I’ll soon be releasing more information on what I truly believe is the answer to the bankster cartels. In a word – cryptocurrencies. In fact, I no longer accept old fashioned bankster scrip for my services, and will only accept bitcoin. In the not-too-distant future, I predict that there will be a rush of others moving in this same direction.

Current Political Disarray as Power Jockeying Plays Out

Earlier this year I had pointed out that the Rothschilds have sewn up the current banking system even tighter than previously, and on a world-wide basis, outside of a very few brave nations which stood up to the newly installed Orwellian banking policies. Iceland, Hungary, Russia, and maybe now also Bolivia having recently tossed out the Rothschild scourge. Brazil would like to, and are working in that direction.  That explains the CIA led covert coup, the unwarranted negative press by the presstitutes stirring up problems that didn’t exist, and the unleashing of the bio weapon Zika in Brasil.  Sounds like the current situation behind the curtain in the good ol’ USSA doesn’t it?  No wonder they want to toss the scumbags.

Therefore you have the top Illuminati agent, yet another in a long line of foreign puppeteers of the USSA’s fasco-communist government, George Soros, pulling out all the stops. It’s to the death, and winner take all in the race to see who will control the largest standing army, navy and air force that stolen money can arm.

That’s why we see this current desperation, nay, lunacy, to keep the USA and England in the Illuminati camp. The Italians and French are looking like they have grown a pair after watching the recent events in GB and the US too. Bad news for NWO scumbags, and the pucker factor must be increasing to diamond production levels. Shovel in some more coal please.

If they lose their totalitarian grip of the US, they lose the military capability to even dream of bringing Russia back under their thumb. That’s assuming that the US could do what no other force has done since the Mongolian Horde, and conquer Russia militarily. The Bolshevik take over was a Rothschild funded inside job, much like the current crisis on the US, but that won’t be happening in Russia again any time soon.

With the gay, feminized, freakazoid-infiltrated US armed forces in the field today, I’d be laying heavy odds the US wouldn’t stand a chance invading Russia.  They’ve been thwarted for over a decade by sheep herders hiding in caves in Afghanistan, so I guess why not invade a country which is actually defended?  That may well be the Illuminati desire. Mutual US-Russian military destruction would support their world domination plot nicely, thereby allowing the Chinese to mop up later.


Rockefeller wishing for WW III

It’s now questionable who holds the technological edge too. Hopefully, with Killary & hubby out of the way, and potentially on their way to prison where she belongs (more likely an affluent exile with your money like so many other “3rd world” dictators)), that is all a moot point. Soros and the other psychos being very dejected to have missed out on a golden op for WW III. So sorry to disappoint. Why don’t you do something useful for a change, and go die?

If Trump does the right thing, and tosses out the Rothschild/Rockefeller owned Federal Reserve, and the illegal income tax (IRS) that pays the interest on the illegal debt it generates, it’s checkmate, game over, go to your ice palaces down south. Guard them well.

China will be left alone to wonder what happened. Japan, I don’t know. Maybe they will have some actual independence again in this Orderly New World to grow old in peace. Germany may even wake up and give Merkel, the Führess, the boot.  Of course, that’s all from an optimistic viewpoint.  They still have cards to play in their bid to bring about world-wide war, and the death, chaos and financial upheaval they want so badly to increase their own power.

Financial Strategy in These Tumultuous Times

Consistent with what I’ve been saying, I continue to recommend a strategy of 80-85% physical precious metals, and 15-20% bitcoin. This current political and financial uncertainty is actually not quite as bad as I was expecting. I was expecting an overt Illuminati victory in the US election, and the destruction of Team USA falling right on its heels. Soros and Co. are still trying to bring that about through the back door.  I remain suspicious of The Donald, though.  The Generals in the cabinet may be perfect to implement the martial law the Illuminati were planning.  The negative reaction all feigned as a cover, and as a spark in the tinder box at the same time.  It’s hard to be so pessimistic, but look what has unfolded over the past 25 years.  I have to remain suspicious until positive steps are actually taken.  Like prosecuting the known traitors.

Therefore, also consistent with what I’ve been saying all year, I think that cash in banks, any banks, anywhere in the world, and in any bankster scrip, should be kept to a bare minimum while this turmoil comes to a head.

I continue to offer the following package towards that end:

1) Offshore LLC for anonymity and legal protection.  Just in case laws still matter, which is becoming increasingly questionable. Another Illuminati tactic to bring about the financial chaos they so desire.

2) A fantastic precious metals (PM) account that offers

a) Ability to purchase a wide variety of highest quality gold, silver, platinum and palladium , and store in a safe, efficient, well-known facility in Singapore,

b) These pm’s can be purchased by old fashioned bank wire transfer of USD, EUR or SGD, but even better, also by bitcoin

c) Although not a bank account, you can utilize this PM house’s bank account to hold excess cash in their DBS Bank account. DBS being one of the best known banks in Singapore. Again, I don’t recommend holding cash anywhere, except a few k under the mattress for ATM failures, but we are forced to hold some bankster scrip while we’re in transition to a new monetary system.

{That, by the way, is what the current crises are really all about. What will that new system be, and who will run it. I like the chances of bitcoin becoming much more widespread during this transition, as it is controlled by exactly no one.}

Under this DBS sub account arrangement, FATCA is not an issue for those of you unfortunate enough to still be tagged as US citizens.

3) A very comprehensive online cryptocurrency course which would convert one from knowing zero, to knowing all that you need to know to feel comfortable with the concepts, and actual  functionality

4) A booklet I’ve recently written to compliment the online course, and guide newcomers to safely acquire, store, and use bitcoin

This package is $2,500 payable in bitcoin, and I’ll help you get to a point so that you can make that payment, and receive the full array of advice with the course and booklet. In fact, it’s quite simple. One can set up an online account at www.localbitcoins.com  in five minutes, simply by inputting a user name, email address, and password. With this anonymous account you can then very easily purchase bitcoins, and use them to make payments. The account includes a wallet in addition to a platform whereby one can purchase BTC in a safe, and anonymous way.

This is not the safest way to store BTC for the long term. That is something you will learn with the course and accompanying booklet. But it will serve the purpose very well of getting you started, and is a safe way to make the initial purchase.

IRA’s are Still on the Table as a Means of Bankster Debt Reduction

In other words, to be used to pay the illegal interest on the phony debt issued by the Federal Reserve. Stolen. Again. There is less assurance than ever that your IRA’s will be left alone as they currently stand. Trump may be the one to call bullshit on the entitlement programs that the banksters have used as a primary weapon to both control, and also to bankrupt the nation into subservience.

Trump is not a career politician. That is how the Founding Fathers ideally hoped the country would be led, although they knew better. The Constitution was designed to be protected by benevolent patriots who would perform community service in office, then go back to their real lives. What manner of man would be a career politician?

Apparently that is the mold Trump is from, and therefore remain exempt from the political fall out of telling the truth. Truths such as, the Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid programs, along with welfare, are bankrupt. Just like every other facet of what is left of the former America.

He will be the Margaret Thatcher of the US. He isn’t worried about being loved, he’s worried about doing what it takes to save the Republic. We hope.Why the Brits didn’t wake up back in the 80’s and realize they were in that sorry state of affairs due to the Rothschild owned Bank of England, is beyond me. Maybe with the Brexit debacle unfolding they’ll catch on.

We need Trump to throw out the Federal Reserve Bank, and do what Kennedy tried to do with Executive Order 11110 which Reagan effectively repealed. I’m sick of hearing what a great president Reagan was. At best he was a useful idiot, and at worst, a fully cognizant NWO operative.

For those of you who don’t already know, Kennedy tried to marginalize the Federal Reserve by issuing Treasury Notes, to replace Federal Reserve notes. The Treasury notes were issued without any debt to the nation attached to them, as intended by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.Both were staunchly anti central bank, along with Franklin and every other Founding Father. The Fed is owned by the Rothschilds via agents like Rockefeller, the Goldman-Sachs family, Schiffs, Warburgs, and Morgan families amongst a couple of others.

This Executive order initiated the printing and circulation of $4 billion of Treasury Notes. Six months later President Kennedy was dead, and the $4B in Treasury Notes disappeared from circulation as well. Coincidence? I guess, but the EO and what followed are undisputed facts, and in addition to the bankster assassinations and attempted assassinations of other US Presidents, and world leaders, I think circumstantial evidence is enough to convict.

Establish an Offshore SD IRA

Therefore I am still helping the wise to legally rollover their retirement assets, like 401(k) 403(b), traditional IRA and Roth IRA accounts out of the extremely unsafe environment which is the US financial system.

See my essay on the topic released a few months ago, and which is still just as valid today for more details. 

Briefly, I’ll do the following:

  1. Tax free rollover to a new US based custodian which is registered with the IRS to report offshore SD IRA’s, keeping the funds qualified and tax-deferred
  1. Establishment of an offshore LLC, in accordance with IRS regs, to hold the investment assets, and place you, rather than the custodian in control of the assets.
  1. We’ll set up the above mentioned offshore PM account under the LLC to receive your liquid funds from the custodian.
  1. We assist with the transfer of the funds from the custodian to the offshore bank
  1. The same comprehensive online cryptocurrency course, and accompanying booklet mentioned above.

 As manager of the LLC, and sole signatory on the PM account, you will be in complete control of your own assets. No more ticking of boxes to elect a lesser of evils to invest in. Stock mutual fund? US Bond Fund? Get serious. As I’ve stated over and over again, the primary goal right now is to simply not lose money.  In this scenario, playing it safe could also lead to great profits.  Gold and silver, along with bitcoin, may increase dramatically with the upcoming crash.  They certainly won’t be going down, at least.  Shorting the stock market, which is rigged, is like playing roulette.  Good luck with that.

You are certainly not limited to holding your funds in precious metals nor bitcoins. This is only my personal recommendation. You could also invest in foreign real estate, for example, and rent the property out with all earnings remaining tax-deferred. Or simply hold cash, in Singapore Dollars for example, or I’ll be happy to set up an offshore brokerage account, in case you perceive the risks to be lower than I do.

The SD IRA can be done for a payment of $2,900, also only payable in bitcoin.

Freedom of Travel is Obviously also Crucial

After getting your assets out of harms way, the next step is to get a reliable travel document. I agree that Trump defeating Killary was of vital importance, but not necessarily because all that Trump wants to do is great.

I’m very much opposed to building a wall for example. It’s just way too zionist/communist for me.  A wall around America?  WTF?  When has a wall ever been successful? Berlin, Maginot Line, China, Hadrian’s……In fact, I have to wonder if it’s more about keeping the milk cows in, than keeping anyone else out. Which way will the barbed wire on top be pointed? If the flow of drugs hasn’t been slowed even minimally by all the measures used against its import, I seriously doubt a wall will stop any determined illegal immigrants.

In fact, one of my Mexican clients has recently spotted local prospective emigrants already in training to easily circumvent this minor obstacle Watch it here .    Many $ millions down the toilet to be thwarted by 40 pesos worth of tubing welded together.

Ya gotta laugh now and then in such times.

Such a proposed wall will, though, make leaving a problem for the law abiding types. It’s similar to gun control laws. They only stop the law abiding from having self defense. The wall is similar.  If troops will trly be withdrawn from places where they shouldn’t be, like Afghanistan and Colombia, why not just dig a fox hole every half mile?  A lot cheaper for a bankrupt nation, and not nearly so permanent.  Let alone so overtly Zionist/Communist and therefore just not attractive at all.

When I was growing up we were brainwashed to believe that foreign wars were necessary in order to stop the spread of Communism.  Now a Revolution in the US seems to be necessary to thwart that same enemy. Now that the US has no more resources to steal.  Oh the irony…..

Having a second citizenship, and associated travel document (passport), is a key to preserving your freedom against the NWO fasco-communist tyrants. I can help you get Argentinian citizenship, in a completely black and white legal manner, and in only three years. This is not a grey passport like some others are offering. It is also not an economic citizenship, whereby you “donate” 6 figures to some Caribbean island. In this legal, and therefore economical program, you will be required to reside in Argentina for at least 6 months per year, over a 2-year period.

Next Week – I’ll be Back with a Concept with Which to Make Central Banks Obsolete

An interesting American who grew up on Bear Island in Hawkeye’s Penobscot Bay, and who was later expelled from Harvard for pissing away all of his money partying with a Vaudeville Troupe, once very wisely stated:

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”Buckminster Fuller

Bucky also said – The end move in politics is always to pick up a gun.”

See some more Buckminster Fuller quotes here

He ended his long and interesting life as the second World President of Mensa from 1974 to 1983.