House of Rothschild Family Shield

Research the Star of David, avoiding the internet equivalent of the mainstream media – Wikipedia.  It’s a hoax. The Rothschilds gave the nation of Isreal its family shield, as they basically bought the nation for them, and manipulates them more than any other group.  That’s saying something considering the level of influence they exert over the average Ameriken or Europeon too.  It is actually just a hexagram that has more to do with symbolizing Saturn worship.  An evil, freaky crowd, even by my open-minded standards.

A light way to get started on some heavy shit here.  Listen to this guy, who I have just discovered, as I have lived in a bit of a cocoon for a few years.  He expresses my feelings fairly well.

The Eye of the Storm

Those of us who work with privacy and due process-respecting institutions and jurisdictions around the globe, and pay attention to the real world outside the misinformation of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) controlled press, have been saying for at least a year and a half, that the speed of the nefarious Illuminati/NWO advances against our freedom have been progressively quickening.

Suddenly, and a bit eerily, things have gone quiet, as the groundwork seems to have been completed for the next phase, which I believe may be the push to the finish line for these sick bastards.  It’s as though the fever pitch at which changes had been occurring, seemed to have accomplished the short-term goals, and now it’s final systems check time before the on switch gets hit.

As of the beginning of 2016, and after a very eventful 2015, the activity had reached desperation pitch.  In my dealings, I pick up a lot of signals via the registering agents of companies in various countries which try and compete with the US, UK, Denmark etc for a share of the offshore market.  The US has been working hard to increase its dominant market share in the offshore industry, while simultaneously laying the groundwork to increase the stranglehold around your necks.

Likewise, I work every day with small private international banks, which were (past tense) trying to compete with the TBTF banks, and were actually much better managed, and which respected your basic human right to personal privacy, and due process of law. “Can’t have that nonsense”, says the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

Brief Background History on the Current Western Banking Cartel

The Western world (at least) banking industry, you no doubt realize, is currently owned and operated by the House of Rothschild Empire, chaired by Jacob Rothschild in England.  Their largest division, currently North America, is chaired by David Rockefeller. Here is a timeline of the Rothschild empire to start your research if need be Timeline of the Rothschilds

According to research done by, Federal Reserve Cartel when they tried to learn the names of the stockholders of the US’ 25 largest banks, they were denied access on grounds of “National Security”.  Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be, as the Illuminati control all facets of your government too.

Further, the New York Federal Reserve branch is owned by just a few families, some of them still foreign. They are: Goldman-Sachs (residing in NY) of German-Jewish origin, Rockefellers (residing in NY) of German origin, Lehmans (residing in NY) of German-Jewish origin, Kuhns (residing in NY) of German-Jewish origin, the Loebs (residing in NY) of German-Jewish origin, Rothschilds (residing in Paris and London) of German-Jewish origin, Warburgs (residing in Hamburg, Germany) of German-Jewish origin, Lazards (residing in Paris) of French-Jewish origin, Isreal-Moses-Seifs (residing in Rome) of Lithuanian-Jewish origin.

Furthermore, just ten banks control all twelve US Federal Reserve Bank branches. They are: N.M. Rothschild of London, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers of New York (up until engineering the 2008 crash, now owned by Barclays of England, with major shareholder being Bank of America), Lazard Brothers of Paris, Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, Goldman Sachs of New York and JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York.

William Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff (German-Jew Rothschild family member/agent, and mastermind of both the illegal Federal Reserve, and the illegal income tax) and James Stillman, as individuals, owned large shares of the Fed, and passed it on to family, presumably. The Schiffs were insiders at Kuhn Loeb, which was bought by Goldman-Sachs in the 70’s. The Stillmans are Citigroup insiders, who married into the Rockefeller clan.

Where is enforcement of the Anti-Trust laws when you really need them?

Tha anti-trust laws were specifically enacted by Teddy Roosevelt in order to keep these worms out of America.  Woodrow Wilson came along next and sold the country out, though, and let the Federal Reserve Act get passed, for the 3rd time.  Andrew Jackson had expelled them, just prior to an assassination attempt.  Abraham Lincoln, also, but the bullet found its mark.

The entire US banking system, being run by eight families, must certainly be considered a monopoly?  Hell, even the game Monopoly is modeled on the Warburg’s Daddy Warbucks.  A reference to the fact that these families profited handsomely from WW I.  It isn’t considered a matter of national security that the US banking system, and government by proxy, are controlled by foreigners?  It makes one wonder who really won WW II, which was initiated and funded by these same people.  If we combine the current reality of who actually runs Amerike, along with Operation Paperclip, one might conclude that the true outcome of WW II was a covert Nazi victory.

That would make sense when you realize that the Rothschilds and Rockefellers financially backed both the Axis and the Allies as part of the long-range NWO strategy.  Not to mention a few more trillion in wealth earned in constant dollar terms by floating bonds, backed by your tax payments.  As their goal is Nazi-style fascism, running a secret Nazi shadow government under the Stars and Stripes was a wise public relations move.  You’ll also note how England, for example, was saddled with ridiculous socialist regulations after WW II, while Germany was allowed to rebuild with unbridled capitalism, and become the economic powerhouse of Europe.

End of History Lesson – Today’s Resultant Realities

I’ve been espousing the virtues of liberating your life’s savings from this criminal empire, at least to the extent possible, for a long time now.  If you are holding a high percentage of your assets as cash in US or European TBTF banks, or worse, in either of those stock or bond markets, you are in imminent danger of waking up with significantly less wealth than you currently have.

I often hear phrases like “I don’t really have that much, maybe only USD/Euros/GBP 100,000”, spoken apologetically.  As though $100k, representing 100% of your life’s savings, isn’t worthy of protection from the thieving hands of these organized criminals.  I would argue that if you have only USD 50k, you can less afford to lose a single penny of it, than could one with $Millions, and who is widely diversified.

Those are our primary clients.  The Middle Class who are currently growing weary of paying everyone else’s bills, and then being outright robbed in addition.  This undeclared, yet obvious war on the Middle Class, is part of the escalation of the process to complete the near total destruction of what was once America, western Europe, Australia etc.

Based on my almost twenty years of analysing this progressive, and well-engineered destruction from within, I’m predicting the final phase to begin prior to the US elections in October.  I’ve never, ever, put a time-frame on this.  Over the years, many people have asked me when I thought the house of cards would topple.  I had consistently replied that I was surprised that it hadn’t already occurred, and that therefore, I didn’t have a feel for it, on any timeline basis.  I would only say it was inevitable at some time.

Previously unbeknownst to me, knowing when all hell is about to break loose, is like being in love.  When you’re in it, you don’t have to ask if you’re in it.  It’s painfully obvious.

In case you didn’t realize that history repeats itself – In 1931 House Banking Committee Chairman Louis McFadden (D-NY) said of the Great Depression, “It was no accident. It was a carefully contrived occurrence…The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so they might emerge as rulers of us all”.

I’m far from the only one saying this right now.  Other guys, who are much more well-known than me, are also making similar predictions.  For me, it’s very analogous to 2008, but on steroids.  Probably some crack, heroin and acid as well, washed down with a fifth of Stoli.  The Illuminati/CFR is required to allow the US sheeple the illusion of control every 4 years, by staging yet another election.  Very similarly to 2008, there is a non-standard guy, with a lot of chutzpah and charisma, and similarly backed by the true US leader, Richard Haass and the CFR, saying all the right things.  We’ll change this, and that, and turn this all around.  Didn’t Obama sing that same tune eight years ago? I guess people who are desperate for a glimmer of hope will allow themselves the shame of getting fooled yet again.

Also, similar to 2008, when the CFR threw the switch, and let the cards fall on Wall Street, which allowed their banks to collapse and be bailed out with your money as planned, they will need the newly elected puppet to have a fall guy.  In 2008, democrat Obama could blame it all on republican Bush, and bring in ever more freedom-abusive laws and policies to “repair the damage of the previous regime”.  All created and coordinated by the Illuminati CFR

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the pre-election crash of 2016 will make 2008 look like a bar mitzvah.  Helping to assure that the sheeple will usher in a different “party” to save the day.  Of course Trump, who has met with Haass, and stated publicly that he likes this guy , will be perfect to cram some even more brutal jack-booted policies down the throats of the chem-trailed, GMO’d, brain-fogged subjects of Amerike.

Now Let’s Tie-In Offshore Banking and the Panama Papers

I’ve already successfully debunked the Panama Papers as pure CFR/Illuminati propaganda and won’t repeat that here.  This is what I’ve seen shape up over the past eight years in brief.  Immediately following the crash, the Rothschild/Rockefeller/CFR controlled US Treasury Department initiated its world war on banking privacy.  It is done under the propagandist spin of protecting the sheeple from money laundering and terrorism.  We all know what horse shit that is, and you similarly know how hungrily the intelligence-challenged sheeple gobble that down.

Obviously, it’s done in order to even further control your usage, and even your possession, of “your own” money.  It is the next phase in the Rockefeller-Illuminati’s publicly stated mission to enslave you in a hideously Orwellian society.

As you all now, the bankster cartel spent a few years in taking down the then, most established and powerful of the offshore jurisdictions which had not been 100% under their domination, as is the US, UK, Denmark etc.  All much bigger offshore jurisdictions in their own right.  Switzerland fought, and lost that battle for our personal privacy, as over 100 private Swiss banks went into extinction, including Wegelin, founded in 1741.

Subsequently, this battle-hardened Rothschild task force went around the world wiping out any small private banks which refused to institute their “de-risking” policies.  Such risks, as defined by the Rothschilds/Rockefellers include people who run internet companies like me, for example.  People who utilize prepaid credit cards as well.  I have seen recent new policies which won’t allow anyone to transfer from certain accounts to a third party.  Why the hell not?  Are you telling me it isn’t really my money to do with as I please?

This policy serves at least two purposes I can think of—1) Slows down world-wide commerce, and initiates the collapse as business/economy also obviously slows down, and 2) Forces you to make two transfers instead of one to accomplish the same transaction, thereby doubling the absurd transfer fees charged.

It’s analogous to the US government classifying people who openly cherish personal freedom and the Constitution as domestic terrorists.  I have seen a few instances of people having trouble performing international transactions in USD.  A client in Trinidad & Tobago told me they are standing in line to get USD, and continuously finding none available.  Where are the $trillions printed?  Why is there a shortage?  Again, signs of the coming collapse in my opinion, and possibly of the plot to replace the USD with something even worse, like a digital currency.  Beware the exchange rate when that happens.

As of early 2016, this bankster “de-risking” task force, has quietly completed its eight year mission, and you can no longer find a small, well-managed private bank, anywhere in the world, which doesn’t have a compliance department reporting directly to the Rotshchild Empire in one way or another.  This is done using old-school mafia tactics.  If you don’t do what we say, we’ll kill ya.  In banking terms that translates to, tell us everything we wanna know, or you’ll find yourself without an intermediary bank cuz we own ‘em all.  Try running your little banking business without the ability to transact wire transfers……

Therefore, this is what I stated in an article released April 12th  “I will no longer speak of bail-ins as a uniquely US or European risk.  I think that risk is now world-wide.  Therefore, I’ll repeat, you want to minimize your exposure to fiat currencies, and to banks, by investing in less risky assets.  I still believe that the US is the riskiest jurisdiction on the planet in geo political terms.”

“If you go with real estate, only go with real estate you want to live on, and preferably where you can grow your own food, and fight off angry hordes.  Just in case it’s true that the sociopaths would like to engineer some simultaneous population reduction as well.  With what I’ve seen, it is also possible that the money supply will simply be cut off.  Voila.  Genocide by proxy along with plausible deniability.  Think about it.”

Right now, then, cash held in any bank is an unwise investment.  You really need to think of your cash in the bank as an investment, too.

What would you say the probability of a massive banking system failure prior to the US elections is?

What gains are you expecting for taking on that risk?

Yeah, it’s really that simple.  For the huge risk of imminent bail-ins, you’re being asked to pay the House of Rothschild massive fees for the privilege of investing in them.  Can you hear the banksters laughing at you now?

Even more stupid is holding anything in an IRA within the US jurisdiction.  That goes for gold (think confiscation or 80% capital gains tax).  For $3,200 ($2,900 for Premium subscribers) we can set up an IRS approved SD IRA, and move your assets outside the US, making confiscation virtually impossible.

You would be at the very bottom of the priority list due to sheer difficulty to obtain in another jurisdiction vs the relatively small individual amounts in question.  Cost/benefit ratio doesn’t compute.  Physical gold, or even foreign real estate, would be impossible to get at.  As an added bonus, any revenues earned, like rental payments for your ocean front tropical paradise cabaña, would remain tax-deferred.  If the current system even moves forward.  If not, you avoided confiscation, and good luck with taxing future distributions.

Do a quick comparison of the tax and penalty payments you would be required to pay to liquidate your IRA and then move it offshore.  It is certainly more than our $3,200 fee to keep it qualified, and you would also lose the tax-deferred status going forward.

Take the First Punch

I’ve been reading a lot lately about huge corporations issuing shed-loads of debt.  Some of the talking heads keep referring to it as a stupid financial move.  Clearly it isn’t, and those who keep referring to the ones who feast from your dinner table as stupid are starting to look a bit stupid themselves.  Morally bankrupt certainly, but stupid, from a strictly financial perspective, it is not.

You should take heed.  I recently spoke to a guy in California with debt-free real estate.  With interest rates at almost zero, and the looming probability of decreasing housing values, not to mention bank failures, you should be down at the bank borrowing as much as you can against your house.  Take that money and move it offshore into gold and/or investments on quick gaining gold mining stocks as recommended by Ed Bugos.  Although I no longer recommend cash in banks, there are still very good offshore havens to protect your assets.

You should also have at least some bitcoin, and a stash of funny munny under the mattress for the probable crisis that David Rockefeller has stated he craves.  It will at least maybe get you some groceries in the short term if the ATMs are closed.  You may also very much want to leave, which will require cash as well.

Or you could say to yourself—“Well, I only have 50 grand, and my house etc.  I guess I’ll just leave it at Wells Fargo, and sit here on my hands, and hope it all works out ok”.  Maybe with your wealth greatly reduced, possibly the remainder inaccessible, and chaos in the streets, you’ll be able to stay out of the FEMA camps.

I keep wondering to myself how many people we’re talking about here in these 8 families.  What does the total power structure really consist of?  Maybe 5,000 heads?  Then I wonder, aren’t there people out there, trained with our tax dollars under the auspices of defending the Constitution, with the knowledge, skills, and moral integrity to do the necessary?  I’m guessing the top 52 would be a real game changer.  Ace of spades first.


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I regrettably, in my youth, worked for several years as a corporate clone with Big 4 CPA firms in both the US and Saudi Arabia, and also spent some years as a multi-national corporate Controller and CFO in places like Florida, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, and Medellín. In my second, free life, I’ve found satisfaction helping others escape the collapsing industrialized world after almost 2 decades as a permanent expat from the former America.  Currently I’m in Brazil on a two-year+ journey through South America by motorcycle, in order to scout the best locations for those wanting to escape from behind the new iron curtain.

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