wind fall. BTC has been on a steady upward trend for over a year. Similar to the hacking misnomer, please also lose that Casey spin on volatility. It had some volatility in the early days. It has also produced a lot of instant millionaires who bought a few hundred, or thousand coins, at less than $10. Today as I write it is over $770.

In my asset protection business, I will no longer accept credit card payments from new clients. I will only accept payment by btc. I simply can no longer work with the banks as they borrow my money for long periods of time, without my permission, and pay me no interest for the use of my money. That is essentially theft. When they do decide that I’m worthy enough to have my own money, they inappropriately invade my personal privacy. What do I receive in return for these transgressions? The extraction from “my” balance of an exorbitant fee. With btc, they lose that power over my finances.

The booklet I’ve prepared is designed to compliment this course with a focus on how to safely acquire, store, and use bitcoin, and in an anonymous manner. Both for $225.

Thanks for getting involved in the fight for our freedom from bankster tyranny.


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